Brit/pol/ #2887: Online Hate Crime Edition

Two men are being hunted by police for racially abusing London councillor on train after they were identified on Twitter

Acid attack victims suffer burns as they are sprayed with corrosive substance in terrifying east London attack after high-speed car chase

Two men are charged with murder after homeless man died and another was put in hospital when their tent was 'set on fire' next to busy dual carriageway

Grooming gang members who raped 12-year-old girl jailed for 27 years

London police lose control following ‘riot’ at Westfield Shopping Centre in shocking footage

Police called to Boris Johnson's home over reports of 'loud altercation'

UK court orders forced abortion for disabled woman

Missouri moves closer to becoming the first state with no abortion clinics after a judge does not renew Planned Parenthood license

CA Lawmakers Trying to Force Pastors to Embrace Pro-LGBT Ideology

Colorado school shooter claims he was retaliating against criticism over transgender transition

Ex-Barclays CEO acquitted in criminal case over 2008 bailout

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Can make him out in the reflection

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They'll have articles for days about how we need to stop these crimes, whilst the other articles in the OP will be completely glossed over in comparison.

MY FUCKING GOD, I HATE THE DAILY MAIL. They're literally inciting nignog/leftard mobs and yet they still proudly wear the mantle of "daily heil". These cunts are the first to get strung up tbh.

Actually, this cunt is the first to get strung up….then hbomberguy…then owen jones - THEN the daily mail's staff.

Daily Mail have been shit for ages, they only pay-lip service to being right wing

for fuck sake

they didnt have papers
now they get a fucking day
im so fucking sick of jewish imports

Bugger off, if anything they took the jobs of returning soldiers and should have been sent packing.

No shit.

Brap posting has gone too far, lads…



This. A figure that low, over that period of time hardly paints a picture of desperation kek. It was blatantly just about introducing the goyim to being replaced, gradually at first.


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I hope more people in this country feel this way than the twitter hordes (celebrating them) will have you believe.

take twatter screeching as seriously as you take reddit screeching,


Incredibly seriously then.

that or the weird boris lass

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If there was a labour shortage then British folks could have been paid well for the work. Can't have that though. Keep the British man unemployed and bring in foreigners to do the work on the cheap. Then paint it as a desperate nation being saved by benevolent darkies. Another chapter in the foundation myth of modern Britain: First we defeat racism abroad, then we defeated it at home with the help of our black brothers. The liberal can proudly claim that Britian was built by the black man.


50 years ago the wog would have had his cunt kicked in and those good lads would be laughing at the pub

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The black man holds the whip hand over the white man

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And now we are ruled by demons and women.

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Starting to get the feeling our elite ain't exactly on our side, lads.

He probably wouldn't have though, because the media would have gone into overdrive, and we all know how gormless and pathetic the normalcattle are. Brexit likely won't happen precisely because even the leave voting public are just so unbearably naive that they won't place their support behind a single party as a bloc.

He became an MP for UUP and suspected the Big Boys on both sides of the Atlantic of being responsible for the murders of Mountbatten, Robert Bradford and Airey Neave.

Meanwhile, paki grooming gangs are doing as they please and violent thugs are excused of their crimes because the plods can't be arsed with the paper work. Fuck em.

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Any more on this? Why those figures?

What happened during the battle of france?

Just hours earlier two thugs dressed in burkas chucked acid at a market trade's face in Walthamstow.


and people think we live in a democracy

smh Jo Brand must be held accountable for inspiring these acid attacks

Would laugh if the one in the blue shirt turns out to be a yid

read about it on the wiki it was something about the CIA not wanting the troubles to end I think can't remember tbh

tranny muslim rebellion


Neave was going after corrupt officials in the intelligence establishments and was blown up inside the car park at Westminster, somehow a bomb was fixed to his car.

Bradford was shot dead at a surgery, he supported the paramilitary groups and had been supportive of National Front. He spoke out against Catholicism and Marxism as the causes of the Troubles.

Mountbatten wanted a quick military solution to the Troubles which was opposed, some say that the Troubles gave NATO a chance to practice counter insurgency tactics. Either way he was blown up in his boat whilst going fishing.

I'd believe that, they are all demonic cunts that would gladly put innocent lives on the line just so they can play chess.

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fucking turning point….

It's not even boomers, it's Kirk's good goy group

Think there’s room in the calendar for
….days on which we can remind the fuckers how lucky they are to be alive and well in Britain by stringing some up in Trafalgar Sq after which they can celebrate with, let’s say
#ThankBritonsDay …
We can have it on the 4th Thursday of every November and make every single yank living in Britain attend as well so they miss their Thanksgiving for being lame cunts and supporting Israel. They can’t be Christians after all if they “support Israel”

Depends on your definition of Israel.

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proppa hyped again now lads

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Not their definition which is evident, isn’t it?

I thought Turning Point UK got mocked out of existence

I know what you mean lad but it's important to differentiate between why a Christian should support Israel but not support Israel.

No they still flood social media and are pushed CONSTANTLY by neocons.

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this isn't /biz/ retard

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this is a British banter, general news, women, technology, games, and everything else board

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It’s like having real friends.

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wog claimed insanity

very accurate

I enjoy this pub very much

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*wakes up*

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it's all so tiresome

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keeeek they have to take tests lmao they must all be real marksmen. so many burgers would fail that for hunting season

I didn't actually know you had to tbh. I don't like it. You've already proven you can shoot during the hunting course which includes a lot of general knowledge about hunting and then a shooting test.

probably just some scheme to make money and deny lower classes access to arms. class probably costs like 200 right

war is peace tbh

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Planet wide nuclear war is peace tbh

Seems pretty reasonable. It looks like one of those cruises elderly people would go on to die having a good time.

serenity now

Has anyone else noticed the online phenomenon of female beta orbiters? There is one who is constantly orbiting Morgoth. Comments on every video. Retweets every tweet. Moderates his streams and implores people to donate. She seems likeable enough but im trying to understand the motivation.

tranquility now

Mental illness, lad.

Found a cuckshed in the woods. It has wheels so you can move when the government big boys tells you to get off "your" property.

Not sure, I doubt it is that costly. The hunting course+test is 200, so just a test is probably 5-10 or something. Hunting is costly though, guns, ammo, clothes, tools, and then you have to pay to shoot animals and to hunt on other people's property. I just want to grab my rifle and go into the woods smh, but nope smh

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Also spotted a hunting shed where people shoot moose from, it's facing a large field.

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some lasses get it lad, everything doesn't have to be MRA shite tbf. they probably are mummies who have sons or something, or they are mentalists who want to pull a lauren southern

you have a rifle now?

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spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

No, but now that I've gotten a kayak I'm on a materialistic roll so why not get started on my hunting test tbh

I don't know thats true. She seems sane on twitter. Well, as sane as anyone can be twitter. I have wondered if she is his wife but she sounds younger and doesn't have a Geordie accent.

In this instance its definitely not a tradthot trying to leech an audience. For one thing Morgoth doesn't have a big audience. Also she doesn't post pictures of herself. I only know its a female because she has spoken on his streams. She is certainly on our side and intelligent but I always suspect an ulterior motive wherever women involve themselves.

Remember Peter Sweden drama with a female infiltrator? I’d be careful.

Almost sold out

cruise ships are a horrific symbol of the modern world tbh, absolutely awful, peak boomer tourism

They are so sterile and soulless, why would you want to go on one tbh

oh fucking hell