Brit/pol/ #2890: Morrissey Edition

Morrissey reaffirms support for far-right party and claims 'everyone prefers their own race'
Morrissey has reaffirmed his support for the far-right, anti-Islam party For Britain and suggested that Nigel Farage “would make a good prime minister”

Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield to face retrial over 95 deaths
Family members were in court for the decision which was also relayed to a room in Liverpool where other relatives were watching

Shocking moment teenage girl threatens to kill a passenger on London Tube train after her friend tries to attack woman who asked the 'intimidating' group to calm down
Footage shows a girl, dressed in red jeans, trying to hit and kick a female passenger who is sitting down and obscured from view after the woman asked her and three girls she was with to 'calm down'. Meanwhile, a girl in blue jeans is held back by a male passenger as she appears to try to kick another woman sitting down. The incident occurred on a Victoria line London Underground train on Thursday, June 22 at around 10pm

Pro-Israel group’s online debate with far-right activist backfires
Israel Advocacy Movement takes down video with 'Alt-right' figure Mark Collett, due to 'the volume and ferocity of anti-Jewish racism'

Top Congressman: Media Are 'POSSESSED, Poisoning Americans With Russiahoax'
Rep. Nunes told Maria the FBI was hiding documents from Congress for two-and-a-half years. Nunes believes US Attorney John Durham will find out who in the FBI was hiding these documents from Congress that prove the Obama Department of Justice knew the Steele Dossier was a fraud when they used it to spy on the Trump campaign in early 2016.

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kill (in minecraft)

Lads, why are British women so ugly?

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Because all the good looking ones were taken off to Gaul.

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He's enthusiastic about Brexit which is good enough for now.

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I think british women are pretty, they have good facial symmetry

They let themselves go to easily.

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tbh there are loads of British lassies who are propah qts, it's just there's an abundance of slags that make it seem like there hardly are any

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its the same here

Loving these double standards lads.

Not a bad idea tbh.

Hillsborough was 30 yrs ago. imagine how long they're going to go on about Grenfell.

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The average diet is atrocious and women are really fucking lazy, they hardly look after themselves.

yeah women are so fucking lazy, especially these days. they just lounge about in Air conditioning all day like blobs from the machine stops

Spend so much time in the house alone these days since mummy decided to spend her week LARPing as a woman half her age, I should get myself a dog tbh. Trouble is they live for so long and if, inshallah, lightning should strike between now and the time it died and I found a woman, already owning a dog probably be the dealbreaker on being able to move out together and having a babby smh.
What's a good companion dog, lads? We got a staffie pup back when was a baby, lived until I was about 16 or 17, soft as a bollock until the day she died, gave me a good feel for staffs with her about growing up. Dad's kept and trained lurchers all his life, so I suppose he could give me hand keeping one exercised if I got one of them. My mates would encourage me to get a german shepherd since they're negro nightmare fuel and generally nice looking dogs, but I know they're rather prone to inheritable disease and I've not got the deepest pockets. Conflicted tbh lads. Dogpill me


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It's too warm.

Close all the pubs and bars at 10pm and have a 11pm curfew so we don't have to see these sights.

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Also violently beat anyone that is publicly intoxicated

not having a good time lads

Phwoar who's the babe

Poldark was kino.

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Just buy a tray of kebab meat with chilli and mayo on it and just throw handfuls of the shite at pissed up slags in the street.

She's adorable.


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Fuck off it was cuckshit

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get a jack Russel. what's not to like?

Irish Wolfhound.

That's nothing lad, I've 25C with 88% humidity

kek Google email leaked to Veritas called Peterson and Shapiro Nazi's

Snake, be careful, that's Apu, it's a different kind of frog from what you're used to.
It was originally developed by as a codevelepod project with a finnish bureau during the cold war, from the blueprint of our own frog, Pepe, or SDFRG-01 as you know it.
Just like Pepe it's a weapon used mainly for psychological warfare, but unlike Pepe it's supposed to evoke some sense of compassion in the target, something that eventually devolves into existential dread and depression.
Don't let it hug you Snake, and don't hug it either, many of our own operatives being hugged by Apu have suffered of crushing, chronic depression, and have been later found dead in finnish saunas after having eaten too much Mämmi.

Remember, he's not your "fren", don't listen to him no matter what, focus on your mission.

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Yeah but you live in New Bangladesh so it's expected.

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tbh, fuck fren posters

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I want to fug her pusy

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Why don't we have the DUP in England? I want to preserve the Union and support loyalism. And agree with their view that fag marriage and abortion should be illegal.

She's been walled, another victory for the Wall.

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Senator Cruz grills Google Executive over Insider story

How do all those 'what I rent' cunts have so much stuff?

i live in one room in a shared house with foreign cunts i dont know the name of and have no assets whatsoever really

life is thoroughly miserable

She was too good for them.

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When Woes' anal cavity was the figurative sheep's stomach of Edinburgh and Glasgow

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earn over 24 grand a year.

extremely unpleasant post lad

Good idea we could call it the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Globohomo companies are crying that tariffs against China are hurting their profits
Major companies are ringing alarm bells, trying to warn Washington about more tariffs

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We need more period dramas tbh


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Japan just got btfo


Morissey has always been like this, these spastics have never followed him

i do

the idea of buying basic shit like appliances seems a huge capital investment

pic related.

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nuke london twice tbh


Turn on tv la

Looked like a Chad.

The Conservatives are dead though. They dont support outlawing gay marriage they introduced it. They havnt made abortion illegal and never will.

I'm not a big church goer but i'd prefer to be a prod than a pope worshipper or pagan. Obviously jews and muslims need executing.

Get a one bedroom bedsit. I live in one and it's comfy. I've saved enough for a house in my town and will soon buy and pay less on mortgage than I do on rent.

Why do you think house hold debt is so high?


I know lad I was just joking about how the Tories are meant to be our DUP.

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ban him

UK home office is going after GI

Oh right. Sorry lad. Excuse my autism.

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Get a staff lad, I've had a few dogs, my latest battle buddy is a rescue collie x groendaahl (I think?). Staffies are a dog for both the family, ours was just at home on the couch or out with me. They don't need too much exercise, discipline or food compared to a gsd. Do it if you will look after it, buds for life.

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Notice how almost the only people talking about womens football IRL positively are women and benders. I've overheard faggots/bi-benders that definitely never watch football talk about womens football as if to signal they love sucking hairy feminist armpits

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Did you take a photo of the dead seal?

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Me and my brother had a chat about it the other day but we were mocking it. I dont think i've encountered anyone irl mention and on twitter its just fags and feminists who are signalling it.

It's been ridiculous tbh

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Lads down the local are laughing about it too, no-one takes it seriously.

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I was going to but it stank bad and looked like just the skin left when I just passed it again on my way back.

Some literal faggot tried defending the spitting incident, he said "spat" (doing the air quotes gesture), anyone can tell that was deliberate but of course the fag has to defend wogettes no matter what

There's no way it wasn't deliberate, the nigress didn't even bother attempting to turn her head away.

Smh this spam is almost as bad as abortion spam

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Youkipper back with the blackpills

Where is that area the paki gang that was chatting shit are in?

I loathe when women try to act 'ard

That third video is fucking hilarious tbh, the way she's celebrating like it's a massive achievement when in reality they are up against a much worse team.
It'd be like adults beating a five-year-old and unironically bragging about it.

where did the day go, lads


Women know your limits.webm


I'm going to invent a terrible new sport just for men, and create fake video footage of huge stadiums packed to the rafters. I will then laugh as the MSM and feminists screech, and spend millions on replicating it for women.

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literally JUSTed himself over nothing.


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My soon to be new landlord is a south asian. Should I be worried? The current tennants who are a white couple say he's pretty chill.

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Be worried lad, he'll turn the place into a rape den

Yeah its been surprisingly entertaining. Not that i've watched a single match, but the highlights of these useless women.

Bradford I think.