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Government ‘does not know’ if bloated £14bn foreign aid budget is delivering value for money, watchdog claims
A probe by the National Audit Office concluded the Government “does not know” whether the bloated budget is delivering value for money because of its decision to divide the money between different departments

War memorial statue in Eversholt stolen for second time
The "irreplaceable" artwork depicting St Michael the Archangel was taken from the graveyard at St John the Baptist church in Eversholt, Bedfordshire

Man, 49, becomes 20th person to be charged with fraud over Grenfell Tower fire 'after swindling £30,000 in handouts'
Shaffick Brimer, of Acton, west London, was charged with fraud by false representation in relation to the tower block blaze

School apologises to parents after 13-year-old students were asked to nominate their best-looking classmates for end-of-year awards
A school that asked its pupils to rate one another on looks as well as voting for the best couple has issued an 'unreserved apology' after children refused to take part and parents raged at the competition

Private school pupil, 17, 'was murdered by friend in botched attempt to rob a drug dealer of £45 worth of cannabis'
A grammar school pupil was stabbed by his teenage friend after a botched attempt to rob a drug dealer of £45 worth of cannabis, a court heard today

Film crew worker ‘slashed in the throat with Stanley knife’ on new Anne Hathaway movie set at Warner Bros Studio
Set builder on Anne Hathaway’s new film stabbed in the throat in row over teabag at Warner Bros Studio

Entire harbour where King Canute tried to stop the tide goes on the market for £6million - with 800 moorings, a sailing club and the title Lord of Bosham included in the price
The huge waterfront site in Bosham, West Sussex, is being put on the market, giving someone the chance to become the first new Lord of Bosham in nearly 100 years

Horns are growing on young people’s skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests

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Good lad.

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probably a jew smh

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This tbh smh

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At this rate our cities will resemble the surface of Phobos but stinking of weed and coconut oil.

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bet she loves the white willy

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The fucking state.

Gets a clap. Kek. Fuckin ell this country is so shite. The shitness of london and its motley coloured population is like a giant cyst for all to see in this episode.

Lads it's just Question TIme, don't take it as an example for the majority.

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Yeah, that was what got me.

I don't lad.

I honestly have no idea how you lads watch QT every week

Fucking retarded muslims tbh, surely they would ask their imam if vaccines are halal or haram

Lad…it's fucked. London needs to be covered in honey, before a million tonnes of bees plague carrying bees are dropped upon it.

It's why I stopped years ago, there's enough shite as it is.
It'd be like browsing the most upvoted threads on r/ukpolitics

I preferred it when David Dingleberry was host

On the local news the other day there was a segment about how to convince more effniks to give blood due to the shortage of donations. My mom made me laugh when she said "Just look in the gutter".

topjej based mummy
that whole twatter thread with wogs and their enablers screeching "WAYCIS" was gold tbh

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smdh fuck off, that shit looks so generic, absolutely shit. It's blatantly directed and made by the same people that make fast and furious tier shit

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I generally feel pretty anti-vac myself tbh. Dunno what I'd really do if I had a kid though. Although continuing to import hoards of diseased wogs doesn't exactly help.

tbh, he was still a biased cuck but Bruce is just so shite it's the nail in the coffin.

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What does it say between "winston churchill" and "jews!"?

Topjej. My sides.

Based Canada accelerating our descent into nuclear war


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my gf recently asked me about my attached earlobes for no fucking reason lad are they really tribal?

Sometime I think that the kingdom of heaven has abandoned us.

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Free earlobe masterrace

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wew lad



God will never abandon us, we abandoned Him.

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unabashed noncery


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Very good lad

Good grief!
I bet her snatch has its own event horizon by now.

Thank God

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er lad? its literally the best show on the bbc

Lad it has become absolute shit in the last year ro so

good lad

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been playing video games with friends and having fun sorry i cant get a good post count for every thread you fucking nonce but they btfo the libtards epicstyle all the time

Honestly i'd never heard of attached earlobes and have never noticed them before. Gwyneth paltrow and her daughter Apple have them and they have direct Jewish ancestry. I can't find anything conclusive to prove its specifically jewish though.

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t. nonce

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Vape, magnesium and coke for dinner tbh

Good ebining lads. They had a new selection of these big fat handrolled dago cigars in the tobacconists today, tried one and I really enjoyed it tbh, looked the business too. Might get a box for my birthday.

What did he even mean by that?

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smh @ that lad talking about Laura Towler nudes earlier and not posting anything or admitting a ruse smdh

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going to Brussels on saturday lads what should I say to Juncker if i see him?

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keeeeeek, love this video

call him a wino

smh, for slightly obvious reasons I thought it was the default
brb removing foreskin

Poor rockwell

kek, the comments

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*remembers the jewish bit of music in Inspector Gadget*

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keek it's a fucking grim place in it's way, don't get shanked

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imagine getting "deradicalised" by THIS

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fucking kek tbh, it actually popped into my mind the other day at work and I laughed aloud

Night lads.

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we basically own the yt comment sections tbh

tbh I got recommended this remix by a turkish pal who bashes on the yids, and it left me conflicted

So good

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ffs I keep thinking about it


Wait lad don't do it, Clint Eastwood has attached ears and he is a goyim.

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there's the earlobes again

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fucking keeek


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smh if you showed me the music in isolation I would say it's klezmer, it is so jewish

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Is Cohens chemist a thing everywhere or just where I live?

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looks like two small jews doing the sit on your mates shoulders in a long coat thing

What are you laughing about? The jewishness of this film?

I'd not heard of them 'til just now but it seems they are all across the country

Honestly I just typed "Stamford Hill" into google maps, clicked the first synagogue then went onto street view and he immediately appeared.

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Is that Jeb?

Yes, well, Lenin didn’t live in a total surveillance society like we do today, though.

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