Does Zig Forums still watch the sexual capitalism?

Does Zig Forums still watch the sexual capitalism?

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Of course

I only watch communist porn. People upload for free according to their abilities and fap according to their needs.

No, watching things rots your brain. I only read.

And that is always the best porn.


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It's like I'm the only socialist here.

Socialist as distinct from communist then, if you engage in porn according to the law of value.

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If you're posting on a chan you watch porn daily

Amateur porn is best not because they enjoy doing it more, but because they're less likely to have fake azz or tiddies.

Nigga you dumb
Kill the porky in your head or put on the rose

More likely you're the only one here who knows a girl that wants to see him jack off tbh.

I– I mean yeah dude. That is the notable distinction.

Masturbation is a decadent bourgeois practice.

Amateur porn is also more authentic because it's often just a couple or a single person setting up a camera to film them doing what they'd normally do. You don't get that AUGHOOO FUCK MY PUSSSEEEEE shit or artificial lighting. And when there are roleplays they're freer to do what they are into instead of what a studio thinks will make money. A lot of sexuality is psychological, and seeing what dirty stuff people are thinking gets undermined when they're just following a script.

Might be decadent but it's the opposite of bourgeois.
You know what, we should bring back the sexual revolution and do strikes that incorporate fap-ins. Instead of working we all rub one out and gunk up the means of production as sabotage. It'll promote intimate bonding with fellow workers and make porky feel violated.

Or fake orgasms. That shit kills the mood.


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Well as a wannabe filmmaker I'll stan lighting but a lot of the time it combined with the makeup makes shit look weird. The worst is lansky shit, the blacked guy Zig Forums thinks is engineering the cucking of the white man, because the girls who look good naturally(and with makeup) look like weird statues or aliens. Coupled with the frustratingly vanilla sex I'm watching something more mechanical than passionate, like the pornographic equivalent of a capeshit film.

tbh that's probably the most realistic part of porn.

I'll defend it only of it's in spanish because "mi puta! dios mio!" gets my dick diamonds

That's a good analogy
I'm cool with hamming it up if they're having fun with it and/or it's intentional and they're not trying to pass it off as "real".

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message brought to you by CHRISTCOM GANG

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We've been fapping to stuff since time began.

See this.

Honestly, this conflation of nationalism with social conservatism is exactly why we have so many race traitors. I think a lot of liberal whites get their liberalism from feeling like that their habits would be quashed. Ironically, the very minorities they try to protect are often just as anal as the white social conservatives or are even worse.

But seriously, just don't watch mainstream porn. Most of it is fucking BBC shit. The stuff that isn't involves chad. It's pretty much cucking in video format. The only exception for mainstream porn is POV stuff and I guess the lesbian stuff.

Otherwise, go amateur or drawn.



t. "Man" with an actual BLACKED sub

Yes but I don't pay for it


Yeah, i try my best to stop though