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Journalism Job Cuts Haven't Been This Bad Since the Recession
Reporters become bartenders and baristas while looking for work

Lower level of EU migration 'leading to higher wages in construction industry'
Randstad have highlighted a rise in pay, with a sector survey revealing an increase of £3,600 in 12 months to an average £45,900 salary

Remainer plot: Dominic Grieve reveals plan to side with Corbyn in face of no deal Brexit
TORY REMAINER MP Dominic Grieve outlined a plan to support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a “last resort” to prevent the UK from leaving the EU without a deal

New MEP Magid Magid 'asked to leave' European Parliament building
A newly-elected Green MEP claims he was asked to leave the European Parliament building in Strasbourg on his first day

Historian MICHAEL BURLEIGH exposes the secret war blueprint Donald Trump's Iran-hating adviser hopes will set the Middle East ablaze
A great Prussian general, Helmuth von Moltke, wrote in 1880 that ‘no plan survives first contact with the enemy’, this has not stopped America’s bellicose National Security Adviser, John Bolton, drawing up an extraordinary blueprint for war with Iran – seemingly behind the back of his boss, Donald Trump

The Reason Renewables Can't Power Modern Civilization Is Because They Were Never Meant To
Over the last decade, journalists have held up Germany’s renewables energy transition, the Energiewende, as an environmental model for the world

German state says Hambach forest will not be touched until 2020
In order to prevent electricity prices from rising further, or becoming overly dependent on Russian natural gas, Germany will next year destroy the ancient Hambach forest in order to mine the coal underneath it

Project Veritas Won't Be Charged For Covert NH Voter Fraud Videos
Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe said the decision vindicates "the methods of Project Veritas' undercover reporting"

Nike 'pulls Betsy Ross flag trainer after Kaepernick complaint'
US sportswear giant Nike has pulled trainers emblazoned with an early version of the US flag after a complaint from former NFL star Colin Kaepernick, according to reports

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pls rember that wen u must toil, never forget ttimes wen u neet

wen day is toil alway rember neet day

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Marketing firm boss fed up with 'snowflake' workers makes brutally honest job ad saying phone addicts, 'mickey takers' and those who pull sickies with a hangover need not apply
A brazen marketing firm boss has said he is fed up with 'snowflake' workers who are obsessed with their phones

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I can't pass it on either, then again I'm not a raging bumder.

Baste free market killing off failing companies.

What industry are they talking about? The job market for jobs requiring a university qualification is oversaturated with a generation of people who went into university, and the other jobs are flooded with foreigners.
Sounds like they are trying a "woe-is-me" angle to try and get us to pity the absolute cunts.



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Don't like it? Just start your own newspaper sweaty…

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If you were genuinely sick then fine, but the press has just been promoting a story of a zoomer deano who pulled a sickie to go to Glasto.

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>"it's justified to assault people that you don't like"

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No smh he can't find a replacement quick enough

Holy shit what a beta

The way they fucking frame it
fucking hell

take yer swing

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Kek imagine beating the shit out of this lad

that's not morally or legally right lad

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It'll be worth it for that sweet sweet minimum wage though lid

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Lad dry them ouside ffs

don't worry lad I'm sure bossman will reimburse you for the electricity

I left them out all night and they are still wet

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Laaad they get wetter at night due to moisture in the air ffs.

put them in the oven

Its not as pathetic as you are making it out to be smfh

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what the fuck are they playing at

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nothing like a freshly baked pair of trousers in the early afternoon

tfw work is dead because my company employs potentially infinite immigrants.


Might do that tbh



then maybe you should work harder, lazy brits :))))

why does the wagie do it? what compels him?

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neet harder more like, if the government wants this they can pay me for it

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I know a single 60 yo man who's not worked a day in his life, he lives on a really shitty council estate, has to catch plebwagons or walk everywhere, slings crappy £25 bags of weed to cover his pints of cheap eurolager in the pub which is his only source of internet (free wifi on his alcatel phone) and clothes himself from charity shops and still has to appease the DWP every month. I ain't gunna knock him it's his choice but I'll take all the toil I can get not to live like that.

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maybe yours lad personally I fucking hate the neololberg faggot

An Afghan asylum seeker who allegedly attacked random members of the public with a knife was 'fuelled' by a desire to kill English people, a court heard.

Samiulahaq Akbari, 32, is accused of swinging a 10ins kitchen knife at three 'total strangers' in Thornton Heath and Croydon in south London after 'demanding to know their nationality'.

Jurors at the Old Bailey in London were told he approached the first alleged victim, Nicholas Speight, in a Tesco Extra in Thornton Heath on January 8, tapping him on the shoulder.

After Mr Speight confirmed he was English, Akbari allegedly 'took a powerful swing at him' with the blade.

Prosecutor Heidi Stonecliffe said Mr Speight could not have known that 'events would unfold with such frightening speed' following that 'fateful reply'.

She claimed Akbari 'settled on him because Mr Speight was English'.

Ms Stonecliffe added: 'This defendant had set out deliberately to threaten, harm and kill members of the public by virtue of their nationality, or what Mr Akbari perceived to be their nationality - they were English.'

Despite only lasting a matter of seconds, jurors heard it was more 'by luck rather than any design' that Mr Speight managed to kick Akbari off and escape from the attack without a mark on him.

He pulled a knife on two other men 'fuelled with the same intention' in Croydon; first in the Kebabish restaurant and then in the Plough on the Pond pub.

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Black paratroopers suing Army claim soldiers put up Nazi flags and pictures of Hitler in their barracks
Lance Corporal Nkululeko Zulu and Private Hani Gue, both of the 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (3 Para), told an employment tribunal on Tuesday how they were subjected to racial slurs like "black c–t" and "n—–"

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Only one day of toil this week

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Result lad, I had all last week off and this week is double hard. I hope you're going to make good use of your days with the nice weather.

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Never thought I'd hear pensioners talking like this, completely organically. Something's happening lads.

smh poor ngubu had his dreams crushed by those damn racist brits

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Scientists eliminate HIV in entire genome of mice for the first time
The feat by US scientists, revealed today, suggests this two-pronged technique could be the basis for the first universal cure in humans, with human clinical trials slated to start next summer
>But the transplant technique has not worked in anyone else - proving fatal in some - and it effectively requires that the patient have both HIV and cancer.

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literally all european/western societies were "racist" at that time by modern clownworld standards
morning lads

They are taking medical tips from the Simpsons

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kek, might get one of these myself.

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This "treatment" seems very fucking risky considering what they need to do to cure it. Guarantee it's going to mutate before they find a way to make it work without the cancer issue.

Good morning, Steiner.

>tfw Steiner will never know this feel because he will never be a dad*

Topkek good, fed up of people crying about any criticism of her being "bullying an innocent child".

wtf fuck did he think would happen, lucky he hasnt been lined up and shot

sorry wrong century : /

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That's Swiss smh

Sick of stupid "green" regulations ruining my hobbies tbh. I enjoy driving and those shitty new GPF filters have made car exhausts quieter and ruined the fun noises. Had a courtesy car with the GPF and a sports exhaust and it was so quiet. smh.

Started in Germany and has been spreading.

It's all so blatantly fucking obvious what they are trying, wish we could just smash their teeth in tbh

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It's fairly yikes when it's on the back of a McLaren F1 tbh, not exactly driving home it's the poor lad who drives a diesel for work who will suffer


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me too, the golden days are gone my friend, got three points letter yesterday already been on a speed awareness course and a motorway awareness course this year, before that I'd survived 20 years without a point, bloody mobile vans everywhere. I need a digital licence plate that I can alter at will.

After reading the tweet I thought it might be about Hong Kong, instead it's about a parade about having American pride.

It was a socially experiment to see if he could get charged for a hate crime.

again this enviromentalist crap is too anthropocentric to be a deep environmentalism. there is nothing wrong with the exchange of gases. the world will still exist even if the sky is nitric acid and the oceans are methane. what kind of environmentalism are they talking about? are they being "conservative" eh? want to conserve the interglacial period in which humanity rose from animality? isn't it arrogant to conserve things shouldn't we embrace change?


oh its not about Hong Kong

Americans live in a fantasy world

The car has gone from being a status symbol to a tool for transportation to waging, the amount of dirty cars I see around suggest people don't take pride in them these days as much either.

It's just a way to slip in control. They globalists know they will reap the benefits while the Intersectional gommunists think they will, then you have a mix of old true believers and young people trying to be cool

we should be PROGRESSIVE

I fully support £400k supercars being noisy and polluting the environment tbh.

Why won't these boomers die


That guy had sex with his teacher at boarding school when he was 12 or some shit

Well you can't consent to anything when you're drunk, but, accept full liability of your actions for drink driving despite impaired judgement.


I've had a few calls for doing something that while totally safe is not within the law itself. Luckily I haven't received anything in the post yet, but you just can't have fun anymore.

Other than Track days which get quite pricey, but I've got Silverstone coming up soon.

Was thinking about buying the new 911, but the stupid fucking exhaust legislation has made it much quieter these days. Lambo's won't shoot flames and scream anymore. Utter travesty.

Sadly he can probably get a lower sentence with this.


Fucking green cucks, I really hate them.

Why are they so allergic to this? The military is literally how their way of life is supported, the USA's main power is in it's imperialist force projection.

Hopefully the balance gets sorted as we switch over to cheaper electric cars, we won't need restrictions if a majority of cars are electric.

because they are pathetic little cunts

What about all the revenue HMRC collects via fuel duty? They're not going to just let that vanish, expect further taxes on electricity.

well well well…

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I'm not too sure tbh, probably because it's Trump who has created the parade after seeing the parade the French have for themselves. They're also upset about the militarisation of their founding parade, something that led to war.

nice, you must have something a little special to warrant that? We usually just go to the local quarry

I drive a big dirty DERV 4x4 so I may be guilty of that but I think mine looks happiest with the mud on (not bird poop though)

tbh it's probably just cos "orange man bad"