Brit/pol/ #2897: Kenny Baker Edition

'Lion of London Bridge' who was stabbed eight times as he confronted terrorist attackers 'is put on anti-terror watch list after far-right extremists contacted him'

The 'Lion of London Bridge' who was hailed a hero for fighting off knife-wielding jihadis during the terror attack said he is on an anti-terror watch list after being contacted by far-right anti-Islam supporters

Mental health of three generations has been harmed by the Holocaust as research suggests the physical effects of witnessing the genocide are still present in the brains of survivors' grandchildren

The study presented at a meeting of the European Academy of Neurology in Oslo was based on 56 people aged 79 and 80, half of whom survived the Holocaust

'Operation Get Boris': Pro-Corbyn group Momentum will send hundreds of activists to Johnson's constituency in massive attempt to make him first sitting PM ever to lose their seat

The Momentum campaign group is planning to bus in hundreds of Labour-backing activists to knock on doors across the Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat on Sunday July 21 with more events planned in the coming months

Mother's agony after her transgender son, 18, took his own life months after paying for hormone therapy from illegal online clinic because he faced a six-year wait on the NHS

The heartbroken mother of a transgender teenager who took his own life after paying £30-a-month for hormone treatment from unregulated online doctors is today calling for a second inquest into his death

The great Glastonbury clean-up begins as sea of bottles and food waste covers farm just hours after David Attenborough praised festival for going 'plastic-free'

Work is underway to clear up a sea of plastic bottles left strewn across Glastonbury this year - despite a ban on single-use plastic at the event which was backed by Sir David Attenborough in a surprise appearance

Britain's best pubs revealed in brand new AA guide, from a Heston Blumenthal inn with a Michelin star to a pub that dates back 500 years

The 21st edition of the guide features 2,000 establishments from around the UK, all chosen for their atmosphere, good beer and great food. The pubs deemed to be extra special are singled out for 'pick of the pubs' sections

MI5 officer reveals UK is one of the safest countries in the world despite wave of terror attacks

In the first ‘on-the-record’ interview ever given by a serving MI5 officer, he urged the public not to worry constantly about the overhanging threat of terrorism and to get on with their daily lives

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No centre right posting beyond this point or you are a fag

you'd think OPs would've figured out how to redtext news titles by now ston

I dont agree with this post but I defend your right to post it

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I know how to i just cba because I am a bit drunk and its 1am and no one else would make a thread

Good lad.

ok then good lad

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The study presented at a meeting of the European Academy of Neurology in Oslo was based on 56 people aged 79 and 80, half of whom survived the Holocaust
Or maybe its the trauma of having your bellend cutoff then sucked on by a dirty old man

Fucked that post up

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mods are shites

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were u banned lad?

for lads elsewhere

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helmer's a good lad though


is he still a mod? I though he got purged by the bongo bongo cabal

Morning lads

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Just woke up

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how was your toil day lads? i know mondays are tough

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Might become a papist

was alright tbh

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what did he mean by this lads?

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31st for the rightful owners of Hong Kong, i'm talking of course, about the Japanese

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*defeats the bullies and spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)*

I liked this video by yank taig-kraut Logos papist man.

smdh lad no

greater east asia co-prosperity sphere tbh

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Reminder that Thatcher gave Hong Kong away to the commie chinks and we gained absolutely nothing from it of value.

She put the final nail in the coffin of the Empire, while condemning the millions of Hong Kong to communist dictatorship. God damn that woman.

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we went over this a few weeks ago

we went over this a few years ago

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unironically howling

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Always good to remind people.

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i've been pretty dissapointed with how little memi time the hong kong situation has been given here. you'd think Zig Forums would be much more interested in what's happening. literally more hong kongolese are protesting than not.

only the middle class can be so consciously vile

these people are so desperate to be hippies

Glastonbury or any music festival for that matter is the dying breath of boomerism


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God lad.

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Imagine walking onto the plane finding this shit

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fuck sake, accidental spoiler

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I swear by allah I will never set foot on an airplane

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Fucking kek.

Someone is getting fired.

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This webm makes me feel uneasy, especially the young lad talking about not being a disinformation agent. Source on this webm would be nice tbh

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not a fan of schizo webms tbh

Saudis just closed their airspace. Looks like some shit could be going down with Iran soon.

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I find schizoposts of all kind fascinating. This one is particularly interesting to me tbh.

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Doing a state sponsored poo

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this is a new one, song wasn't great but the footage is kino

its the assault on boende sequence from operation dragon rouge in the congo war lad

only things i know about congo i learned from africa addio.

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thanks for posting this lad I love this pic

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Nitey nite lids

I enjoy that picture as well.

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all alone now smdh sheriff steiner and deputy barney have to keep listen around the campfire for comanche

i'm here, i'm watching that congo video you posted. wew is all i have to say.

do people in the UK wear their boomer hats like this lad?

Posting steinhog asmr

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Still seeing gay flags used by companies and websites even though its over a day past poof month smdh

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still think this is my favorite sam video

I thought that was just going to go on forever tho now its poopcock epoch

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anyone still up?

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asked mummy to make me a memi sleeping cap

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keke, don't tell anyone but i've woken up at the wheel before. i blame toilberg.


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very shit pepe

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Genuinely feeling suicidal knowing she will never beat me half to death then finish me off with a choke hold lads.

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hang me oh hang me
hang me upside down by my bollocks

smh lass

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woke up lids


When you go to the Netherlands for euthanasia is getting your head football kicked by a gang of jap muscle girls an option