Brit/pol/ #2886: Marky Mark and the Crusty Bunch Edition

Mark Field suspended as minister after grabbing activist

The moral arrogance of the Mansion House climate protestors

Detectives investigating allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse in Stoke-on-Trent have arrested 12 people

Thugs 'dressed in burkas' hurled 'acid' in a market trader's face as the 45-year-old father set up his stall in east London this morning

Jihadi Jack's parents spared jail after being found guilty of funding terrorism

‘Climate Emergency’: Ireland Set to Ban Private Cars While Planning Mass Third World Migration

Hundreds of revellers and modern-day druids watch the sunrise over Stonehenge as they celebrate the summer solstice

Trump says 'we were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night' but he called off Iran strike with 10 minutes to go because killing 150 people isn't a 'proportionate' response to downing an unmanned drone

Alabama quietly passes law allowing church with history of racism and homophobia to form its own police force

Online Radicalization of White Women to Organized White Supremacy

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For them

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Can you post some proper slags lad?

No it didn't, that popped up at the start of the year.

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first for defending persia to the death from zionist aggression

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The system works!

That wasn't the right post to make,bad lad

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Don't believe you m8. Anyway look at pic related. It's fake

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The oldest honk memi I have is dated 8th of February, a month before the shooting.

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Well then Fedpol co-opted it

That's literally public policy of all EU countries ffs

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tangfastics and cocktail sausages tbh

Lad go back to schizochan where they think that the feds did it and he was just insane. Nobody here thinks it.


Starting to suspect Surrey's a spy tbh

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Might buy a hugo boss watch

They edit their site all the time lad. If you want to keep proof you save an archive. Just because it was on the web at one point doesn't mean it can't be moved, taken down or edited.

dunno about their watches, but HB are breddi gud quality

Reminder this used to be on the UN website

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How the fuck did they think they'd get away with this, it's fucking creepy.

i always think of surrey as posh
maybe they just dont have wogs in surrey and surreylad grew up in an allwhite area and knows nothing of what is coming?

smh lad I got salt tablets now

I know I tried finding source before and couldn't find it and thought there is no way it can be real, it's just too out there. Clearly not wew

Bureaucrats aren't people.

sounds like he knows though

Information shifts all the time.

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Calling it replacement instead of genocide is a way the UN can get out from under its own international law.

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5 second google search tbh

he's been aggravating me aswell, but give him a chance, lets see how he defends himself

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) out

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Poshos out tbh,this is a deano board

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I know what you mean though lad, there are some edits that we've made that'd still fool me had I not been here when they were made. There's one back from a few years back when the "refugees" were camped in Calais and someone edited an article saying that women were going over there to help relieve sexual frustrations.

to the letter of the law while disregarding the spirit.

He's not aggravating me you are aggravating me

this is a monkeydust sketch

yeah they are the only designer brand i go near tbh

Tolkien About Faith, The Call of Beauty
Full documentary here:

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thats not very nice

*starts crying*

Episode and season?

Got two jackets, a few pairs of jeans, and some shirts of theirs and they are still in great nick after years of wear.


Fucking pissing

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It's full of pakis and is basically the commuter belt

no it's real


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are you shitting me

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dont dismiss all infographics/memmies then
put a lot of time into some of them
try to make sure they are true and easily verifiable from 1st page google search


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Are they counting skimmed as milk or something?

that plus processing plus water to feed the cows I guess, it's a stupid fucking graph since only one of those listed is actually fucking milk

sing oh sinner, sing oh, sinner, sing oh sinner, to the king

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CA Lawmakers Trying to Force Pastors to Embrace Pro-LGBT Ideology
California Assemblyman Evan Low and three dozen other lawmakers are pushing a resolution in the state Assembly Judiciary Committee that's aimed at telling religious leaders in California what they should preach from their pulpits

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You missed the best bit lad it didn't work and now they have to brand them as drinks or as milk alternatives, they aren't allowed to call them milk

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Oat and almond "milk" isn't so bad tbh,

milk comes from chebs not from little nuts in the grownd smdh

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still not good

Which is why they had to rebrand it.

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Why? He didn't interrupt or anything.

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tbh lads I think I am going to start the redneck boxer rebellion against foreigners and automation. we will use juggalo qi gong and framing hammers to defeat the robotic radio controlled frankenstein gangster apoidic mending apparatus computer god

count me in la


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German autism at its finest
Top kek


a40, a50 are the best. d20 is nice and actually all the d's are good.
A10 is pure autism tier tho


Would anylad here put a bulletproof vest on and volunteer to get shot?

London police lose control following ‘riot’ at Westfield Shopping Centre in shocking footage

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for what purpose?

nordcucks eternally btfo

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a40 tbh


didnt mean to deny you a (u)

20 degrees and I’ve broken me fan ffs.


I thought green eyes were rarer than blue

lmao japanese people say that my blue eyes are scary because they are big and round and piercing

nigger cope tier


w e w

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they are iirc

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I am like jesus and isaac newton

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Green eyes visionary master race tbh.


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jesus was a blond haired blue eyed anglo tho