Brit/pol/ #2895: Nige & The Norf Edition

The Big Vision Rally Live

Brexit Party unveils more than ONE HUNDRED candidates to stand in a general election as Annunziata Rees-Mogg says MPs in Westminster 'should be scared'
They were paraded before an audience of more than 5,000 at its Big Vision Rally in Birmingham by Annunziata Rees-Mogg, a former Tory who is now a Brexit Party MEP

Rowan Atkinson told pals he’s ‘extremely excited’ about reboot of cult comedy Blackadder set in the modern era

A shocking video captures the sheer scale of violence across the capital as dozens of riot police are attacked while entering into an estate in north London following reports of a stabbing

Britain warns China to abide by one-country-two-systems rule ahead of anniversary protests

'People are not listening': Glastonbury revellers slam 'disgusting' amounts of rubbish that are piling up at festival despite organisers' attempts to cut waste and ban plastic with 'leave no trace' pledge

To test the anti-Brexit sentiment among the crowds, one festival-goer wore an 'I Love Brexit' t-shirt and recorded the reaction - which ranged from friendly laughs to icy stares and outright hostility

Revellers took to Blackpool to make the most of the warmer nights with a night out on the town yesterday

In an interview with Sophie Ridge, the Conservative leadership candidate addressed issues such as Brexit and the EU, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's detainment in Iran, and a controversial comment he previously made about Black people

A senior commander in Prince Harry’s former unit has launched a stinging attack on overweight soldiers, saying he would be embarrassed to march alongside them on Armed Forces Day

The results of the Peterborough by-elections have been rocked by allegations of illegal “family voting” at 11 polling stations, as the Brexit Party calls for an investigation into the result

Doctors push to stop billing foreign NHS patients — calling it ‘racist’

The BBC was forced to deny it was “censoring Brexit” after it emerged that journalists in a current affairs panel show were told “not to bring it up”

Sally Bundock has been told she broke “standards of due impartiality” in an on-air spat with Tim Martin, and must not put across her personal view

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course he would do that, this isn't the first time he's been fucked over from corruption

2nd for badgers

what is this

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On the bright side, this shit is just pissing normies off. They've no idea how to be subtle with it so they make this hamfisted shite that just grates.

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BASED farage not wanting to do a deal with johnson

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what a perfect example of what I just said

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Hillsong church services but it's actually Fascist rallies.


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Jeremy Clarkson's daughter all over gain.


bout 50% of women have tattoos and the number continues to grow, fucking vile, can't imagine if my mother had a tattoo

Amazing what a bit of fame and fortune will do to a person.


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Tbf she's been taking MDMA since atleast 15.

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"Comedy" in 2019
Baldrick : "I have a cunning plan"
Blackadder: " what is it this time Baldrick?"
Baldrick: "Both the diplomatic and historical consequences of the Brexit vote are some of my biggest concerns.
Never mind about the trade, never mind about whether it makes Britain richer or poorer, I think we’ll find ourselves so militarily isolated and exposed at a time of great Russian expansion, at a time when the American’s have shown, at best disinterest and at worst disdain, for Europe.
I think we’re suddenly going to become very vulnerable again and when I look at that book and see how many of those battles took place on European soil, I’m very worried about the course of action we’re currently taking.
The European Union had been created to stop war, and that is why it was particularly significant.
The reality for me is this: the two greatest and most unpleasant wars in history were fought on European soil in the 20th century. At the end of which, the European leaders agreed that that must never happen again and that was why the common market was created.
It wasn’t essentially an economic imperative, although of course, that was very important, it was to stop war and I think that huge swathes of people have forgotten that that’s why the European Union was set up.
May flapping, Johnson posturing, Raab manipulating, Cable absent, Corbyn obfuscating at the most important moment in our history since WW2 they are a national embarrassment. There is only one way out of this unedifying mess #peoplesvote."

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all in the entertainment industry have either been massively abused or are abusers themselves
there is also rampant transgenderism, though that seems to be more of a hollywood focused thing


*audience wooping a la Yank tv show*

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im sure this probably sounds normal in french though tbf


It's a fucking shame because no matter what the tat is it's unsightly.
It just reminds me of this.

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These are amazing.
Wonder where all the Obama versions are though hmmm.

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Because they're Satanists.

No red or stake, they are moveable obstructions, roll them away Mr President.

Naah lad, they'll have blithering idiot Baldrick as the Leaver.

Cromwell was right to have actors and singers flogged.

notice the biggest cheer for "british companies" its so obvious what people want in this country

Antifa mugshots.

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Nige hitting all the right normie notes

bit racist tbh

literal dregs of society

They seem like bigger social rejects than me.

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forgot picture

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Right could I have a link please, you've succeeded in drawing me in.

it just ended

What's happening?

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Right at the top in the OP lad.

hullo lads, what are we talking about?

literal incel

A whole speech about young people being victims of usury.

n i c e, who from?

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uh, which one of you lads is fucking about with really fucking big magnets?

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nige you fucking retard

Could've been somone else on stage mate, I stopped watching.

it's so easy to spot a far leftist on the street they always look the same, yesterday i saw two gutter punks with nigger dreadlocks.

graph got fucking boomered for some reason

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you should be banned if you post another contextless graph


fuck's sake

this is what i was trying to copy and paste

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As said, they are bottom of the barrel scum.

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Are we due a reversing of the magnetic poles or something?

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one last fuck you from the boomers

A country with only 10% of the current population would be comfy

love how they've pushed diversity in sports - the only real identity many men have left after the collapse of nationalism and religion - to influence the masses

errrr can I have polar swap and a an Ice age please.

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This is literally nothing.

lmao it's the fucking opposite, deodorants came out to flog to men and to make them uncomfortable about their body odour they used pretty girls in their ads.


OPPSM tbh tbh

based and redpilled. deodorants are canned homosexuality, real men allow their manly musk to penetrate the noses of all around

tbh so long as you wash you're fine, just use a bar of soap and don't be a greasy cunt

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Only as a power move on sexual partners tbh

"Britons" telling us what it means to be English. Why should I give a shit?



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Yeah I'm sure they are impartial and unbiased.

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i only use dove soap, doesnt dry my willy end out

Deoderants are also full of aluminum salts (in the antiperspirant versions). Avoid that stuff if you can.

I wouldn't use anything but water on my bellend.

This shit's pretty decent, lasts fucking ages too.

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Your only supposed to use water for that.
Dove is oily as fuck and will make your skin soft like a girl. Just use an antibacterial soap like a real man and stop being a fag.

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You should set up a waffle stand in front of that poster.

tbh everyone likes stroopwafles.

Keek wtf

you dont wash your nob?

Bigot. I'm healthy at any size!

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