Brit/pol/ #2891: Tucker Edition

Immigration helps drive UK population to 66.4 MILLION after births fall to lowest level in a decade and deaths spike with 70 MILLION milestone likely to be hit within the next decade

Major companies are ringing alarm bells, trying to warn Washington about more tariffs

Trump says government should SUE Google, Facebook and Twitter as he claims social media and Internet search giants are 'trying to rig the election' with political bias

Anti-Islamic extremist permanently excluded from entering UK

Disabled grandfather is sacked by Asda after colleague complained about him sharing an 'anti-Islamic' Billy Connolly sketch on his Facebook page

Law around non-consensual taking, making and sharing of sexual images to be reviewed

Ikea moves in on UK housing

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Steak and eggs for tea

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*knowingly allows ISIS supporters to go about their business*

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we're going to need so much rope you could tie each piece together and it would reach the fucking sun


Fucking cucks

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But ISIS are state funded assets lad


we have reached peak william

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keek joke statistics would be a nice memi

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Assuming there are 1 million traitors moreover assuming flooding the organ market doesn't crash the prices, we could theoretically raise $50 billion, not too shabby tbh

So. I went to various areas throughout and London. Mosques, blacks, pakis, all kinds of mutts, nightly break ins nearby and robberies. Acid attacks. Not a single Union Jack or white person on many areas. No English spoke at all in more.

I knew things were this bad but to go see it with my own eyes. Spent a few days up there in London.

… this cannot continue lads.

What are you classifying as traitor, lad?

Debt to who?
Give them the finger and tell them they’re not getting a penny.

Dunno tbh, how many members does the Tory party have?

You aren't going to win support if you're going after every single person like that, just cut off the head(s)

Unequivocally based and redpilled

He's a zack (or jake) larping as a tarquin, not a william. Williams would never do this sort of thing.

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Luv spreading fake news on social media
Luv hacking into voting booths
Luv convincing him old ladies that Putin’s a good bloke
Luv election interference
Luv populist candidates
Luv working for Russia

Hate Salisbury
Hate enemies of the motherland

Simple as

Don't mistake me for a person who is not posting in jest, lad.

Williams have too bad posture to do that tbh

Jews, fags, nonwhites, whores, coal burners, oil drillers, drug dealers, human traffickers, politicians who break promises (so most politicians), people who go abroad to help in foreign countries while our own starve.

I’m sure there’s more though

Bet they’re all furrin

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(((online voting)))

Wasted opportunity tbh

Autism is a Europoid-Neanderthal phenotype


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Because there’s no such thing as recipes or looking recipes up on the Internet. Nope. clearly the only way to get different food is to ethnically replace us and flood the country!

No fucking wonder the elite view the public as cattle.

This, but unironically. I would imagine almost every great inventor, scientist and philosopher in European history would be considered autistic by our kiked establishment. Introversion, introspection, intellectual agency and rationality clash horribly with the prevailing system (which is built around effeminate, socially wanky, bootlicking and preening traits).


I don't think Philosophy and autists mix well tbh

I does if you like systematic philosophy.


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Reminds of the time he said nigger

not feeling hungry. I guess the best keto diet is to not eat anything at all, r-right

oh sweetie too poor to pay pakistanis to prepare your portuguese repast?

No that's literally the point of the diet tbh, your body burns the fat into ketones and you don't feel as hungry through the day.

It’s fine man I haven’t eaten for two days because I just don’t feel hungry. But that’s probably the despair and depression though.

oh, sweet summer child

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bit pathetic lad

Lost a few lbs recently smh, I need to gorge

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That reminded me. This girl I was talking to claimed to be traditional but couldn’t even cook a basic meal. Got all pissy when I said no hymen no diamond too. Not so traditional now aye

Just woke up

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RIP beth

Says the guy complaining about bullies kek

Wait a minute are you the resident incel?

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wew so what trad qualities did she have?


A long dress and a local h'wheat field.

Though I do kinda like the Polish bread they do in tesco so I guess immigration really is a good thing

I'll only allow more polish immigration if it's just the women smh

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We have enough coal burners.

not been for about 5 years but I imagine going to London is a bit like pic tbh

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in experience, Polish women are like autists. The lot of them.

oh no the lassie I sent a message on the dating app a month ago is online. I hope she sees my profile, thinks I am ugly and ignores me smh

*in my experience

is she out of your league lad?

all women are tbh, she might not see herself that way though as she is a bit deformed.

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whats wrong with the message?

Nothing really, I guess I am just having cold feat and maybe I don't really like her as much as I let on in the message.

Good lad

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why do tradthots act as though cooking is a big deal? it's easy and it's fun

puts things into perspective when the middle class is concerned they wont be able to spend £500 on a curry from the famous chef abul abul abul al-ashjte instead of their kids getting raped by mohammedan cultists

Because right now they can keep the former and ignore the latter.

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sorry but ahmed no speaky english so when she screamed "no please stop" he didnt understand, a white man looking at a women when hes ugly is rape however


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Didn't they let a paki off because "he didn't understand the laws"?

I don't think I've watched a single one of his works, any recommendations?

I thought ignorance of the law wasn't a defence against the law.

there was also another one where they let him go because his wife (probably a goat) didnt speak english

lads how did people do keto back when all they had to eat was turnips?

I would if I could, and will someday.

That's overruled when the defendant is brown.

Traditionally in English law, yes.

that's why I still find this dubious.

As they've [a judge] has made a ruling against it though wouldn't that count as common law and therefore ignorance of the law is now a valid defence against the law?

Smh lads I spoke too soon about Refn's series, it's just a predatory wog cop being a predator and a creep

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Bloody greenfly is causing the leaves on my gooseberry bushes to malform.

It takes more than a single judgment to make such a significant change, and I think the case in question wasn't in England but in Sweden iirc

you haven't seen Drive?

Houellebecq is writing another book lads

No prior case history is used as a guide, as well as all the circumstances of the given case help to form the ruling.

No not even a clip or a trailer, although 'Only God Forgives' I did see a trailer for but forgot to watch.

Bronson, Drive, Only God Forgives (some think its shite but I like it), The Neon Demon (ok aesthetically but a little bit shite tbh). Valhalla Rising is a bit too esoteric though smh

Smdh lad, bully them back

I have seen Bronson is that actually directed by Refn?

who knew?

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You have to remove them by hand the problem is the ants move them up the stems to farm them and unfortunately I can't match the work rate of the drones.

Yes lad



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