World War II

Did "defeating fascism" make this a noble and just war?

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No wars are noble and just

What was the alternative?

I'm not saying there were any alternatives. Defeating fascism had (and has) to be violent, often times as violent as possible, even more so than what the nazis and/or japs did. It's obviously undesirable but it had to be done. Doesn't make it noble or just.

So was this the one war anti-capitalists didn't have to be anti-war against?

Would Smedley Butler have supported WWII?

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Did the American communist and socialist parties support or oppose WWII? Were they right?

Thing is, the anti-capitalists were attacked first. Stalin didn't want a war with anyone, but alas by being attacked by the nazis, the USSR had no other option than defending themselves.

From what I know, it seems at first they were against but when the USSR got involved they were for joining the war.

Putting aside your assumption that the USSR was run by anti-capitalists, what about the involve of other countries that weren't necessarily defending themselves like America?

Was fascism really defeated though? America was putting people in camps too.

How could it be when it was started by the fascist aggressors? Ending it and liberating Europe from the fascist blight was just and noble, which is what the Red Army did. The war itself was not.

Molotov-Rippentrov pact not being broken?

They were in the territories liberated by the Red Army. However, in the rest of Europe they were integrated instead.

over all yes

Did the vanquishing of the Gauls, with those that did not outright perish being hauled of as the prizes of war, make Caesar any less a noble and just son of Mars when he uttered the infamous veni, vidi, vici ?


true but that's the case for any country involved in it. no matter what.


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This is the key point. The fascists fired the first shots, directly onto home soil of every significant Allied power. You could argue that fighting for an unconditional surrender on all fronts may have been excessive, but you can't argue against WWII being noble and just, at least by the time things had degenerated far enough for the fascists to enter power.

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Tf is this?

The NEP doth protest.

? Either way, the NEP ended in 1928. The USSR was already socialist by the time WW2 started.


Class Was is not only noble and just, but also fully of glory.

idk killing Nazis seems pretty noble and just to me

No, because the USSR signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. This didn't benefit them in any way, it benefitted only Germany. It was a genius movement from them, as it delayed war in the USSR for as long as possible. Westerners couldn't deal with them being outplayed in diplomacy, and made the communism=nazism bullshit

Nobles are the people we line up against walls and shoot, so, in a sense, yes, I suppose.

I like the part where Mussolini was hung upside down and shot

Class War is not a literal war

the revolution is though

Yee, cause it freed the german working class and enabled them to organize again.
Also stopping the holocaust is enough of a reason in my book.

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Yes, because trying to leapfrog from shoeless, assbackward feudalism straight into full communism is realistic and dialectical

What's your favourite thing about the anti-fascist crusaders fighting to save Freedom and Democracy from the fascist barbarism? Mine's this one

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The destruction and loss of life from World War II functioned as a massive reset button on the world economy, kicking off a massive economic boom fueled by high profitability. The military Keynesianism of the allied powers likewise provided the stability and infrastructure to facilitate this boom, while keeping demand pent-up until the war had ended.

World War II must be thanked not just for doing in the excesses of fascism, but for saving global capitalism itself, and therefore sidetracking the global class struggle with social-democratic compromise and struggles of national liberation for a generation.

Ironically this in the most literal sense. After taking down the axis the US and Nato proceeded to instantly back stab the USSR to eliminate Marxist Leninism next.

Oh yea, it’s not like ussr was weak at the begging of war, and don’t get me started about the pre-wwii army. Soviets needed time to build war machine.