Brit/pol/ #2894: Glastonbury Edition

Lad wears 'I Love Brexit' T-shirt in the heart of liberal Glastonbury Festival
To test the anti-Brexit sentiment among the crowds, one festival-goer wore an 'I Love Brexit' t-shirt and recorded the reaction - which ranged from friendly laughs to icy stares and outright hostility

BBC forced to deny 'censoring Brexit' after controversial 'off-air request' is revealed
The BBC was forced to deny it was “censoring Brexit” after it emerged that journalists in a current affairs panel show were told “not to bring it up”

BBC host slammed by bosses over biased interview with pro-Brexit Wetherspoons boss
Sally Bundock has been told she broke “standards of due impartiality” in an on-air spat with Tim Martin, and must not put across her personal views

Boris Johnson brands BBC 'Brexit Bashing Corporation' as he rages about TV licence fee
Boris Johnson was applauded after he branded the BBC the “Brexit Bashing Corporation” while attempting to win over Tory party members at hustings in the north-west on Saturday

Doctors push to stop billing foreign NHS patients — calling it ‘racist’
Up to 500 medics voted overwhelmingly in favour of abandoning fees

Professor J. T Meiron Thomas: It's not racist to charge health tourists
It's the only way our NHS can survive

Jeremy Hunt risks fury as he claims he saved the NHS as he rules out an early election
Mr Hunt said he’d “fought to improve patient safety and deliver the cash boost that will secure our NHS for the future” before he was moved to his current role as Foreign Secretary

Jeremy Corbyn: I'm not too frail to be Labour leader or PM
Jeremy Corbyn has questioned the civil service's neutrality after officials reportedly told a newspaper he was "too frail" to lead Labour or become PM

Peterborough by-election shock as illegal 'family voting' spotted at 11 polling stations
The results of the Peterborough by-elections have been rocked by allegations of illegal “family voting” at 11 polling stations, as the Brexit Party calls for an investigation into the result

Brussels trade boss claims Britain can’t survive outside the EU because it’s not big enough in extraordinary rant
Sabine Weyand tore into Tory leadership contenders over their Brexit dream, branding hopes of a new free trading future for the UK an “illusion”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made headlines with an interview during which he said that liberalism had "become obsolete"
Liberal ideas about refugees, migration and LGBT issues were now opposed by "the overwhelming majority of the population", he told the FT

'6 or 5 genders… no idea what that even is': Putin says LGBT should not enforce their agenda on kids
There are no high tempers in Russia about LGBT groups, but they shouldn't instill their views on under-18s, Vladimir Putin said, adding the ever-growing types of genders may somehow be confusing

Trump ‘power-flexes’ to ‘intimidate’ China’s president Xi Jinping in ‘state of aggressive arousal’ at G20, body language expert claims
The US president displayed a “state of aggressive arousal”, says Judi James, as he sought to assert himself at the beginning of their crunch trade talks

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Raging Pakistan and Afghanistan fans fight and hurl metal barrier during violent clash at Cricket World Cup match at Headingley
It is believed the violence was triggered after a plane flying the slogan 'Justice for Balochistan' was flown over the cricket ground in Leeds

Italian police arrest captain of migrant rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 after docking
Italian police arrested on Saturday the German captain of a migrant-rescue ship at the centre of a standoff with the Italian government after she docked at the port of Lampedusa

German Government to Quadruple Payments to 'Holocaust' Survivors
There are some 200,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel, with around 50,000 living at or below the poverty line

Lad re-read the post, that lad is making it about Meghan and Harry, replacing Diana with Meghan and saying she was chosen for being a slag
Smdh @ small brain westie

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Keeek what happened there



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Bolso is fucking based af

he looks like a lost child

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apparently redheads have a higher pain tolerance

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Michael Collins was an ok lad, good jaw.

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whats wrong with the irish

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bad opinion

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just smh

holw wew, bolsonaro looks directly at him before snubbing him. why would le surf instructor man even want to shake bolsonaro's hand? isn't bolsonaro a super nazi to him? he must feel so out of depth and lonely keeke

i feel attacked

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based wormposting

Another forgotten good lad, Sir James Brooke.

God knows.

I'm glad I'm not like this.

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Well it is saved in your folder

told friend today gay marriage is dumb and the concept philosphically undermines the traditional family that sustains society and mentioned the higher rates of pedos
he said that it doesnt really matter if two people want to get married doesnt affect me and that christian schools are pedos too and that marriage isnt a sacred thing anymore and you cant bring it back

just dont know what to say in the face of nihilism tbh

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Are you fucking rusing me.

keep the faith lad

Thats because he is. Got there because his daddy Pierre. Scum, the lot of them

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The fact he looked right at him is perfect, if it'd been a slight glance then it might've just been he was distracted.

Anyone got the jaw pic of him?

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based. who /thefamilypatriarch/ here?

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What a pitiful excuse.

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Would love to find a nice lass and have a big family and completely gangnam style dab on the anti natalists and hedonists when I have my nice big comfy family gatherings and they're there with their string of failed relationships and in time my descendants spread out across the isles smh man can dream

teach me your ways lad
I feel like morpheus when he talks about how some people are plugged too far into the system talking to some people kek

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Who’ll be king but Charlie

good taste in disguises tbf

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well some are lost and won't even listen to your arguments, like my brother. But he's a beta babyface I can beat up tbh
seems like parents are more perceptible if I am calm and talk through it slowly

the press memid the whole "racist bigot tinfoiler" a tad too much tbh cos if you sit and just talk with a normie they are surprisingly open to ideas

we should beat everyone up until they accept esoteric bowdenism
smdh you poke logical holes in peoples arguments but then realise theyre emotionally attached to their views and its not based on thought

dont get them

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um sweetie

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tbf when you have tism its sort of true

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Sorry, step daddy Pierre

well yeah I am like that. Just shows that ethnic nationalism has nothing to do with hate really, it's just self-preservation.

good lad

umm ok, lets take a time out for a moment. This is a saturday night thread, not a toilnight one, and /newbrit/ shouldn't just take over and alienate the lurker goodposters just because its used to doing so at this time of night. thankyou lads.

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I can't believe the boomer I was working with said this. His wife is a immigrant who works illegally for fuck's sake.
fucking cunts

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Éamon de Valera ended up failing to outdo him.

smh they dont understand the big brained path that us lads go to come to these conclusions and that we don't mindlessly hate people or want this conflict it's demographically forced on us

hope these posts aren't too cringe

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you just made it cringe with this post, lad

I like spiders, leave them alone if I see them in the house as they get the other insects and moths I see in the house. I've ended up with a haunted/abandoned house aesthetic but it's about nature keeping itself in balance.

How hot was it for you lads 2day? Had a nice walk in the sun in shorts, lovely day.


Goodlad, feel bad when they trap themselves in my bath always try to help them out.

You sound a bit intolerant lad

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That can be changed :^)

hurting/harming spiders is nigger tier

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it's probably an intelligence asset smh

stepped on a snail the other day and he must've died slowly with no shell
felt really bad

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the system has all those little memmies planted in peoples heads to help them rationalise everything and to respond to any right wing ideas

You should have sold his meat to the frogs or chinks

That snail almost looks like a dog.


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The concept of freedom of religion (i.e: thought and belief) should be the sacrosanct issue here. Why is it surprising to you that normies cannot extrapolate beyond the face value of a "feel-good" act?

I don't have a problem with poofer civil ceremonies, but when the State intervenes on freedom of conscious issues such as religion, that is when the slippery slope begins.

very nice

I smash any spider cunt I see
I fucking hate the little cunts
Don’t care that they kill flies fuck en

handsome lad

Boiling. I went outside and read some The Camp of the Saints while drinking beer on the patio. Smh at lads here who missed the sun.

great song tbh lad

Whoah lad, pretty violent. Spiders are good lads tbh, except the one retarded cellular ones that don't understand proper web making etiquette.

hope it wasnt too depressing
that lad who wrote it seems very well respected in france

It’s a bit shit tbh. Totally disconnected from our current state, tho tbf the guy who wrote it did do in the 70s and intentionally ignored the muslin aspect of the issue because he was afraid of inciting hatred towards Algerians he liked.

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Isn't it past your bedtime?

Smdh Kojima shilling Netflix cancer

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I’m a big lad tbf

minecraft came out when I was 12 I’m 20 now

its the anime for people who don't watch anime, fucking fags

Anime is extremely gay I only watched it as a child because 4chan culture told me I should.

you missed out lads

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boomers are seething rn