Brit/pol/ #2888: Zig Forumspub Edition

BBC TV licence shame: Hundreds of MPs claim free TV while hard up over-75s face paying

Boris Johnson should give 'explanation' for home row

Revealed: The Cambridge-educated millionaire's Buddhist daughter whose anti-Brexit play was funded by the EU and her close-up magician partner who both tried to sink Boris

Rail bosses and staff are ordered to FLY around Britain because it is cheaper than taking the train

Colorado shooter says he targeted kids over gender taunts

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I really wish there was a Zig Forums pub tbh

goo la

yeah but how would we keep the spastics out

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fuck posted the wrong one

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wrong one again FUCK

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everytime you lads drink the IQ gap between us gets larger

yeah, we have a beer and ascend whilst you chew crayons
just to spite you I'm going to have a beer now

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"rooooooo mummyyyyyy beer tastes ickyyyyyyyyy" t. (you)

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imagine still pretending beer tastes good

nor can they, nigger wiggles aren't dance change my mind

imagine being a poof like you

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sodomy is an abomination lad
you've never blackouted drinking Spirits SA?

What if every time a spastic shows up we just beat them to death.

literal cyberpunk dystopia tbh (except without any of the things that would make it interesting)

I know, lad. Every time I drink I cull the weak brain cells from the herd, increasing my overall IQ.

Lad, if you don't like beer then just drink cider tbh.

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cider actually tastes worse imo
mmmmm gotta love that piss tasted poison, yum yum yum

Laaad it does that's the problem smh. I want to taste it all smh. Then I want to eat food so I stay away from the booze and keep my 16 pack tum which is BEACH BODY READY

you are genuinely insufferable, worst mod in history

Tbf it looks more like the choreographed back up dancing you find in pop videos. It's all manufactured shite all the same designed to make you look like a robot having a seizure.

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ballroom dancing doesn't exactly made for good watching lmao

It's coming

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Work hard play hard amiright lads?
kill yourself at toil
kill yourself at play
they've got you coming and going

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I wish these neet teetotalers would stop pretending they can afford anything but tendies with their good boy points.

No because I moderate myself.

Stellar plan.

Don't care poofter.

It just looks ridiculous tbh

And nor does that.

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t.arhmanically programmed zoomer.

Not a single one of their fucking arguments has been valid, it's pathetic.

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Just had a terrible run lads.

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timposting is the worst kind of posting

how are we doing on forming esoteric platonist boxer cults lads?

Hey, you leave cider alone, lad. That's my heritage you're badmouthing.

God, I hope so.

Shhh lad. But also yes.

Still can't take the boxers seriously, lad. Why did they thing kung-fu could beat guns?

This country is too small the standing array can have frankenstain radio controlled puppets at your door before you even know you've had a wrong thought.

I disagree

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the absolute fucking state of politics

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why doesn't he wipe his face

they had belief in their own myth lad they also used guns

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This walled cunt should be a warning to all woman

It's for your own good lad.

Ephesians 5:18

Romans 13:13

Galatians 5:21

Proverbs 20:1

You're a reprobate SA. So am I. We need to sort this shit out.

It's all so fucking ridiculous.

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kind of envy them now tbh
gonna have to dig deeper

Yeah I can achieve that while drinking.

hullo retard

the utter state of teetotalers lmao

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If you don't get drunk, what's the point?
Also, I'm not a teetotaler. I just only drink when I visit my dad. Otherwise never.

this tbh

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They way I'm reading that it just means "don't drink until you're drunk", lad - not "don't drink ever". After all, if alcohol was evil in and of itself, it would have no place being inside a church. Even Jesus Christ drank wine, lad. I was going to have another beer, but now I won't.‚Äč Not until I've sobered up a bit, at least. Moderation tbh.

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Losing fine motor skills and all coherence isn't the same as enjoying a buzz.

Good lad
but lets be honest
most of us lads are not moderates
were British
we dont do anything in moderation

Such a gay post smh

We resist the zionist occupational government in moderation. Overthrowing it completely would just be crass tbh.

if you dont want "gay" posts, stop shitting up the threads promoting vice

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Reminder that His first miracle was to turn water into wine.

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absolute poofter lmao

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am I the only one who noticed you only started pretending to be Christian when I started posting schizoposting scripture?

u fkn wot

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bunch of white niggers

Cromwellian Poirot itt rn

natural law

Curry Noodles

People from the country of Nigger are caller Niggerians.

chaotic neutral lad

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said i was gonna go off for a couple of weeks to read the BIble
cya lads, i pray you find the narrow path

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Good luck lad, have you considered the Monk Challenge?

Good luck, lad.

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That's absolutely false, lass. I know how to bathe, and I wasn't taught by a Moor.


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First female Royal Marine, 24, is forced to halt her training after breaking her leg on gruelling forced march

Kek, she's not a Marine until she's passed the training so it's wrong to call her one.

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Morning lads

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Remember those RAF birds who sued after getting crippled from basic marching?

I miss michael jackson lads

Have we not lowered standards like the yanks?

I feel bad for her, but also

And this too.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

not as much as they have

i love her lad

No but I do remember the Ghanian who sued the army for being cold.

It's funny as currently within the forces there are different times for men and women to complete the fitness tests, the army is now moving towards a gender equal one which is likely being done to make it easier for women. So sort of.

The Yanks haven't lowered their standards, if you remember the women who tried to join their special forces and failed misreably.

It is a bit sad, they've been told that they're equal and just as good, so, when reality comes a knockin' it must hit them harder. Additionally as it's a stress fracture it'll likely be a recurring injury and she won't be able to stay in the forces.


also I remember that nigger one lel, what a fucking joke

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Skin like a cowhide. Tanning beds should be illegal.

been thinking about using a flag tbh lads

How are there so many woman in the US army if they didn't lower standards, or are standards so low to get fat men in?

Does that just mean standards get lowered for everyone?

Go full tripfag if you are going to attetionseekpost

Boris will solve the JQ
Jockish Question

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I don't much about the Yank forces, but, for the second question yes.

Have to vote Bojo now, smh.


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