How to enrage the proletariat

Simply post examples of useless people making more money than them. You better start working on pictures with examples of this and begin posting them everywhere.

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You mean their boss?

Wouldn't that just make them feel like temporary embarrassed millionaires?

Normies love to play the status game. They get intimidated easily into submission by stupid shit like this. Otherwise they think they're jealous or some shit.
How can we make the concept of money meaningless/useless?

How is a cute girl """useless"""?

Fuck off roastie if all you do every day is take lewd pictures of yourself and upload it for money you belong in the gulag


Haha off yourself white knight faggot

Retard. They contribute to the people who use them who contribute to society.

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there's a difference between being a camwhore (male or female) and fine Greco-Roman statues, which are art.

Cosplay is pretty gay so I'm going to have to agree with you there.

On the one hand it's weird for someone to make that kind of money (1.8 mil a year) for doing that. On the other hand she's not exploiting anyone. People give her that money by choice. You'd be better off showing proles how much money a manager or owner makes and where that comes from IMO. The dynamic going on with insta-hoes and such is about fame and sexuality more than capitalism.


You are kicking a hornet’s best without leading the hornets in any clear direction. This dumb thot isn’t the one subjecting them to a high number of work hours with low pay.

Bitch, if it was up to me cute girls would receive welfare and be completely supported by the state so that they could do as they please and live their lives to the fullest.
I am totally OK with giving lots of money to cute girls because they are literally the most precious thing that exists.
Now you can go ahead and call me a white knight or a cuck or whatever but the truth is that I am just a healthy heterosexual male.

this is way better than prostitution so i dont see any problem

stop being an incel. this is more how to enrage trust fund pieces of shit, im glad a working class girl made it better than a lot of useless rich fucks that just get that $150k from their dads monthly.

There is nothing whatsoever forcing anybody to donate to a Patreon.

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This is just a symptom, not the disease.

I see your cute girls and raise you all human beings.

And then after a moment of reflection I raise you all sentient life.

I'll raise you that but abolishing the state and reducing labor inputs in production to almost nothing.

Bacon tastes good, that's non-negotiable.

This. If Communism means no Bacon then I'm going over to the side of reaction you vegan faggots.

Bacon - 10 labour vouchers
A whole plate of veggies - 1 labour voucher.
This is communism.

Your sensual pleasures are not a need.
If you're so beholden to a single commodity that you'd become a class traitor, then you were always a class traitor.
Porky can't save you from your priggish ways boorish means, but you can save those ways and means from porky by critically supporting swinekind and upholding the principles potbelly liberation.

The public already like to whine that actors and sports athletes make too much money for jobs perceived to be relatively low effort, even the Daily Mail and other right wing tabloids use this subject to whip up populist sentiments and of course all this outrage never translates into class consciousness or the acknowledgement of capitalism's role.

amazing sculpture showing off physical fitness and the beauty of the human body != thot with makeup on

Not the point I was making, but I agree.

Part of treating living thing nicely is letting them die in comfort. There's nothing wrong with eating an animal you euthanized humanely. I have no problem with eating meat, just mistreating animals.

it only really helps people become more fascist

fucking ROASTIES making billions of patreon bux while us men never get a free ride


That's why we NEED to propagate anti-3D sentiments among the population. The sooner 2D supremacy is achieved the 3D beasts will be dethroned

2D supremacy towards the annihilation of mankind

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I'm totally with you comrade. My dream is to upload my mind directly into an anime and become a generic harem protagonist in a 2D utopia

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Do you know how you are supposed to live your short life to the fullest and stuff like that? But honestly people is retarded and don't do shit, forcing your way to be nothing but insufferable boredom. They are fucking slaves and will never self-reflect. The only place where you can approach a bit that concept is only the internet. SAD

Bacon is a sickening, disgusting, nastily greasy bit of a foul-tasting grotesque, flabby animal. Pork tastes terrible and bacon is the worst of the worst.
But yeah, you should be allowed to eat nauseating trash if you want.

anime is useless
critically oppose bourgie art
get down to the countryside
do some real productive labor
brought to you by gao gang

Turns out having high Autism Level and working instead of being a degenerate envious communist baboon worked for white people.

Why aren't the communist multiracial masses in rural Brazil that make owning land and property around them virtually impossible swimming in wealth by now? Think of how little they get "exploited". There are zero "Belle Dalphines" in their societies, they don't even have enough money to pay for thots.

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Piratestan has $0 net economic value but has a bigger cd and movie collection than me, wtf?


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fug this board really has been pwnd by normies, hasn't it?



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Oh my god, what the fuck, it's real.

They even had this comment in the comments section of their video. My fucking sides.

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The modern samurai arises

I thought jap incels were that fascist nettoyuio or whatever it's called.

Finally a socialist organisation I can get behind.

Goddamnit, Japan, do not bring that faggotry upon us.

Yes, what they don't understand is the top earners in the glamour professions get most of the money. The majority of actors and so on have to work other jobs as well.

It'd be interesting to know if the same applies to cam whores and insta-hoes. If it's the same, an inverted pyramid with most money going to the top, and a slow grind for everyone else, or if it's more even. As I'm honestly baffled how the girl in the picture is making so much money. Good for her that she is. But she looks ordinary to me. You'd think seeing the money possible, checkout till operators and waitresses would quit their jobs and sign up, and the money would flatten out.

Then again, YouTube skeptics like Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson have been successful in their careers. And to me, they don't come out with very much you couldn't hear from a boring bastard in the pub.

If camwhores are worthless then so are music concerts, sports, movies and literally any other form of entertainment.

I dunno, at least they're doing something better than whining online. Better than burger incels.

If someone puts up with getting fucked by their landlord or boss but gets enraged by a thot milking paypis then that's not the type of nigga we want.

For pornstars and hookers it does, it'd be extremely surprising if this didn't apply to camwhores and insta-thots. Similar to models and actors it's about building a brand, like Riley Reid doesn't get top dollar for scenes because she's the sexiest, she gets it because she has a powerful brand.

You're missing the larger point, which is that even the top earning performers earn peanuts compared to the studios.

Belle Delphine didn't exploit anyone.

She asked for donations, and private citizens were willing to share their income in exchange for fap material.

They are donations. She asked. This is socialism in action.


Donations don't have anything to do with socialism. In fact many porkies advocate that instead of social programs we should just use charity to lessen inequality.

If there was universal basic income, would Belle have to do this for money?

If she did this as a hobby and there was demand for it, can others not pay her?

I'm not complaining about what she does and would gladly throw money at her if she did it just as a hobby.
All I'm saying is that this isn't socialistic in any way.