Brit/pol/ #2896: Wrongthink Edition

'Lion of London Bridge' who was stabbed eight times as he confronted terrorist attackers 'is put on anti-terror watch list after far-right extremists contacted him'
The 'Lion of London Bridge' who was hailed a hero for fighting off knife-wielding jihadis during the terror attack said he is on an anti-terror watch list after being contacted by far-right anti-Islam supporters

Mental health of three generations has been harmed by the Holocaust as research suggests the physical effects of witnessing the genocide are still present in the brains of survivors' grandchildren
The study presented at a meeting of the European Academy of Neurology in Oslo was based on 56 people aged 79 and 80, half of whom survived the Holocaust

'Operation Get Boris': Pro-Corbyn group Momentum will send hundreds of activists to Johnson's constituency in massive attempt to make him first sitting PM ever to lose their seat
The Momentum campaign group is planning to bus in hundreds of Labour-backing activists to knock on doors across the Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat on Sunday July 21 with more events planned in the coming months

Mother's agony after her transgender son, 18, took his own life months after paying for hormone therapy from illegal online clinic because he faced a six-year wait on the NHS
The heartbroken mother of a transgender teenager who took his own life after paying £30-a-month for hormone treatment from unregulated online doctors is today calling for a second inquest into his death

The great Glastonbury clean-up begins as sea of bottles and food waste covers farm just hours after David Attenborough praised festival for going 'plastic-free'
Work is underway to clear up a sea of plastic bottles left strewn across Glastonbury this year - despite a ban on single-use plastic at the event which was backed by Sir David Attenborough in a surprise appearance

Britain's best pubs revealed in brand new AA guide, from a Heston Blumenthal inn with a Michelin star to a pub that dates back 500 years
The 21st edition of the guide features 2,000 establishments from around the UK, all chosen for their atmosphere, good beer and great food. The pubs deemed to be extra special are singled out for 'pick of the pubs' sections

MI5 officer reveals UK is one of the safest countries in the world despite wave of terror attacks
In the first ‘on-the-record’ interview ever given by a serving MI5 officer, he urged the public not to worry constantly about the overhanging threat of terrorism and to get on with their daily lives

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good lad

thanks lad

old news lad, that whole thing was a fucking joke
I've posted far worse in gc's, those posts are nothing

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what did he mean by this?

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retvrn to tradition

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chink women are awful

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fuckin based and wogpilled.

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You're clutching at straws when you're comparing London to the most violent cities anywhere in the west to prove we don't have a violent crime problem.

the heat brings out the wild in the dindu.

Some cunt actually fucking did that when Cleese commented about London.
>"oh you think London is bad? WELL LOOK AT DETROIT!"

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Been waiting for a riot sequel for too long now.

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And those are just the ones that have been reported on.


got banned from facebook for a week after saying that aussies live their whole lives in jail
we're at a whole new level of fragility and I honestly expected better from the Aussies of all people

You'd think the news couldn't actually cover this up tbh but somehow they seem to

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la why tf do you still have a faceshite?

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why would you say that and why'd you get banned for it?


Even the local paper doesn't cover half the stuff that happens near me.
I love it when cunts go "hurr it's exaggerated cos of racists" when it's not even being fucking talked about.

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using the same one I opened when I was 13, I mostly just use it to play this weird Risk/D&D rip-off I started with some Lithuanian lads in a private group

because some aussie news network kept coming up on my feed and it was annoying me
the post i actually went in on was regarding abo's tho so that probably did it

she's so slender

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smh i wanted to see the toes?

no question mark

just machine gun them and dump them in the channel tbf

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Hong Kong chinks have stormed the legislative building in HK.

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cry more bald nigger

what do they want?

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He really hates when Asians get discriminated against. He was wanking over Trump walking through the DMZ because his 'ancestors' come from Korea and it's really personal. Then the disconnect between White Americans not wating their own ancestors work to go to shit for no reason

Hong Kong people are British lad

To stop a bill that would mean dissidents could be arrested in HK and then charged under PRC laws.

No they are LOYAL SUBJECTS lad, not British.

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i.e say something bad about the Chinese government and then disappear.


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Hunt's speech was pretty good lads. I think he's won me over. Can he steal the victory from BoJo?

It's time for Big Rice

Christ could she look any skankier

*runs at you*

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>slag waitress recoils in disgust goes "And what, so?"

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just act aggressive lad

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permaculture will become associated with fascism in the near future tbh

I wish it were.

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not sure what if anything will come of this long term tbh

why are people so vulgar? Are they teenage girls? Work somewhere else.


Early 20s.

Fucking CUNTS, make sure to take revenge somehow also outing yourself as being ugly smh

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you are correct lad, eventually anything that is not immediately acessible to the computer god as the standing array will be seen as racist detritus that needs to be reconfigured into economic components

cellphones and social media has made women extremely uptight, its annoying


Nobody gives a shit the British Gov cuck to China as a matter of policy, yanks don't care. They are all getting gulagged in mainland China

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china is overdue a civil war tbh

tell me more about the slag

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For what, introducing yourself? What the fuck?

alot of places are overdue tbf

status quo has gone on for far too long


tfw can't handshake and look in the eyes
now i've been telling people if they can fistbump me instead like a total sperg.


The small town girls are so much nicer, smh.

Like a children's television host.

Mustard tank top and short shorts.

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I don't fucking get it, I've never had that sort of treatment in work, what the fuck is wrong with them.

Don't know much about Wrestling but I bet the BIG BOSS MAN is someone you're supposed to hate smh

smh lass

he's a heel

yeah that is a "heel" big poppa pump was a heel as well. the good guys are called "faces", sometimes faces take a heel turn like hulk hogan.

steiner and piper were my favorite heels

sometimes i'll fistbump new people and they end up grabbing my hand smh and get confused

I know why.


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