How long untill height discrimination is recognized by the mainstream left?

How long untill height discrimination is recognized by the mainstream left?

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If a bitch ain't fucking with you because you ain't tall enough, that ain't a bitch you want to be fucking with anyway.
t. 5"9"

a.) 5'9" is not short, really the cut off is 5'7"
b.) Short people are discriminated when it comes to employment, promotion, and pay, so there is an economic element to it as well

5'7" is about right for a woman.

See there it is. We are viewed as less than men just because if something that is mostly genetic

Manlet Army RISE up against the fascist trunp regieme

Well, I mean in terms of space occupied you are, but that's just geometry.

I meant socially, you ass.
You are doing nothing to help our cause so I don't even know why I'm wasting my breath

Do you need speach-to-type, because you can't reach the keyboard?

Funny man.
You should host a late-night talk show

I'z da biggest, and dat makes me da boss a you gits.

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nazis btfo

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Oh goddamnit, we're getting raided again by r/socialist faggots.

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r/socialist is short?

It's gonna be tackled the moment it hurts women, i.e. never


because women are the reserve army of capital. why do women enjoy idealistic internationalism (not to be confused with pragmatic internationalism) and humanitarian bs and then shit on people in their own strata for being sluts (other women) or virgins (men)? they are divisive to themselves and other groups and just get in the way of revolution.


Blanqui is superior anyways. Sorel is too.


I'd add that material conditions today dictate otherwise but I'm sure you'll just yell at me for that too. from your personal gulag. which you imprisoned yourself in. that's not my problem.