Brit/pol/ #2893: NHS Edition

Doctors push to stop billing foreign NHS patients — calling it ‘racist’
Up to 500 medics voted overwhelmingly in favour of abandoning fees

Russia accuses US of cyber-raids on defence systems
US haskers regularly target Russia’s defence and atomic energy industry to steal key data while offering the flimsiest evidence to accuse other nations of launching cyber-attack against its own interests, according to Kremlin chiefs

Putin plans to strike 'anti-EU alliance' with Boris Johnson in huge Russia UK deal
Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to make Boris Johnson an offer of Russian-UK alliance against the EU when the Tory frontrunner becomes Prime Minister, according to a Pulitzer-award winning historian

Theresa May confronts Vladimir Putin over Salisbury attack and tells him to hand over the suspects
Theresa May greeted Vladimir Putin with a frosty handshake at the start of their meeting in Japan as she was expected to confront the Russian president over the Salisbury spy attack and demand he hand over the two agents who are believed to have carried out the poisonings

Portillo mocks anti-unionist's 'crocodile tears' about break up of union
Michael Portillo obliterated the argument of a Labour supporter who blamed the Conservatives for trying to break up the United Kingdom - after discovering that she herself was in favour of doing exactly that

BBC Question Time audience member savages 'out of touch' MPs 'living in a bubble'
A Question Time audience member has delivered an impassioned tirade towards “out of touch” MPs who are “living in a bubble” as she targeted the BBC panel

London Bridge attack: MI5 and police cleared of failing to prevent atrocity
The chief coroner of England and Wales, Judge Mark Lucraft QC, delivered his conclusions on Friday at the end of inquests into the deaths of eight people in the June 2017 attacks

German far-right group 'used police data to compile death list'
A group of German rightwing extremists compiled a “death list” of leftwing and pro-refugee targets by accessing police records, then stockpiled weapons and ordered body bags and quicklime to kill and dispose of their victims, German media have reported, citing intelligence sources

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buen chico

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Good lad

she cute

(What's up butty? )

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(I said, what's up butty?)

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What is this course exactly? Some video I have to watch, vidya simulation, boring lecture with clipart?

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Honestly starting to agree that toxic masculinity exists. American rightists ego is almost entirely based on being tougher than the soy drinkers they have in their cringe folders who at the sane time totally rules their entire country and who they’re powerless to stop. Machismo is the rights biggest problem.


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I've not been on it myself, but it's basically all what you outlined with the underlying message of speeding = bad.

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what did you see, lad?

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Saw a Chinese bloke in my town lads guess that’s it evropa is finished I fought valiantly by almost voting UKIP but passing on it because I slept in but I guess that wasn’t enough. Bury me in Southern ground.

that's not 22st you drunk clogwog

cheers bud. I suppose it's better than a day in court + points & fine.

tbf, I got caught doing 51 on a 40mph dual carriageway and I have seen much worse.

Let me guess. Some wogs breakdancing or beatboxing next to the black panther marxists spouting rubbish with an islamic propaganda table in the background handing out leaflets and some police dotted about. Also smelt like a hot turd. That's how I saw b'ham the last time.

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I agree to an extent, but I believe the biggest problem faced is the inability to exploit class towards fascist ends, like Mosley did.

Class is seen as off-limits to the "right", presumably because it is seen as conceding ground to what they see as a fundamentally left/Marxist condition. It's idiotic and the country is poorer for it.


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they are dishuman. Each one of them has become a den of noise and of
stench, for each of one has became a chaos of buildings, in which we
ammass ourselves in millions, losing our life’s reasons.Unfortunates
without escape, we feel to have put ourselves, willing or not, in the
labyrinth of the absurd, from which we will leave only when we will die,
for our destiny is to continue to multiply ourselves, only to die in
great numbers. At every turn of the wheel, the cities in which we live
in advance slowly one against the other, desiring only to confuse with
each other: it’s a run towards the absolute chaos, in the noise and in
the stench. At every turn of the wheel the price of the grounds go up,
and in the labyrinth which devours the free space the revenue of the
investiments builds up, day after day, hundreds of walls. It’s necessary
that money give revenues and that the cities in which we live in
advance, so it’s right that the houses double their height at every
generation, even if the water is missing half of the days. The builders
only desire to escape the destiny that they prepare for us, moving
towards the countryside.”

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fucked it up, good quote on the city by this based jew.


Looks like 22st is in the thread

Ive got your back lid

Thanks for the unban, lad. I'm just a lad who likes kim-joy, making toil homers, thermonuclear war and apus.

thanks, lad.

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What are you on about. Mosley was a total failure and this idea that the working class have been ignored by any far right movements is retarded.

we just know that 22st, wherever he is, can handle himself


The working class supported the National Front and the BNP.

I know, I'm sorry.

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Yeah and they failed.

Working class fetishism is becoming as much of a problem on the right as the left. Just because they’re your target audience doesn’t mean they’re all on your side or that even if you’re successful in gaining a significant plurality of one demographic that you’ll win.

Ladies and gentlemen, we got em

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Don't know how many times I need to tell you lads a revolution can only come from the middle class

Yes, only because of an Establishment that went totally authoritarian under the guise of wartime defence powers


I agree to an extent, but the middle classes are the petite-bourgeoisie, in the pocket of the global economy and the bourgeoisie so their interest are directly counter to ours anyway.

That's not relevant to the point I was making. I was agreeing with you that the working class were not ignored by the National Front and the BNP, they were the majority of the support for far right movements in the UK.


It'll be glossed over.


better tbh

only the upper working class can save this country.


Mosley accepted ultimatums brought to him by the police. He was not prepared for foul play while working under a system he himself said needed to be destroyed. He was placed into a pen where he could act out until he actually mattered then he was easily dealt with. He wasn’t a revolutionary he was a glorified LARPer.

Our problem right now is the lack of organising, activism and action. We’re not a movement were an ideological play pen. Specific perfectly tuned Ideologies and debates over them are irrelevant all that matters is actually learning how politics works, how we should act to further our beliefs and strengthen our position and build or co opt infrastructure.

? I was also agreeing with you. I was saying they’re examples of working class support not being enough.

If only we had the alternative media infrastructure like nationalists in France, Germany and Sweden.


Why would any honourable man be prepared for such a thing?

I agree with the fact that our Establishment play dirty and always have done, but that is no reason to disparage the man who refused to play their game and wanted it to change legitimately and righteously.

to win you fucking retard

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mosley was doing well until ww2 forced his illegal imprisonment tho

You sound exactly like the New-Labourites I know and despise tbh.

Fine. Then I guess we are in passive-aggressive agreement. All Englishmen regardless of class have a duty to our nation and everyone has a role to play in our struggle.

Losing with honour is still losing. He lost and history is written by the victors, how “honourable” he was is meaningless.

Yeah exactly. The left gave up on the working class and yet they are winning.

it's always the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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Yeah he had 40,000 people at a peace rally. What he didn’t do was wield those tens of thousands of people who supported him and thousands of organised black shirts to resist the state.

It's no use lad, some people will always underestimate our security services and for that the true problem will never be addressed.

you want him to fight against the government when the british empire is in a war with a foreign power?

Resist the state peacefully and otherwise with a diversity of tactics and building the infrastructure required to take advantage of whatever events came after. Like the left did.

tbh the only reason ((they)) were able to justify the imprisonment of Mosley was because of the physical bombardment of the Nation. If there was no material detriment visible and tangible to the proles the establishment simply wouldn't have had the political capital to do such a thing.


yeah I think he just got unlucky

*goes on peaceful marches but boomers vote for destruction of their own people*
whose going to wipe my bottoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bit salty tbh

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change my mind, spaz.

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Yes, the Government had spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) to earwig on civillians on buses and pubs and they were shitting themselves because stiff upper lip was not the reality on the streets.

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The only correct conclusion tbh. Class war is detrimental to the nation. The Anglo-Saxon people should be united regardless of class, not divided along the lines of it.

williams and deanos, united against poofters

wow hot take

This is a Celto-Brythonic board, lad.

Wrong, that only had validity when aristocracy played a moral role for the nation.

all the honourable cunts in history are dead

There was no alt-kike back them you mongoloid.

what is this autism

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the idea that one could go against the established way of being, not least by a baronet, will have been inconceivable in the 1930s, and for hm to even break ranks on political outlook is itself a feat.

smug cunt, its doubly angry because she isn't the geek soyim who contribution at google she is a shrill talentless 30 something wine aunt who is good at nothing and deserves nothing, scum

like arrested political opponents like he was, retard

I want to chin the cunts.

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easy for you to say in the comfort of the atomised, internet-enabled 21st century, lad.

He was a good lad

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its like you just got done watching an e celeb stream, nothing new nothing of value just empty facile analysis and buzzwords, fuck off retard

She's Irish smh

Lads mastercard is having a debate over monitoring “white supremacists”

Reminder that if we do nothing the entire corporate and tech apparatus will be weaponised against us. Corporate surveillance out shadows state surveillance.

Get the fuck off Zig Forums you fucking mongoloid.

Lad the State and the body corporate are one and the same thing, the Snowden releases should have made you aware of that.

It’ll be interesting times when googles war chest of information it has on every single individual on the planet is selectively shown to the public.

you need to get punted off tbh its you causing arguments every fucking thread with your low IQ interventions

you're boring lad, you don't even try to address the argument. I'll give you one last try and if your next post isn't a legitimate counter I will just filter your tbh

Jimmy Savile is innocent.

Lmaoooo I fucking love these arguments. I’m imagining the same two lads every day logging on after toil just to seethe at each other until one finally filters the other.

filtered, fuck that retard

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Can there be no peace?

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