Brit/pol/ #2889: Too Bloody Hot Edition

UK weather forecast
‘Danger to life’ as torrential rain hits today – with more thunderstorms on way tomorrow

Nigel Farage: I would join Tory coalition to ensure no-deal Brexit
Brexit party leader praises Boris Johnson and criticises ‘intrusion’ into his private life

The Cambridge-educated millionaire's Buddhist daughter whose anti-Brexit play was funded by the EU and her close-up magician partner who both tried to sink Boris
Cambridge-educated Eve Leigh, 34, the daughter of a millionaire New Yorker, wrote a play as part of the Brexit Stage Left festival, which received funding from the Eurodram cultural project

Student funded uni by having sex with sugar daddies
Jessica Hyer, now 19, said the world of sugar daddy dating is a far cry from the glamour it's perceived to be

Gay men assaulted by children with knife in homophobic attack
One of the men was left with serious injuries to the head and neck, while the other man escaped with a minor hand injury in the ‘appalling and unprovoked attack’

Brothers tempted Romanians to UK with ‘promise of better life’ then forced them to work as slaves
Police found more than 30 men and women cooped up in a three-bedroom terraced house in east London, Blackfriars Crown Court heard

Acid victim says ‘you f***ed up, you should’ve killed me’ as he ‘vows revenge’ on attackers
One of the victims has now posted a selfie on Snapchat vowing to take vengeance on his acid attackers. He is seen smiling calmly at the camera with the caption “you f***ed up, you should’ve killed me…. Long.. Snm”

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Tbh a lot of young women at uni whore themselves out to pay for debt, lifestyle, cosmetic enhancements. This little skank isn't unique.

Deano cleared of rape
A British man falsely accused of rape while holidaying in Greece has spoken of his ‘year from hell’

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Good lad.



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What are the figures for male to female trannies as compared with the inverse? It simply has to be like five times as many. Guess leftoids will never ask this because it quite clearly expresses the fact that women have it easier than men.

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FTMs always end up as incels.

I can't help but think that half the male population (and possibly a few of the females) of essex are called.

they always end up as part of the 40%+

Burn it down and plant some food in the ashes if it gets to that point lads. I'd rather be Belarus, a corrupt strip of dirt that no one wants to do business with, than end up with being marched through that illusion of choice.

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I know it's a bullshit poll, but it does reflect the gayness of scots. Why are scots so gay, lads?


big laffs

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But that doesn't answer my question. Literally every tranny you ever see/hear about is a bloke larping as a woman. It barely ever seems to be the inverse, and yet no one bloody mentions this fact (because it shoots a hole in the idea of male privilege).

No one is buying ‘staged’ pictures of Boris and Carrie in Sussex field

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A policeman hid his laptop in a cat litter tray full of excrement when detectives came to confront him over child abuse images
Edward Attwell, 43, also reset his phone to factory settings as officers knocked at his door for 30 minutes

were speeches like we see in films ever really a thing? Before microphones I mean. Would be hard for everyone to hear smh


It's difficult to tell what's going on from the video, but one thing that is clear, is that the younger lad who's being loutish (and is apparently making monkey noises) talks like a fucking rude boy nigger. What a time to be alive, when even the racist sound like coons.

Sheboons naturally have higher than normal levels of test and africa is a gold mine full of high-T "women" who are recruited by agents in the athletic sports industry.

We are already at that point lad

Lad, neither of those outcomes are anything even remotely approaching acceptable.
If the only way to survive is to join one of these monstrosities then survival isn't worth it. Better to die as something you can be proud of than continue living as an abomination.
Again, why are you so eager to abandon our heritage? The only reason the outside world speaks English at all is because we culture-cucked them too hard and they got Stockholm syndrome.
Fully onboard with this idea tbh. There's only two ways that we can realistically preserve our way of life, tbh: either we retake the empire and become the dominant power on the globe once again, or we pull a Tokugawa Iemitsu and close our borders for 220 years. No-one in and no-one out - splendid isolation tbh.

choon that

Good lad.

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Afternoon lads, you enjoying the weather?

*enjoys it with puglad*

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This homoist definitely isn't a paedophile, lads. I mean it!

cos she's clearly a massive bitch, why the fuck would you do this at someone else's wedding
why the fuck does this shite get a fucking article about it

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tfw no vast expanse of unsettled land to have BIG anglo family in


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It's too muggy tbh

Played golf in the rain, got fucking drenched tbf. but still got 18 in. Stopped off in Tesco on the way back to get broccoli, gay pride flags on the checkout. Walked out without it. Have some frozen stuff in the freezer they can fuck of.


But you could meet your future child's mother there, lad

And one of the people is this feminist cunt who is always quoted as a voice of the twitterverse on metro etc. Such a punchable face (I'm talking about moylan). Anyone who describes themselves as "a proud european citizen" should be skinned tbh.

love this shite, women can't even look past themselves to see all the lads hanging themselves in podunk towns by the thousands

gas tbh

This CUNT probably gets paid more than me and I fucking made the owners of the company 5 million quid when they sold it to Yanks ffs.

Man jailed for carrying out bank robbery armed with a banana and Sainsbury’s carrier bag

absolute madman

so many lasses like this who just don't think about anyone but themselves then wonder why they are in that spot.

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*dies in state induced famine*

I'd say they are victims but they are such insufferable cunts that I couldn't care less.

>"If you are going to include all the talents, go and do it. If not, permit me to say, what I have always said, that something went from the world when Nicaragua was civlized" The Napoleon of Notting Hill, pg. 14

there are some that I feel bad for but alot of them are too cruel for me to care

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Exactly, why pity them when they are cunts.

smh didn't see it, lad

Wew. Not sure what happened there, buddy.


why am i single

Melissa is single because Melissa is a Munter.
Simple as.

Kegs crashing as four in the morning, top fucking lel they are like the kraken when they are chucking them. Couple of fucking privileged cunts

EVERYTHING in that article just screams "insufferable cunts", look at their furnishings, look at their jobs, look at their complaints.
Makes me want to dump white phosphorus across the whole city.


>I would consider buying in the next few years, but I have to think about whether I plan to live in London long term or if I’d prefer to move back to New York eventually.

Oh fuck off.

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so triggered by a couple of strong independent women haha brincel

*sees some degenerate shite*
*loads up darkest hour and gives germany loads of resources then enters observer mode*

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I'm not tbh, I would rather we went and used Old English or something similar, I wish to preserve the heritage and people above the rest, if that means getting rid of other aspects that you might like, such as food or aesthetic appearance then so be it.

Well both is death for the nation so it wouldn't really matter, the average bloke would likely pick the superstate over poverty and death so we would likely go the superstate route.

Nothing ever is

tune tbh good tone

Just listened - good lad. I'm starting to see where you're coming from with the whole Boxer thing tbh.
I left Zig Forums for about half a year because politics was getting too depressing tbh, so this is the first vocaroo of yours that I've heard.​ Kind of always pictured you as sounding like Hulk Hogan tbh. I don't know a lot of burger voices.

Good plan, lad. I like it.

smh @ jerrycucks in this thread r/n

So start killing people indiscriminately until either you get a good option or you no longer have to worry about choosing.

Been watching this series lately, really comfy.

for the h'anglo race

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That's 10 months rent in a nice part of Wales.

These people need deported.

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Twitter thread SHUTS DOWN Leave voters EPIC STYLE who try to make the Second World War argument AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL

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is there any greater indication of room temperature iq than retarded ahistorical analogies

You can get a mortgage for a £400k house in Staffordshire out in the sticks for that much.
God knows why anyone would live in London nowadays, would rather have a caravan in dungeness than live in that fucking shithole.

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Not this insufferable twat again smh

war is hell

(good lad)
h'anglo h'women in h'oat fields tbh

lad no
they aren't people


urrr durrr y happen in history once so it mean x !!!! *shits self and falls over*

There's that modern pathological narcissism again. God, I love women.

True, we fought alongside a murderous genocidal superpower hellbent on world conquest and the USSR.

40-60% casualty rate in the POW camps of both sides as well.


It's been like this for years lad, so many fucking articles these days are just twitter screencaps.

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God I hate these "quirky" furnishings

haha so quirky

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They look a bit kosher.

They are Moroccan judging by their map of Morocco.

must be nice to be quirky and unique just like every other person

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w e w
How do people even afford to stay alive?

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wow you deprived yourself of Broccoli!?. Legend.

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Didn't notice that.

>What I rent


dont forget the LIVE LOVE LAUGH idols and idols of buddha and other eastern demons

Depends on how much they are earning, but I can guarantee the majority of these people blow through each month's paycheck at the start of the week, and then spend the rest of the week complaining about how they don't have any money.

EVERY article has had this "quirky" and "spiritualist" decor, it's insufferable.

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>What I Rent: Ellie, £800 a month for a studio flat in Wood Green

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kind of want to beat them all to death with a plank of wood tbh

Imagine actually thinking that dan snow's bollocks posted on twitter is newsworthy (particularly after electoral crimes-gate).

They aren't, but the other two posted were total metropolitan kikes.

Just looking at the decor you can tell how much of a cunt the resident is.

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For £800 a moth I'd expect a team of professional mercenaries on permanent standby ready to murder anyone caught making noise over 60 decibels after sundown tbh.

Is there any other kind of metropolitan?

16 gambling addicts treatment centres are to be built across the UK. who's paying for this shit!?

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