We have a problem

Pic related is what shows up when you google "Pinochet was shit meme".
See the problem?
There's hardly a thing about Pinochet being shit. We need to fix that. Reactionaries on /b/ are posting pro-Pinochet memes on their little circle-jerk threads, meanwhile we're focusing on some dumb shit.
In fact, reactionaries are posting about "commies" even in threads that have nothing to do with their political autism. What the fuck are we doing, allowing that shit on our imageboard?

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To the battlements!

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Check it fool.

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True true, but coming from a chilean, let me reassure you that chances are all those memes in that pic were made by americans, less than 8% of our nation actually like him, and it's composed pretty much by a few far right politicians, edgy teens (though in much less quantity than in the US) and old farts who got their properties expropriated by Allende.

You're Chilean? How does it feel that central planning almost became a reality and worked perfectly when project SYNCO was attempted, but thwarted by Pinoshit?

it's time to stop

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Fresh meme off the presses.

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Il-Sung pepe is oc donut steel.

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I can only suspect a far higher proportion of Chileans online draw from these aristocratic scum.

Awful, Allende is my favorite socialist and it's a massive shame what happened to him. But we shouldn't despair over the past, we must build our future now.

Marching to war now

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Not him, but Chilean here.
The what ifs of Chile are the bloody worst.
Seeing the sorry state of this nation and the shame of its neoliberal model is disgusting; makes me wish FPMR was still kicking around; killing fascists.

"I enjoy sucking moderator cock"

Meanwhile an anti American thread every other day with OP forgetting the British Empire existed. You know what? I just don't care anymore.

this is an example of a good meme

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I see a liberal larping as an ancom and two real anarchists showing off their dominance by jakcing off in his face.

That meme is only good to other socialists (specifically anarchists in this case). To normies and any other type of political tendencies it's probably dogshit or way too long.

It's got too many of them "word" things, i think. I can't read that good anyways.
t. Zig Forums

The point of memes is to have as little text as possible you retard.

This is tim buckley tier, so it deserves a buckley tier edit.

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Damn, i cry with his speeches

I tried. Probably too hard.

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Also yes I get the irony of using a USSR statue for ancoms but it was the only one in the right exploitable position.

well Pinochet was a yid puppet and so are Google so it sort of makes sense.