Tfw you just realized that Marx even had his own way to spell normies, the "philistines"

If you are not eager for the all normie genocide you call yourself a marxist only to fool the workers.

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NazBol will genocide the normies. Omnicide will lead us to worker's utopia.

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Why didn't you just look up what a philistine means rather than assume it just means normie? I'm so confused how you can be this retarded.

He's a communist, of course he's retarded. It makes sense that you don't understand because you are retarded as well.

An AnCap has joined the server.

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Nothing "Cap" about me, fam.

Don't you have some parents to run away from?

"Normies" don't worship a god who was later put in a short story for effect by H. P. Lovecraft (Dagon)


philistine literally means normie. how can you fail to notice?
They made philosophy against them back in the days, but now you all are too pussies.

If you're going to use fancy imageboard terms, then at least try to be accurate and call it an equivalent of "pleb" or "having shit taste" you philistine.

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The left will never be the home of incels fuck off with your ideology.
Also Stirner uses philistines too, maybe they mean philistines and not what your bitter virginity is telling you…

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Yep. I don't know how these halfwits managed to come to the conclusion that "philistines" means "normies."

Because normie is conflated with having shit taste by most posters since 2016 or whenever reddit flooded in.

marx robbed this from the Greco-Romans anyways.

that's just typical Stirner being a meme thief.

its his praxis anyways.

waiting for Egodyke to defend Stirner selling his wife into sexual servitude. come on now take it.

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but what if the wife felt empowered though?

I dunno were you hanging around him back then?

also there's a difference between historical accounts and trying to imagine what the actual camaraderie and emotions were at the given time around those circles were. textual accounts don't lend much creedence to what the person was expressing or actually felt or what was said in private company back then. I'm not Doc Brown.

there are many women who feel empowered by being degraded. its just that we live in a society that socializes us into believing we should form respectful nuclear families that women feel bad for it.

oh I don't doubt that.

they're called "the meme gender" for a reason

everything is some passive-aggressive shit test for them.

I mean would you feel the same if I get off on degrading other people? I mean come on, we all have personal preferences. no need to be a moralist.

ITT: people that don't know shit about Marx and the cultural environment in which he lived. Philistine means normie.



Incel Revolution when

never. incels are incompatible with the left. there is no incel solidarity since incels do not have solidarity to another beings themselves really. It's not in their ego, they are cancerous egos stay on the side of the nazis and Zig Forums you are not liked here.


Incels are a truly revolutionary group. Too bad that most of us want nothing to do with them.
Think about how many people become radical muslims because they get no pussy. Like it or not, men have to get laid or they'll fuck shit up. This is why i stand in solidarity with those ebul misogynist incels.

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Or we could just exterminate them wholesale for thoughtcrime and precrime

Losers become radicals because they have nothing to lose typically.

I dunno, that sounds like pretty spot-on description of a normie to me. They all rush to buy the latest iphones, their taste in movies and music is shit, and they don't know shit outside of what is taught in school- that's pretty much what a normie is.

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it happened during Vladimir Lenin's time. "class justice"

shit I could get up to 10 bitches pregnant and not have to go to jail or pay child support for because of how anarchic society would be at that point.

true, but the term is "winning-challenged", nigger.

being a woman is a class crime in itself.

Interestingly the Philestines came from a place that is now called Palestine : Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, and Gath.
Although back then it was called Judea.


I wonder….


He was. To an extent.

So was Proudhon, Bakunin, etc

They have nothing on 'Kerbstomp the Capitalists' Corbyn.

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That was meant to say CapitalistS not capitalists.
This place is getting as bad as leftypol for the silly word filters.


Marx wasn't even though Proudhon Bakunin and the rest were, he just critiqued Judaism. Never called for it's abolishment or extermination.

Yes, also as mentioned above they worshiped Dagon (a semitic god.)

Though they themselves were Indo-Europeans, part of the invasion of "Sea Peoples" at the end of the Bronze Age.

Marx based as fuck:

This passage gave me goosebumps in the German original.

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Lmao now i get why some of you are banned from leftypol