Weaponized smirking

how do we stop the white male smirking problem?

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urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=shit eating grin

I just love those twitter thread stories about the high school trauma of being subjected to the white boy's smirk of devastation, it makes me feel like having sort of facial expression kung-fu mastery.

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There's a general trend where idpol for marginal groups ascribe bizarre levels of power to the dominant group. My favorite is when a feminist describes male sexuality like a cock is a magic wand that can transform a woman into an object.

Luce Irigaray is a riot, isn't she?

Yup, that's a big old shit eating grin from both of them. Funny enough, they had to hire PR firms because of those shit eating smiles. The kid's father also got him lawyer LMAO.

so apparently the native guy beating the drum walked up to this boy, and the kid is smirking because it's an awkward situation and he's not sure how to respond so he's doing that thing where you try to smile to hide discomfort/confusion

according to drum guy, he and his pals started performing a traditional song of peace to change the hearts of the kids

it's some dumb reactionaries vs the native american equivalent of some liberals singing Imagine by John Lennon

Except unlike Anglos, indigenous people don't just imagine, they get out and do shit (or try to)
The guy is literally one of the main organizers of the resistance at Standing Rock

It's possible for one person to do both good things and bonehead things.

How exactly is it boneheaded to jump in between some maga shithead teens and black Israelites who are trolling them while loudly drumming and singing in front of a statue of the King of Mars?

That's unironically inspiring

He said that he felt "the spirit" flowing through him into those dipshits and that he was changing them. It's the same liberal mindset but because it's dressed up in indigenous traditions that's not necessarily obvious to people. I don't think he's a bad guy, but it's not like he's a hero here, and it's completely not the case that the catholic teens came up to him and got in his face, like a lot of people assumed.

It is completely the case the MAGA teens got up in his face. There's video of them hooting and hollering before the staredown and from a different angle than the long video. It just so happens that rich smirk kid's bourgeoisie father could afford to get him a PR firm and lawyer so now everyone is taking the Covington Boy's word and throwing Nathan Phillips under a bus.

Wew lad… This ain't no nervous smile. It's the kid trying to stare Nathan Phillips down, which he does about 6 inches from his face for 5-10 minutes. You are either from Zig Forums, cnn or the PR firm his rich daddy paid for. All have exactly the same take.

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Post it, I haven't seen it.

can we just have a race war already?

fuck people of color you are literal subhumans

you almost made me spit my drink all over my screen

Who cares?

Literally can't even…

This thing was a massive misunderstanding between the native americans and the maga tards. The maga tards were throwing slurs at some black jews which made the black jews go away, the maga tards were hyped up that they won so they cheered and danced to the native american drummer which made the native american think they were mocking him so he started drumming and chanting some peace ritual to cool the maga tards down.

Literally can't even…

There was no "misunderstanding" here, it's as clear-cut as can be. The kids just stood there while various groups of people were pestering them for hours fishing for a reaction. And the most they got was a lousy smirk, which then made national news anyway because liberal media are desperate for any material that lets them other and demonize Trump supporters.


Ok whatever, of course a peaceful anti abortion march would never agitate anyone. They are God loving patriots who only fight against evil.

I still can't believe you people are taking this seriously.
If you were to tell anyone in 2000 that 19 years from now a group of Black Israelite's would piss off a group of mixed bag group of teenagers who support pop culture icon Donald Trump as the next president of the United States enough to get them to smile in front of a Native American war veteran who's singing some psuedo new age trash in order to spread "Positive vibes." and said smile becomes considered a major offense and is accused of sub textual racism and becomes the #1 major news story by the end of the month while at the same time a new planet which can potentially be a cluster of planets in a mini orbit is discovered while a giant blood moon is above the world and is stuck by a meteorite they'd call you crazy, and would call their local mental institution to rightfully haul you away and stick you in a secluded room where you'll die alone so you can't harm anyone. This literally shouldn't be a thing.

No actually don't care about either side. Both are opportunistic assholes. Anything for a media spectacle. The game was rigged from the start

Except roast beef bolognes

For real

Salty EU fag detected

Salty over what exactly?

It's a white guy who didn't cowardly stare at his shoes when confronted with liberals. That was his crime.

Do you see all this projection? >>121661

The lawyer is working for free

anyone who watched the full video knows this is bullshit. Black Hebrew Israelites purposely called out the MAGAhats saying "look at day hats!" and called a crowd over to the kids

People from the 3rd world and Europe might not understand this, but Americans highly value free public discourse. You risk turning an entire populace against you if you don't respect it. He is reactionary, and he would probably say dumb shit like Venezuela is socialist, but he has a right to work a MAGAhat in public. This is fantastic propaganda material for the kekistanis, as they get to play the victim now, all because muh twitter praxis.

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Hi RunSwitch PR

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that's gonna be a fucking YIKES from me, sweaty. Contrary to what twitter gang thinks, public perception does matter. The self-awareness problem plagues any political ideology/movement. The kid deserves to be executed by woodchipper because he stood there and just smiled, yep you totally look well-adjusted and not sociopathic at all! I'm sure everyone will side against DRUMPF now.

Twenty years ago they did. Now the different flavors of American liberals trip over each other trying to turn their opponents over to the cops for saying mean words.

Il faut étouffer les ennemis intérieurs et extérieurs de la République, ou périr avec elle ; or, dans cette situation, la première maxime de votre politique doit être qu’on conduit le peuple par la raison, et les ennemis du peuple par la terreur.

Kek. They're just as much the impotent attention whores that you are.

I'll humor you and give you an effort post.

Stop treating political ideology likes it's a religion. Quoting old dead men is not an argument. It's like what christians do, thinking they won the argument by quoting Paul or Luke. It'll make the zealot feel warm and fuzzy, congratulating himself for correctly reciting dogma, but it does fuck all to change the world. It is intellectual masturbation, plain and simple. The other issue with treating politics like religion is the inability to self-reflect or accept different viewpoints. This is where leftists chastise other branches of leftism, like how there's many protestant sects of Christianity. They all attack and hate each other over minor differences, and are unwilling to switch out different beliefs when proven wrong. You justify these politically unwise move because you have moral permission from your dead prophet, Robespierre. You don't have to think for yourself, because Robespierre already told you what to do. And if someone else disagrees with you, the accusations of satanism fly. Evangelical christians eat each other alive, accusing one another of paganism/satanism. And you know there are parallels to leftism in this. Succdem, asserite, fash-adjacent, red liberal, bootlicker, etc. So if a leftist deviates from another leftist, they start accusing each other the ultimate evil, fascism. Fascism is no longer a differing political ideology, it is now a form of satanism. It's impossible to do self-criticism, because that implies the religion is not true, which makes any dissenters into heretics.

As for Robespierre's actual quote, this is not 18th century France. Stop larping. Nick Sandmann is one kid, ONE. In a country of 350 million. You're larping because you think you're terrorizing your enemies, you imagine yourself being there in 18th century France all those years ago. In reality, you just look like a psycho to normal people. He just stood there and smiled, in a ridiculous situation of some old native american beating a drum in his face. But you don't understand that, because the zealotry supercedes rationality. He's wearing the MAGA hat! He must be punished! He must be expelled, his parents must be murdered, he must be fed into a woodchipper! How dare be a satanist against our holy religion? Burn the witch!

This is the self-awareness issue. The religious fervor justifies persecuting the heretic. It doesn't matter that he did nothing, it doesn't matter that he's just a stupid young kid, he is a white male heretic, so we MUST destroy him. You could be just a dumbass college kid, I don't know. What I do know is he gained massive social credit, the kid went on TODAY this morning, and Trump invited the kids to the white house. Reactionaries everywhere get to play the victim now, and a a populace is being radicalized against leftism. Not for leftism, against leftism. Remember, fascists are voted in. People chose Hitler, they choose Bolsonaro, they chose Mussolini, they even chose Trump. Out of all their options and alternatives, they explicitly chose fascism because the leftists there failed them. But the zealotry continues my friend! Some people blame the voterbase for betraying leftism, calling them lumpenproles and reactionary scum. There is no room to self-reflect, because that means challenging the preacher, and challenging the gospel. And the second coming of Christ? That's the revolution. Oh, all those pagans will pay when Christ comes again! You lumpenproles will suffer when the revolution kicks off!

Don't believe me? Take a look at Mark Fisher and the backlash he got from the vampire castle.

Yes, because joking about sticking some kid in a woodchipper and quoting Robespierre at you when you start slobbering about respectability and aesthetics like a literal fascist makes me the exact same thing as Pat Buchanan

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Why even live?

Good luck answering that without making a normative claim

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The problem isn't that they're white males, it's that they're rich and could buttfuck an infant on live tv without any consequences. That little fag's smug smirk is the same one he's going to have when he destroys your chances at paying off your house or kicks your cancer ridden ass off insurance so he can get a lambo.

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According to video evidence he and his pals where looking for a fight among kids that had been harrassed by Black Israelites for roughly 25 minutes, looked for a kid until he found one that didn't look away and started drumming inches from the kids face, said reactionary ethnonationalist shit about "going back to Europe" and attacking them for "being white" and then lied in the MSM extensively trying to get the kids expelled and worse.

It wasn't a misunderstanding at all, Phillips (the native american man) lied about it knowingly in the media afterwards and have been part of idpol activist shit for ages including going after kids like this before.

Turns out he lied about that too. FOIA requests showed he was a refrigerator mechanic working stateside post-war and got a near dishonorable discharge for going AWOL multiple times.
That said I agree it shouldn't have been a thing at all, but that's all idpol politics for you.

And anyone who thinks supporting this shit is helping leftism at all is a fucking idiot that should be excised, it's been one of the biggest PR blows to libshits and their media allies for a long while now.

Right on time! It's not wrong because it's wrong, it's wrong because "slobbering fascism"!

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Would it be a good idea or a bad idea to make fake AOC quotes like this to spook reactionaries?

Is this a punk rock band?

They can be summed up as We Wuz Jooz.

It's a black supremacist/anti white cult inspired by Baptism/Scientology mostly made up of people who've gone to jail.
More or less Nation of Islam but with less mafioso politicians and more lumpenprole criminals, emphasizing weird shit from the King James Version of the Bible over the Quran.

They're also one of the main inspirations for the We Wuz meme along with the Black Egypt stuff claiming they're the Real Hebrews, claiming that all significant historical figures were actually black, saying the holocaust was a lie before heiling at "fake" jews and saying when Black Jesus comes back he'll enslave all the white people that he won't outright kill.

Nice try FBI

So basically the GOAT

Still less retarded than Zig Forums

Think before you become an apologist.

motherfucking zoomers, I swear to god!
urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=shit eating grin

Next time you'll ask "how do we fix the wheel problem" as if you motherfuckers just invented that damn thing.

Good praxis.

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We get rid of cars

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be a kid america
man walks up to your face and starts drumming and chanting
you don't respond like you should when confronted with a grizzly bear (avoid eye contact, slowly back off and give the animal space to move past you)
get eaten alive by a different beast

You're big guys, all of you. Too bad that you're not big enough to have your perverse enjoyment with the guys who were actually telling the natives that all that happened to them was just because they worship eagles and bears.

Because caring about anything is gay

SJW's are like carebears meets pet sematary

Not gonna lie, I'd turn sjw's into cat food as the ultimate act of memetic irony

Have a bit more optimism, user. Or at least fake it so we don't look irrelevant.

A lower class that has consolidated greater power than the ruling class starts revolutions. Ideas are just the happy horseshit that the ascending class uses to justify it.

You must work for CNN. I've watched every video, and in none does it vindicate rich smirk boys account. It's amazing that people on Zig Forums are parroting narratives rich smirk boys PR firm. Was he silently praying too? In every video it shows those kids acting like the offspring of MAGA chuds. Nick Sandmann is definitely staring the Standing Rock guy down, and he never said he was a Vietnam Vet. He criticised the military mindset of mob mentalities by referencing the military mind when he was a veteran during Vietnam times. Maybe you should go back to reading takes written by his PR firm or Washington Post, because people defending Nick Sandmann are class traitors.

Exactly, he stared and you blinked yourself into an epileptic spasm, until your eyelids were burned out with manical rage.

Fuck off liberal media shill.

Nice try Zig Forums! Watch the 2 hour video instead of buying takes created by rich smirk boys dumb ass PR Firm. Those kids surrounded Nathan Phillips and got in his face.

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Every day leftypol proves they are just edgy progressives