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fuck links

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STATE of the soyim tbh

about time goodlad all that



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shut it down, lads - they know

who here /NIFOC/

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keeeeeeeeeeeeeeek goodlad

Bye Felicia

SA must be a member of Abort 67
Also. I protest against fat women

The Norge is not a lawyer

we all know what that means

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for him

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My landlord has been in my flat while I was at toil without informing me or getting my consent. Feel violated tbh.

if u were a woman you could cry raep to the radfems

What about it?

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I'm not a woman. I am going to move out though. Already wanted to move by October but I think i'll bring it forward. Never owned my own home but I have 10k to buy and 2 bedroom terrace houses where I live are 40-60k. I'd pay less on mortgage than I currently pay in rent.

Anyone who has ever bought a house got any advice?

tfw my mum is a landlady and I sometimes do repairs on houses

Based trad polacks in all seriousness they don't belong in this country and your mum should be ashamed of herself for renting to foreigners

slit his throat

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bretty sure that's illegal if they didn't give notice tbh


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He's watching boys handball again


Lad fuck her, she'll be desperate tbh. not that I endorse it but cuck a polack is a pass

she was skinny and nasty

kek Tim Pool really wants to hate raep Cortez


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Stunning and brave

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Went to the city today for the first time in a while, what an absolute red-pilling experience. All the immigrants, homeless people and how busy it was…
I swear it wasn't this bad a couple years ago.
The only thing that was nice was seeing all the qts in the nice weather, although now I feel depressed and lonely…

How do they think this will play out among the Conservative Party membership? Who are supporting Boris to a higher and higher level by the day.


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It's fucking way worse, you can feel it, see it, going into a city is fucked. Airports are absolutely crowded, it's mental.

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These people are just mental and that Femi fucker isnt even a passport holder. Hes a foreign agent and should be deported for subversion along with all the others. My grandad would have gone apeshit with all this treachery being allowed
In days of yore they would have been strung up

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In days of yore they weren't supported or protected by the state.
based lad

I avoid cities. Havnt been to one since Manchester in January because its that depressing. My small town is having a 1940's parade this weekend so hoping i'll get to see some trad qts and maybe snag one.

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Weew that's where the French Navy Submarine HQ is.

keeeeeek radfems utterly btfo'd

What can I do about it though? The really annoying thing is that he didn't fix the things that actually need fixing, just fucked about with a compliance issue he hadn't rectified.

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part and parcel

swole boomer

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the fuck is that accent, fucking yankoid voices

Good luck Mo

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those teenager dafties got almost as long for "hate speech" aswell as all those NA lads who got 10 years

We all know why. Just take one look at the judicial system

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Drimpf btfo

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((they)) really are shitting themselves over the 2020 race. I don't understand why though seeing as in reality he is so kosher it hurts.

schoppy is so blackpilled

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cunts cant help themselves

KEEEEEEK. More like cringepilled. Death is part of life. That paragraph is a bit of a wank, one of the reasons I disdain most philosophy. He had some okay takes though.

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philosophy is up your own ass tier autism
modern philosophy is SJW shit

'ate philosophy
luv footy
simple as.

philosophy is wank tbh

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i like him, here is green text.

he was buddhapilled

have you guys even read locke?

Well I agree with that one. Happiness is a mene

lad hated noise

keek I am glad internet memmies are seeing a rise in boomer bullying

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It's about having been humiliated by the public in 2016. They will do anything to avoid that happening again: and to see Trump lose his second election (which is rare) would make up for the lost face of our elite.

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The natural habitat of the gaijin hunter is the sweaty, sticky, and overpriced clubs and pubs of Roppongi. They can be identified by the density of their makeup and the vibrance of their plumage. Engage them in friendly conversation and buy them drinks. Once the last train leaves at 1 am, invite the beast back to the private hotel room you booked which just so happens to be within walking distance. Pre-coitus, take care to protect your genitals with latex as these creatures are known to harbor diseases and parasites. As you clumsily thrust to the rhythm of her strained yowling, try not to imagine how many others have been right where you are and especially don't think about how recently it was.
The gaijin hunter is likely a young professional and will have left for work by morning. Don't be shocked if in 9 months you receive a message on What's App containing a photo of a h-asian baby that has your eyes.

Use the boomers state pension to pay for college, if they wanted to survive the winter they should've just worked harder and saved more money.

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Alright lads, 4 hours until movie night and you're all invited. Make sure you've got some warm vimto or ribenna and a pack of bickies. None of those cheap shit ones from the paki shop neither. Proper good bickies.

First movies House 2. We watched 1 last week and it was damn fine horror comedy. Good spooks, good effects, good story. Even had Norm from Cheers in it.

Second movie will be Knight Riders. Jousting on motor bikes by Romero. What more could you want in a movie?

Starts at midnight. Get cozy, get spooked and no one tell David Hasselhoff, we don't need that prick singing.

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Was gonna order a pizza wizza but can't find anything decent to watch so I'm just gonna have a pot noodle instead.

Some spaz claiming to be combat 18 took responsibility for the politician murder in Germany

Left-hand path cooking tbh.


he responds to everyone like this in chat smh

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alri lads

the worst is when they talk to women its so cringe don't know how these people act like this

ask him why he raped JF's potato lad

Who's on cucktion time tonight?

30yo boomer e celebs are the worst

almost as cringey as when the lefties unirionically call each other comrade

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Particularly bad. Expecting a boring one.

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All we can hope for are some based lads in the audience. What will be on the agenda tonight? Racist Morrisey and Dalai Llama? I guess they'll try to avoid the llama since it's kind of an uncomfortable topic they¨'d rather the public not hear

England are Playing Norway in lesbian football. Let's bully 22st even harder

what kind of pepperami meat is middle bottom? face says paki/chink mix and the name is anyone's guess.

at least the slags team is 80% white compared to the men

Is it too much to ask for a lass to not be tattooed for fuck's sake

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