Are NEETS heros? They don't contribute to the capitalist system

Are NEETS heros? They don't contribute to the capitalist system.

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Yes. Any form of living which does not promote, support, or work for Capitalist institutions is a heroic form of living.

No. Unless they are living off-the-grid, work on self-sustennance communities or volunteers, they can be considered heroes.

Lets not fall into the idpol trap, fam.

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Leftist NEETs are the most pathetic of all, those who don’t actually fight oppression but instead resign themselves to it and think their abject submission to it is revolutionary

This is your brain on Wageism.

NEETs only exists because of capitalist exploitation. We shouldn't even evote ourselves to serve the interests of the bourgeoisie.

I wish I could be a NEET. I fucking hate work. Is there anything worse than it? Every day I come home and dread that I have to go back tomorrow and on every workday until the day I die. How do people put up with this shit? It makes me want to kill myself. Even that would be better than this limbo between life and death.

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Thats why some people repatriate to other countries when they save up enough money. I hear that EU nations have employers give paid leave, vacation time, and childcare. Isn't ironic that two centuries ago, America was the "utpoia" where people enjoyed their labor fruits and families while giving surplus crops to Europe, which was the "ghetto" where people were starved and were overworked?
How the tables have turned.

Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

Wait, you don't have those things in the US? Just looked it up.

I'm starting to think Americans exist solely to be labour power for corporations and soldiers for the military. I was watching a documentary called "The World According to Monsanto" and it they show how you had scientists warning the regulatory body of the government (EPA, FDA, etc.) about dangers of pesticides, but they didn't care, so lots of people got sick and died. Turns out Monsanto executives would end up in the FDA. It happens today too:

This is just one way Americans are getting fucked. But we know there's lots of other ways they're being fucked. It's so shamelessly transparent too. Anyone with an internet connection can uncover just how much the American government and multinational corporations are fucking the American people. Yet there's no revolt, in fact Americans *defend* their country as great, corporations as "job creators" and the "American way of life" as the best on the planet. It's such a fucked situation.

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Dont hold your breath, europe is going downhill as well thanks to neoliberalism.

they consume video games, internet and a lot of shit that contributes to the system.

unless is 100% autonomy you being a neet is still a slave to capital.

Every one of you should get to sit around playing with your under developed ball sacks to shitty hentai games while the criminal class does all the work for you by gunpoint

And by criminal class I mean moderators. Moderators should be forced to work in place of third world children for our stuff so we can continue our first world lifestyle but now someone actually work suffering suffers

Like not just any criminal. Last thing we need is some fucking boomer judge just making everyone a wagie slavey. It HAS TO BE a moderator. I may make exception to it also being women but they should just be forced to have sex with you.

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The biggest irony is that Americans have the highest rate of gun ownership in the world, yet there’s no insurgency.

NEET here. I volunteer for non-profit organizations as a researcher (takes probably 5h a week). But I cannot work for a capitalist or anything which indirectly supports it simply because of conscientious objection. I just had a quick talk with my welfare employee. Now I got 2 months of surplus time (in comparison to the wageworker) for activism, reading, shitposting and sports (you need to be fit for the revolution!) without a hustle. Also the labour fetish of many socialists grinds my gears. The little production my consume behavior demans could probably already be almost fully automatized. Some stuff I do by myself. When I find necessary work in my commune, I take responsibility. I try to practice what I preach.

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neets are reserve army of labor
individually neets don't have much power or culpability, but capitalism allows unemployed people or non-laboring people as a way to control inflation and labor costs. unemployed or neets means workers are more replaceable sonce maybe someone else could take the job

someone who remains a consumer while not letting their labor be exploited does shift some power toward labor away from capital but it's dwarfed by the leverage unemployment gives porky

if neets were a threat to capitalism they wouldn't be allowed

neets are not a reserve army of labor, as many do not intend on finding employment in the future for capitalist institutions. the benefits of minimum wage jobs simply do not outweigh the benefits of neetbux + freedom.

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A NEET will work as soon as he is faced with no other choice

Funny how that doesn't seem likely anytime soon, the NEETbux will keep flowing until a literal revolution comes, otherwise the government will have a bunch of angry unemployed starving NEETs on their hands, many of whom have schizophrenia, psychopathy, depression (many of which are likely to be martyrs during times of crisis).

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These can be good traits for truly dedicated revolutionary soldiers but if they are not trained in advance and given a purpose in life (i.e. the revolution) they will be useless in any time of struggle. NEETs need to be organized now if they are to be useful

I am European though. Vacations are only good for reminding you of how good life without work would be.

NEETs are also a market since they will need participation in markets to survive. Why do you think Europe and America are mass importing third worlders with 0 marketable skills which naturally any nation wouldn't let in, and if it would let them in not give them benefits. It's easy, it's a market in itself and an exploitable people.

Even if you were NEET and you didn't contribute to the system it would be like there was just one less person overall. Not really hurting the system in itself.

It really doesn't.

NEETs are lumpenproles, so they are useless to the Revolution. They are just as much of a drain on us as they are on capitalism.

That's what happens when you give nigs rights and allow spics to flood in. The tables are turning back in Europe now what with all the migration; in a couple of decades they will be as shitty as the US.

Please explain how NEETs are lumpenproles

Due to the success of separate production as production of the separate, the fundamental experience which in primitive societies is attached to a central task is in the process of being displaced, at the crest of the system’s development. by non-work, by inactivity. But this inactivity is in no way liberated from productive activity: it depends on productive activity and is an uneasy and admiring submission to the necessities and results of production; it is itself a product of its rationality. There can be no freedom outside of activity, and in the context of the spectacle all activity is negated. just as real activity has been captured in its entirety for the global construction of this result. Thus the present “liberation from labor,” the increase of leisure, is in no way a liberation within labor, nor a liberation from the world shaped by this labor. None of the activity lost in labor can be regained in the submission to its result.

A nation of cuckolds

Most NEETs that I know of don't exactly have a choice in being NEET. There are no jobs for them, they are rejected by the capitalist system in all respects, even for dull menial labor. If they were to enter the prison slave labor system, they'd be put in the psych ward most likely. The only roles the system will allow them to fill would be to be used for research purposes, and anyone who would voluntarily enter that arrangement is in for serious misery and suffering. Medical researchers have notorious contempt for their research subjects, far beyond what you would think is necessary.

I don't see this changing under socialism. NEETs simply are unwanted, couldn't be trusted even if the NEET themselves threw themselves at the socialist state and demonstrated a willingness to work on the terms the system supposedly offered.

I know I've tried in the past to work with society. Even now I try to get along with people and do what little I can to help others. It's just not wanted. Normals would rather starve than accept that I helped them. I gave up on expecting even the slightest gratitude a long time ago.
In my experience working a menial job was not significantly different from NEET life, except that I had a little more money to work with than I would otherwise (which was necessary at the time). The way the disability system is set up strongly disincentivizes finding any sort of work or recovery in any way, and that should probably change, but knowing society's current structure they're going to do the other thing, tighten the screws and laugh as people are kicked off and left to die.

Nice try Hayek

You can immediately tell from the Hegelian reverse that it is from some Situ text.


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its either work or I'm homeless or in jail. tf…

I dislike FDR but he's somewhat right

true, but apparently some people on this board think trannies aren't mentally ill, so take that as you will.

pretty much agree

That's why private companies shouldn't even exist.

Daily reminder Marx argued for abolishment of labour. In his view division of labour is the main cause for power over individuals and as long as these exist, so long privaty property must exist (MEW2, p.50). So as long as division of labour exist, so long I don't work. I don't want to get alienated :^)

Maybe you shouldn't have enslaved the niggers and spics in the first fuckin place. You should've just at least genocide if youre just plundering the lands. You'd be doing both parties a favor

Daily reminder primitive societies didn't work. Work is a product of alienated society.

It accelerates socdem ways of living into the grounds, so yes.
People around you will view you as baggage on their life though if they pay any sort of taxes for it.

Here's a youtube series in which that is put to the test.

>The lowest stratum of the proletariat. Used originally in Marxist theory to describe those members of the proletariat, especially criminals, vagrants, and the unemployed, who lacked awareness of their collective interest as an oppressed class.


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In anti-work theory, work refers solely to labors induced by another human. As such, xe is right.

your a faggot

NEETs are exploiters. They don’t produce any labor, but consume the products of labor.