Brit/pol/ #2900: Iron Fist of the Toilmaster Edition

Ann Widdecombe's EU slavery remarks branded as 'disgusting'

UK summons China ambassador in row over Hong Kong protests

=Canadian cannabis giant dials up entry into UK market==

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good lad
Globohomo will nonce your children and you'll agree with it

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wow twitter polls so interesting

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not sure i believe these polls tbh lads

remember to love toil and make an effort for less and less pay

Look at the polls on twitter lads the scoobys have done it this time

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haven't eaten anything today so I can skip brushing my teeth right smh


Good lad. Good edition.

Lad you are literally an incitementposting foreigner, your posts look like they have been through google translate

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I don't feel safe posting

We have to make this board a more welcoming place

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Safe yourself lad, you'll get strawmanned by nonces

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Thanks lids


They're here.

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reminder the paki vanguardism against the poofter lessons to primary school kids is infinitely more respectable than passive huwhites tbh.

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I have an extremely hot cousin tbf


Hope it's a lass at the least smh
Probably a paki though aren't you smdh

i am not a paki tbf

listen up u lil sri lankan so and so

this is why we used to hang people for adultery

pakis really keep making spazoid babies out of incest and act like it isn’t an issue lmao

why you talking like one then?

Just got back from the gym lads, god I feel like a weakling.

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this tbh

Making babies with your cousin is cringe but appreciating that she’s hot and has feet is based and trad. Simple as.

I just got back too and I felt like that for a while but crack on with it and it gets better

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Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Incels

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Jocks

2 bottles of whiskey, a undred fags and your least retarded daughters cheers

tbf this is the first time I've gone this week Still watching a man bench 1 and a half times your body weight when you're struggling with 30kg on the bar is a bit galling.

Worried I'm being surveilled lads

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You are tbf

That lid who wanted me to share my helper folder still here?

I'll share it if you show me a good free filesharing site.

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Furriner spotted

they were all doing it too once lad, noones born that way. You've got all the time in the world to get to wherever you want to be, kick on

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What method did you use when you first started?

What kind of filesharing site lid?

Reminder this is not a place for larping williamoid toryboys, FUCK OFF

We’re all being surveilled on here. Just make a chadfish grindr account and blackmail the gchq agent surveiling you. They’re all gay btw

sadiq khans dafty wrangling squad probably monitor this place tbh

I'll take the chivas regal

Don’t care

MEGA lid

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Jesus it's like 7 spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) talking to each other asking for 'filesharing' and the rest are furriners in here smfh

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It’s total bullshit that there’s no milf gf to bully me.

stick to the machines even though freeweights are cooler, do a bit of push pull and make sure not to slack on cardio or legs.
Push yourself, but not too hard. You're not training for the FA cup final, you've got to get on with your life and overworking will just put you off actually going.

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One where I can post a link here for downloading the folder, has to be free and quick to use.

This is my parting gift as my 4chan ban is ending tonight.

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I am not foreign tbh

David Lammy?

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hullo fellow advocates of far right poltiical violence, could we all share our IP addresses?


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Think we should kill all the jocks for starters

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20 Davidoffs please no homo

love how they always make it seem like things just "happen" for no reason, as if this country hasn't been subverting from within by traitors

Is it the fucking incel again?

Married a white woman

Try pcloud

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unironic non funny williamoid anti jock filth is pathetic

I don't give a toss about Germany but pretending that the Eu hasn't been extremely good for Germany economically is very disingenuous

They just can’t into banter tbh. Truly yank tier



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Are you lads bothering with QT this week? That Martin Lewis chap looks like the German comedian who looks like the hunchback of notre dame.

go back to your activate whatsapp group you shill

QT is crap so no


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I haven't for a while tbh.

scots can’t handle banter tbf

Well obviously its crap, but its tradition.

Just me then. I don't recognise anyone on the panel.

Hate QT

That's weird lid, I also have exactly 328 apus in my helper folder. What a coincidence.

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No reason to, an hour of absolute virgins in the audience trying to thrown down their ultimate OWNED moment on tv and awkward politicians trying to placate them without saying anything at all

Thanks lad but I'm enjoying the free weights too much to give them up. I'll start using the machines as well though.

some lad is watching qt in the old thread by himself

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Lad I told you MEGA is good for uploading folders smh

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Machines are fake and gay. Do compound movements. If you are worried about using free weights then do bodyweight exercises. Even press ups and air squats and pull ups will be better than machines. Whatever you do just warmup properly and practice good form. If you move onto free weights dont rush trying to progress too quickly too soon or you will end up hurting yourself.

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How do people type fast on phones?

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I have a dozen or so on my phone that I haven't got on my pc but yes, it is very suspicious

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