Porkies rob fags

So there was a charity stream going on that raised 400 thousand fucking dollars on trаnniеs. This is how the bourgeoisie steals money. The same methods are used by churches (donating for them to opiate the people) and were used by "whites-only" nationalism-based real estate agents 10 years ago

This is what the bourgeoisie is wishing to go for for profit. They're like "Тrаnniеs help trаnniеs, we'll aid you, we're the same as you. Just give us money and trust us"

Also AOC said on the stream that "trans discrimination is why economy sucks". Just fucking lmao. Workers are exploited, capitalists own the means of production, but not letting dressed fаggу men walk nude on the street is why economy sucks. She's literally a рrоstitutе of the ruling class

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Play identity games
Win identity prizes

Who cares about an eceleb streaming an old videogame? Clean up your own shit before comrade natalie puts her feminine penis up your pooper while portraits of Kim Jong Un watch on smiling at the sodomy.

Trannies live in your head rent-free

typical sexist pig tankie

But that has nothing to do with transsexuality, user. Why would you do this?

The eternal goon is real. If you want to strike these fucks where it hurts, find out their somethingawful name and start digging. Guy who did this stream is famous YouTuber hbomberguy who has a ton of dirt on him.

Just remember to all the trannies out there, your transition won't be paid by the state or anyone else other than yourself once socialism is established.

You're going to be guillotined, so it's not like you'll ever know

you just inadvertently admitted to liberalism. to the gulag you go.

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You'll have an hero'd long before that, bro.

Woah, that was some seriously epic ownage fellow leftist

In your dreams, pal. I'm doing to torment you until you die, anf then I'm going to piss on your grave.

No! Spare me!

put it here

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in actually you will be the one to be guillotined since you have no self-discipline, and thus low revolutionary potency.

Hurrr i read sorel(NGL, beating up paralimentarianists was based)

AOC is an actual politician faggot.

If we're just guillotining every low energy shitposter now, I look forward to running you down like the fat dog that you are mr. burger man

No, this is how leftists spend their money.

I don't sell pics of myself on twitter, so why do you expect to lecture me on self-discipline

Socialism is the only cure for this trans shit.

That's a pretty wild shot in the dark there, you gonna start cyberstalking some rando from Twitter?

hbomb is an eceleb
aoc is a proto succdem
neither of them warrants threads covering their every move

Where's the money actually go? I have no idea if the organization in question is a charity or a "charity" and OP didn't do a damn thing to enlighten me.

No disagreement that AOC sometimes says dumb shit (even if I think her heart's in the right place) and would benefit from more time reading theory. Polite sage for e-celeb bullshit.

What about speedrunning is it that make people want to castrate themselves?

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dark souls has always had a LOT of mtfs dude and its fine they are humans too I'm glad shit like this happens they get to have fun and rolemodels too. As a leftist the well being of others is my interest I want all my comrades to be happy.

What? It's a fucking charity, no private people profit from this.
Yeah nah she didn't. Here's what she said

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In practical terms, this means it's a charity for parents who want a kid of the other sex.

Best post.

Pic related. Guy's a cancerous idpoler LARPing as a communist, but he's making a point

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ITT: seething Zig Forumsyps frustrated that some YouTube gay did more to destroy their beloved traditions in one day of playing N64 than they were ever capable of doing in their entire lives, which are basically one long shitpost filled with alienation and impotence

What point is that he's making? Where is the proof that this is going to line some private people's pockets?

It wouldn't surprise me if this turned out to be the case (can't be arsed to research Mermaids myself), but
damn that's some hot ideology son

AOC would be salvageable except (for now) she's still a kid suffering the Dunning-Kruger effect and has her faulty confidence bolstered by the supreme stupidity of her doddering peers. Maybe in 10 years she'll be mature enough to read.

The first real political movements associated with the word "communism" were people in germany and france who hailed the left wing of French revolution.

More like a power exchange of royalty to monopolists and those who had acquired power through wealth instead of inheriting it from birth. Of course liberalism was their ideology since a liberal system enables monopolists much more than a system where they're currently under pressure from royalty.

This is why the working class distrusts us. We're fucked aren't we.

We should outlaw transitioning altogether and switch to psychotherapy as a method for curing dysphoria

Go away idpoler.

I disagree.

can't upload webm for some reason.

PSL is 100x more embarrassing than DSA.

based and classpilled

Yeah, and it costs that much more as well.

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The woman running the Mermaids charity, Susie Green, took her kid to Thailand for cock chop surgery at 16. The Thais subsequently changed the law to make sure cock amputees were all at least 18. They also recommend the GenderGP service to Helen Webberly, who's in the process of getting bollocked by the General Medical Council for running an unlicensed clinic. She also gave out hormone prescriptions to 12 year olds.

Maoists were fucking right lmao. The third world will rise up and is gonna steamroll the first world and all our fake "leftists". I know who's side I'm on when that happens.

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Shit, it's like lurking the other Zig Forums. Are you sure they aren't all conspiring to trick you into raping them by wearing different clothes than you gave them permission to wear?

Nice try at transplaining away the problem, satan.

Protest all you want, but you can't fuck with those trips.

It's like pedos are crawling up from their spawning pits in the darknet or something…

It's like you don't know what words mean and just babble shit!

Why do you want to mutilate children? Have you considered psychotherapy?

Your video is unfunny as fuck and represents all that sucks about the internet today. Fucking zoomer.

I literally don't care

Can you prove that user 121680 has ever or will ever perform major surgery?
Can you explain which of your personal fetishes make you think surgery is a sexual act?
Have you ever considered that you might actually be too insane to post on the internet?

Anything can be sexual if someone is getting off to it. Some forms of genital modification have an obvious sexual element.

Alex of Shit

Rape for me.

Jesus doesn't fall over trips. Trips fall over Jesus

Women are twice as evil if you read the apocrypha

It’s mutilation of sexual organs.

Go do your own rape, you lazy bastard.

I have to admit I am envious, being a smug lefty know it all whose self-important opinions will amount to nothing, it does make me die inside a little when people pay attention to people like HBomberguy and Sargon.

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Nothing idpol in that. Trans is a mental disorder, so let's give them proper help instead of making their identity based around it

That's utterly revisionist, she won because she was a self proclaimed socialist running a grass roots campaign against the big money establishment Democrat Joe Crowley.

Cory Booker, Kamala Harris et al are the anti-socialist identity politics peddling neoliberals.

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Pure idpol. You want to outlaw an identity because it makes you feel icky.
And reading your posts makes me wonder if you have some mental disability. All you do is whine about fags, and while you've posted on imageboards for at least several months, you still havn't figured out how to format your posts. Should probably gulag you for being too dumb to roam free in society.

He told us what he wants to do.


Are you really claiming that self-proclamation is sufficient to consider someone a socialist?

Because as a prominent part of lefty/breadtube, he shows that we can't organise for shit, Count Dankula and Sargon of Akkad at least send their audience to UKIP and other rightwing parties (their praxis at least works because they never forget to bash the Labour Party), the best the left can seem to do is tell their small audience to maybe vote and donate to charity (a very 1st worldist one at that to borrow a sentiment from Unruhe, so much for "an injury to one is an injury to all" ie impoverished 3rd world people can wait which is very anti-internationalist imo). How very socialist.

$400,000 is not small change, if that money were put towards organising labour, setting up a green energy co-op (look up crowd funding solar farms), even Rojava asks for agricultural aid, it would have made a more lasting meaningful impact on the world.


This is not much different than when old women leave behind their savings to animal shelters, it's feel good nonsense in the face of an indifferent capitalist world.

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No, I am pointing out the actual narrative and sentiments that were behind AOC's success, being a minority coloured woman was an ancillary point that didn't matter in the big picture.
Her supporters and detractors at the time were always quick to bring up her DSA membership.

nice. meme.

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AOC has begun to give me AIDs. This bitch is pants on head retardo.

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Stay mad, grandpa

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I think it's better if we let them butcher their body and shoot once they start complaining about not seeing any boobs on female locker rooms.

How dare they raise money for charity! > :(

If HRT was only for people 18+ I wouldn’t mind. But minors are so easy to manipulate that trying to get them to join your weird cult is fucking awful.

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What discord cult are you part of?

Gender and body dysphoria are mental issues yes, but giving in to them is bad. It's like saying we should legalize steroids for boys who want 33 inch arms at 13 because they feel insecure.

It’s feels > reals

Gender isn't real.

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Money isn't real

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t liberal masquerading as a Stirnerite

Useless term. Gender and sex are both socially constructed. Brought to you by pomo gang.

Sex is biological gender isn’t.

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Sex IS gender and both are biological.

Ahistorical well poisoning

Doesn't matter. Biology is socially constructed.

To explain for illiterate autists: I am referring to biology as a science.

Fucking wut m8? Did you just suddenly wake up one day and think "yes I want a benis instead of bagina" and suddenly your bagina turned into a benis? Fucking retard.

Don't confuse biology as in the things that exist in the world with biology the system we came up with to make sense of those things. Fucking retard.

"Socially constructed" is socially constructed, it's the academic way of saying word.

Too bad those wanting to free us from social constructs don't do us that favour by shutting up.

I doubt she even knows the game that comes from.

it's only notable for the bad translation that became a meme

Pokemon go to the polls to vote for your left-wing meme queen!

You're right. :^)

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