Whats the deal with today "communist", having 121 genders, screaming at people just because they dont share the same ideas. accepting the lgbt degenerates faggots, complain about how the state has money but most of them live on welfare and even owning phones and even cars, and i'm pretty sure a big part of them don't even work or don't work as much as people stuck in factorys/farms/workshops but yet they drink their everyday shity soy coffes from starcucks and complain about how evil capitalism is on their iphones and post it on tumblur or twiter and yet sjw sucking spooks cock and blaming the white men for everything.
Degenerates and useless and yet they call themselves communists and not actually helping the poor people or the ones in need.
I use to be a communist until i saw this shit fest, before that i use to community service, me and other communists use to go together and help the poorer communities, helping them to make food, buying food and medical supplies for them, helping them to rebuild some parts of their houses or apartments, buying clothing for the kids, making sure the children will go to school and have a good education and can take care of themselves and have a stable Job,etc.
I thought other people are doing the same thing, but no they run around like fucking retards and being degenerates.
I use to be a proud communist, but now i guess i'm better off.
How did this happen ?

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You sound spooked mate, selfishly ending altruism over a few spooked people is pretty brainlet.

Most people in first world countries under capitalism can afford an occasional coffee or a smartphone, it keeps us sane, communism isn't when you're not allowed to own stuff under Capitalism.

Stick with the commies you like and keep up with the good praxis instead of being angry about the loud minority of Tumblr kids, why does their genders matter to you? Why does this spook of fun matter to you?
Stop being so spooked over dumb shit that don't affect you and keep up the praxis.

A few young people that are still riding the teen feeling of invincibility won't hurt you.

Being able to afford a smartphone or coffee doesn't make you not poor, even the poorest in first world nations can afford a shitty phone contract these days, and God forbid someone enjoy a coffee or participate in a culture that doesn't resemble a 50s nuclear family gathering.

Great another 2 ☘️millennial communists☘️

I don't see how having a smartphone prevents you from being a good communist, and the first poster is right, you should organize with the people you agree with and ignore dumbasses and posers

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Leave the phone, just look in general

Nobody fucking cares you hate "degenerates", christfag.

As a matter of fact, under socialism, you religious faggots will be the first ones to be hanged.

This comes from the starving 12 genders faggot, do me a favor and kill yourslefhammer and sickle

Just don't give a shit and let idiots scream at each other while you do your own stuff.

True, true

*angry tip*

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Reminder that christian communist is an oxymoron.

WHAT is the deal

with oppressed transpeople?

They're not oppressed

and they're not people

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obvious pol bait

Communism has ALWAYS been universal and anti-idpol.
So, social democracy?
With UltraPork Characteristics?
There's nothing wrong with government-and-capitalism-free direct-action succdem, but nothing you did helped the people to, you know, NOT have a stable job and the masters this implies on any form of semipermanent basis.

On some level I must disagree. Virtue-signalling narcissists are some of the worst fuckwads to let into your organization and have a wonderful tendency to kill the organization when they get anywhere near leadership.

Because progress never goes far enough, (cultural) marxism at its core is represented by a lack. There will never be enough genders, sexualities, -isms, while there will always be more structures, systems and oppressions that keep us from catching the dragon.

The regimentation of humanity into an ever-increasing taxonomy of identities and groups has nothing to do with Marxism. It's a liberal and fascist thing to wank over this sort of shit. The fascist in particular has a peculiar fetish for manufacturing identities based on feels and spooks, and you can see well how the ranks of fascism are filled with these sexual degenerates and fetishists they so often rail against. Fascism is, after all, an inherently pederastic ideology, perversely obsessed with sexualism.

Marxists have roundly criticized queer theory and the pomo shit you're rambling on about, but their voices are drowned out by the so-called "new left" charlatans and idiots.

Falseflag post, please sage if you guys want to keep responding to this Zig Forumsyp


FWIW (i'm ) there is value in understanding the particular struggles of oppressed minority groups through a Marxist lens of criticism. It isn't based on absolutely nothing to say that racism exists and should be criticized. What is silly is inventing a false ideology where minority status is made permanent in some arbitrarily built pantheon of races, sexes, minority groups, and so on. I have no objection to protected classes being a legal thing and see why such is necessary.

Like this.
Note how it ends there. Note how it affects absolutely nothing until one comes to the very, VERY few cases whether you have to ask whether someone identifies as a hermaphrodite anthro-fish (which is, like, none). Note how anyone's identity affects NONE of the politics.
Note how it does NOT involve REEEEE-ing at someone because you have politics surrounding their identity.
Note how it affects literally fucking nothing.
That's how. Here…

Criticizing racism has precisely zero in common with acknowledging race. The elimination of racism comes when people stop caring about race.

Oh, certainly, in that idealized scenario, and assuming I don't have to go through the effort of keeping the 531 googolplex schizoid hallucinations of every padded cell escapee straight, and carefully honor all of their deeply important personal convictions they invented when they got out of bed today. I'm suuuure that accommodating and cultivating every sane and totally sincere flavor of spooky snake oil clogging up modern culture can only lead to harmonious unity in the long run.

Or, we could just stick to materialism, laugh off all this stupid bullshit, and get on with our lives.

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In anti-idpol, identities are not divided into "schizoid hallucinations of every padded cell escapee" and "not "schizoid hallucinations of every padded cell escapee." Nor does one paint a swatztika on one's forehead with a magic marker and yell at them about it.
I mean, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Zoroastrians, and a few others literally believe in invisible friends. They're still the same as everyone else; when I remember, I don't put bacon on the first two's plate.
It's actually quite simple.
Perhaps if you could divest yourself of the habits born of years of painting a swatztika on your forehead with a magic marker and yelling at people, these simple concepts would be easier for you. Since not actually caring about identities is, you know, so difficult for you.

People don't just "stop caring" about race because they clap their hands and believe. Actually not caring about race requires understanding where racism comes from in the first place, and reconciling what happened in the past with what needs to happen now.

Right, because the latter category doesn't exist. All identitarianism is insane by definition.
That's pragmatism, not politics. In the future, we want to eliminate their spooks and free them, but temporarily accommodating widely accepted spooks is an unfortunately necessary part of such plans for their abolition.

If a spook is already fringe in current society to start with, however, there are very few practical circumstances in which humoring it furthers our goal, as opposed to causing greater future problems.

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Yes, and this includes NOT identifying as a "padded cell escapee," so maybe a little self-reflection is in order?

200+ years of African slavery and 100ish years of racism being official state policy isn't a "spook", nor is it a spook when politicians deliberately draw on white identity politics and encourage white nationalist faggotry. This shit has a material reality, it doesn't just exist because people want it to exist.

The gay thing can be dismissed not because they are fringe, but because when you look at history, the oppression of gays has somehow, mysteriously, fallen unevenly on the lower classes, while the upper classes enjoy impunity for their sexual habits, whatever they may be. The hunt to find this creature called the "innate homosexual" (which is itself a bullshit concept and is already being scientifically discredited) was always a naked power grab in order for the ruling class to get into peoples' bedrooms and dictate their sexual behavior in a wide variety of ways. So it is with this peculiar "queer" nonsense that is going around today. There was a period during the '60s and '70s where there was a spirit of communism in the gay movement, where the lower classes were protesting legitimate discrimination and bullshit they shouldn't have to put up with, but that has been largely co-opted and it's something a lot of people in the gay community are still bitter about from what I've heard out of them.

It literally is. Think of the zealous racism that once existed inside the neologism blob of "white" against Germans, Italians, Poles, etc.. Or the downright genocidal hatred in Britain among Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Celts, Normans, etc. All of it has vanished simply because children stopped being indoctrinated.

Not then, but it certainly is now.

There is certainly inertia left over from when it was explicitly legally enforced, but nothing concrete beyond that. Everything else is pure personal belief, only capable of harming people who don't believe because the law under capitalism, in order for capitalism itself to function, MUST allow arbitrary personal cruelty to be imposed from capitalists to workers with sufficient personal discretion that it is impossible to ban such implicit racism (and other idpol).

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The collapse of racism in previous societies didn't happen just because people decided one day it would be nice. It ended because racism as state policy and ideology is fucking retarded and unsustainable without an economic base, and it's a really bad idea to oppress black people if you want them to fight in an integrated military (which you would very much want if you want to have any sort of operational efficiency in war). If racism was purely a matter of what people felt like doing and what they could get away with, the expected trajectory from the 1960s onward would be towards racial equality and the dismissal of so-called spooks, and for a short time that seemed to be where things were heading, but you can also see a trend starting in 1990 where racism, first in coded form in Reaganism and then through Clintonian doublespeak, has made a steady comeback. This isn't just because boomers threw a hissy fit, but because there was a new base which necessitated a submerged class - the need for migrant labor, and the expansion of prison labor. What changed in the 1990s? NAFTA, of course, which created the conditions for a permanent class of precarious migrant workers, and the subsequent expansion of the police state to accelerate dramatically the number of people locked up and put into essentially forced labor. Both of these were economically necessary for the capitalist system to continue functioning and keep up the profit margins of those at the top. Since 2008, the system can think of nothing besides shoveling money into the economy at a ridiculous rate to keep the game going, and we're likely to see a repeat of that soon.

…the 2008 crisis, in which financial collapse was an incidental material effect of a segregation policy.

your problem is having leaders, not having retarded ones. The goal of communism is a classless society, why not start by doing a way with hierarchies now.

Ah yes, instead let's just pretend leaders don't exist while allowing the narcissists to wield shadow power with intimidation games. Worked great for Occupy.

What are you some kind of straight

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This is problem of western communists. Russian communists, for example, dont care about idpol intersectional sjw gender shit.

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