Brit/pol/ #2899: State Enforced Homosexuality Edition

Teenager who went viral after arguing with his teacher that there are only two genders barred from returning to the school to finish his education
A teenager who went viral after arguing with his teacher that there are only two genders will not be allowed to return to the school where he filmed the confrontation

BBC TV licence sales down for first time in a decade as Beeb battered by Netflix and Amazon
Less than 26 million licences were purchased in 2018-19, down 37,000 on the previous year despite a growth in the population - costing the Beeb around £6 million

Journalism Job Cuts Haven't Been This Bad Since the Recession
Reporters become bartenders and baristas while looking for work

Black paratroopers suing Army claim soldiers put up Nazi flags and pictures of Hitler in their barracks
Lance Corporal Nkululeko Zulu and Private Hani Gue, both of the 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (3 Para), told an employment tribunal on Tuesday how they were subjected to racial slurs like "black c–t" and "n—–"

Colchester barracks: Paratrooper called Mandela 'terrorist'
A former paratrooper was racially abused in the Army and heard a soldier call Nelson Mandela a terrorist, an employment tribunal has been told

Afghan asylum seeker ‘stabbed random shoppers after asking if they were English’
AN Afghan asylum seeker who attacked random members of the public with a knife was “fuelled” by a desire to kill English people, a court heard

Thousands of users suffer outages on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram
Facebook Inc. said on Wednesday it is working to resolve issues faced by some users while sending media files on its social media platforms including WhatsApp and Instagram

Iran To Sentence "Several US spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)" To Death
The suspects are accused of spying in military and nuclear bodies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)-due-be-sentenced-death-iran-n1025766

Scientists eliminate HIV in entire genome of mice for the first time
The feat by US scientists, revealed today, suggests this two-pronged technique could be the basis for the first universal cure in humans, with human clinical trials slated to start next summer

Marketing firm boss fed up with 'snowflake' workers makes brutally honest job ad saying phone addicts, 'mickey takers' and those who pull sickies with a hangover need not apply
A brazen marketing firm boss has said he is fed up with 'snowflake' workers who are obsessed with their phones

Number of kidnapped children in Britain reaches record high ahead of Madeleine McCann 10th anniversary
Two thirds of all missing people cases now involve under 18s

Student tears into Cambridge University and accuses it of 'structural racism' after quitting her PhD because she doesn't want to 'benefit from white privilege'
Indiana Seresin said she did not want to ‘legitimise’ an institution that had ‘disproportionate whiteness’ by giving it her ‘time, effort and skills’

Migration and empire 'should be taught in English schools'
Race equality thinktank calls for lessons to be made compulsory in secondary schools

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first for stained ass

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First for mutelass

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They are fucking with the servers

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Did that lad ever rape her?

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from all that talking about your mum haha

waitin for that special someone xx

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ten posts in and already abysmal, outstanding work lads

Think westie might still be getting "groomed"

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who's that then? the homofascist scene cant be big up there.

go spam twitter rage bait posts you poof

Lad it's 23:17 what do you expect?

She said she'll text me if she is no longer lez

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Lad get outta there ASAP

You don't want ratpussy do you?

err wow just wow racist and sexist much?


Smh, just have to take her lad and fuck the gay out of her

love how the left still acts like they don't have total control over society

Seriously. Dykes have the nastiest fannies.

Wow it’s 11.30 already. I spent all day at work then I come home do my chores play vidya and it’s immediately 11.30. Why the fuck even live.

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Lad? Why?
Hairy pusy?

Long overdue baby grinch post tbh

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Just trust me lad. They never clean those things (and the gross sex doesn't exactly help)

they don't have sex

She has OCD though lad, might make a difference


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Abos look like the Elites from Halo smh

imagine if we had a gommie government like china and when a nigger released a grime video they sent in the special forces to arrest him for promoting antisocial behaviour and sold his liver on the black market

top fucking kek

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I'm talking about the "honeymoon" period though

Be my guest but don't be suprised if you start running once she pulls down her pants
(Implying that she'll ever put out and isn't just treating you like a lapdog ffs)

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Q predicted this lads

Still mad about that paki shankin up bomboclat for being English and the media literally not giving a fuck about it. It’s not on the bbc front page but a paratrooper saying something objectively true about mandela being liferuined is and they act like it’s some horrible thing.

Every journo, every judge is evil.

im here for you lad


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Jesus even the Industrial revolution bossmen were better with the housing aesthetics for their worker drones

Back then they still saw them as human, even if they were lower class scum.
They now see as nothing more than cheap cogs in a machine that can be easily replaced whenever necessary.

a s s i m i l a t i o n

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Cue ==YOU'RE NOT WHITE== from 52%-ers

Such is life trapped in the toil coil.

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Imagine being in the paras thinking your hot shit, you’re a big toughie soldier who can and has killed other people-defenseless sand niggers usually but maybe you’ll get to kill some taigs if you’re lucky. Then you one day realize that any mentally ill tranny in this country could at any time accuse you of transphobia on fucking twitter and alll that grueling physical and psychological labour, every early morning and extended workout was for nothing. None of your comrades would do shit for you when you’re up against a singe tranny and the entire occupation state apparatus.

the natsoc milleu hates america too for being globohomo central.
Death to the Great Satan

Will they Just fuck off out of our colony I'm keeping the Peruvian she's a proto Alice

just don't have social media bro

run ghost game and nobody will accuse you of anything.

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Basically GLAAD needs the First Amendment repealed so that sexual anomalies aren't considered anomalous. Like how their are more homosexual characters in pop art than the actual population.

watching it again lads

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thats me and about half the cunts ITT

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if you aren't a normie its easy as fuck to be a "ghost"


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Party time lads

literally none of these people would have been allowed to live in boston colony during the 18th century and would have been outcast as being catholic spaniards or injuns

better link smh

I hate boomers so fucking much lads

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Ghost incels

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hehe feels good being a ghost


just ate an orange biscuit on the toilet

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This felt so good


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Drank part of a tinnie on the loo before tbh

Magnificent. PRAISE HIM!

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Was it one of those liebnez ones?

I love him lads

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>tfw knew a viet wog mix lass and she sucked my willy

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What SSRIs were some of the lads here taking?

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thinking about that wagie lad from ealier desperately scrambling to dry his toil uniform and imagining him getting shouted at by bossman for substandard uniform

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