Brit/pol/ #2901: Tommeh Edition

Tommy Robinson faces up to two years in prison after judges rule him in contempt of court
Tommy Robinson faces up to two years in prison after being found in contempt of court for livestreaming outside a grooming trial

Tommy Robinson battle bus gets parking ticket outside Old Bailey
The fine was issued as Robinson attended the committal hearing where he is accused of contempt of court by filming defendants in a sex abuse trial in breach of a reporting ban, outside Leeds Crown Court in May 2018

Jaguar Land Rover will build electric cars in the UK despitedespitedespitedespitedespitedespite
Car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover will start building electric cars in its Castle Bromwich factory, in Birmingham

400 ex-prisoners and homeless from Poland to work for 50p-a-day
Europe's biggest slave gang picked up around 400 ex-cons and alcoholics in Poland and brought them to Britain to work for as little as 50p a day, while they creamed off £2million in profits and drove around in flashy cars

Fury as House of Lords votes to block no deal Brexit ‘it’s a political ruse!’
PEERS last night backed a Parliamentary move to "stop Brexit". They voted by 245 to 99, a majority of 146, in favour of setting up a joint committee of peers and MPs to examine the potential costs of a no-deal departure from the EU

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay makes shock admission about ‘no deal Brexit recession’
BREXIT Secretary Stephen Barclay stunned Sky News’ Beth Rigby after making a shock revelation about the possibility of a “no deal Brexit recession.”

'Thank God we’re leaving!' Widdecombe speech stuns 'undemocratic' European Parliament
BREXIT PARTY MEP Ann Widdecombe delivered a stunning tirade in the European Parliament as she shamed the “undemocratic” bloc

Extinction Rebellion climate change protestors vow to shut down Heathrow
Blueprints drawn up by the group show protestors want to use drones to shut down Europe's busiest airport this summer in a campaign to stop the construction of a third runway

Senior Iranian politician warns Iran has a 'duty' to seize a British oil tanker if the vessel intercepted by marines in the Mediterranean is not released
Mohsen Rezaee, secretary of Iran's Expediency Discernment Council and commander in the Revolutionary Guards, said it was Iran's 'duty' to retaliate after Royal Marines and Gibraltar police intercepted the Grace 1 tanker on Thursday

Russia plans to tow nuclear power station to the Arctic despite environmental campaigners branding it a 'floating Chernobyl'
The Akademik Lomonosov, dubbed the 'floating Chernobyl' by its critics, has been under construction for almost two decades and is headed for the small Arctic port town of Pevek

Staffordshire Hoard was discovered 10 years ago
Their find, on July 5, 2009, became an international sensation and was sold off to museums, leaving the men rich

'We're anti-influencer': ice-cream truck makes Instagram 'stars' pay double
Joe Nicchi has had enough of self-proclaimed influencers wanting free cones for publicity. Now he’s the one going viral

'Racism is not going to help us': Buttigieg slaps down man who man who said black people should 'stop committing crimes and doing drugs' to cut crime
Footage shows him responding to the heckler: 'Sir, I think that racism is not going to help us get out of this'

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I called it earlier, Brothels are allowed to operate, they must have pissed off (((someone))) high up

House of Lords needs to go. Tired of their noncense.

It all needs to go, burn it all to the ground.

It's too much.

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Imagine banging this out at full volume at pride, forgive me but I forgot how enterainingly bad the mac lads were

muh nugs

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

a fitting end for a jew

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this EVERYTHING is infiltrated, unnecessary or entirely useless

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ywlts BBC documentaries start to look like that 2014 era troll video mocking murimutt documentaries

Macc Lads sang the official Zig Forums anthem tbh

Think of how many council jobs there are completely pointless.

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what a time to be alive unlike her


health and safety for what? gypsies litterally set up in fields outside council houses, making sure theres no dog shit on the floor so they enjoy their stay more?

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think they're saying it's allowed as long as there is no people trafficking, and he was caught twice for this
who could have predicted this

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potato in the exhaust pipe tbh

Is BBC3 trying to compete with C4 to see which is the most degenerate mainstream channel?

ah I was wondering how the fuck they managed to make £5M from a brothel, obviously used the girls as literal slaves, sick shit

what world do I live in?

exiting ways to get beaten and robbed


A world where councils are considering paying criminals to not commit crimes.

Quality, just found an old harddrive with them on

Probably not a good idea for old people to be eating from McDonalds


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has science gone too far

GoPro's are great tbh


China's military helicopters fire various missiles to destroy targets in a new live-fire drill near Hong Kong
Multiple low-flying military helicopters fired various missiles and destroyed targets at the exercise which lasted from day to night, reported China's official military media

Invasion by the mainland when?

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>FBPE ebin bazingaing us backwards bigots

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bet they think wogs are opressed

None of the shit they are listing makes any sense, "teehee I can travel wherever I want and muh education"

>Last year my family and I were so #OppressedbytheEU we were forced to canoe down the dordogne in France, after travelling through a tunnel on a train, and a long drive. You can see oppression etched anguish on their faces.
>We felt awful oppression in Rome! #OppressedByTheEU
>On a beautiful April day in Paris, I was cruelly #OppressedByTheEU by being forced to listen to people playing music.
>This year we were so #OppressedbytheEU that we were able to drive unhindered through four European countries to get to our favourite holiday destination
>My daughter is being #OppressedbytheEU. They forced her to hand over 150,000 of their so-called "euros" and all she got in return was a 3 bedroom city centre apartment with views across Madrid.
>I've lost count of the number of times I've been forced to endure the freedom to visit awful places such as Seville, Rome, Florence, Paris etc without visas or setting up holiday health insurance 😢😡#OppressedbytheEU
>Last year, for hubby's 60th, we drove, with our dogs, through France, Italy and Switzerland for a month! The bloody EU had the cheek not to want visas or international driving licences and there were no mobile roaming charges! Just who do they think they are? #OppressedByTheEU
Ain't it lucky these rich cunts are able to travel so freely, I'm guessing they've never been to America or China though.

>Last year, the EU invested £19000000 for farming around the Sheffield region. That's a good reason to feel #OppressedByTheEU
>Here in #Cornwall we are deeply #OppressedByTheEU. So much so that the EU invested in a brand new university campus here, brutally enforcing educational opportunities on thousands of our young people. Absolute serfdom & slavery!
>EU came into my neighbourhood & gave us money to redevelop an old inner-city slum-clearance site so our kids had somewhere to play safely 😱 How dare they invest in our health & wellbeing? !! #OppressedbytheEU
Sure is nice that the EU gives us just a small amount of the money they demand we pay them, and then slap their logo on every project taking full credit for it, how very generous of them.

Femi's one is perfect, it highlights the major issue that they insist doesn't exist.

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top lad what was the building before it was a house of satan?

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This bunk bed in San Francisco rents for $1,200 a month

This is Hell.

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guess that's why she has a good knowledge of slavery

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lol my sides

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good lad

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Wish they'd actually address the issue rather than ducking out the moment someone points out that it's kikes.

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capitalism sure is epic

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As much fresh cancer we get every day I can't get over the old cancer that is dance clubs.

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This music just puts me on edge whenever I hear it tbh, any time it's in a video the video can never be something good.

Everything about it just screams "GET OUT OF HERE RUN JUST RUN" tbh, it's almost cultish the way they praise it.

lel, I meant people complaining about sky-high rents, they moan that everything is a ripoff but never try to address the problem outside of this "quirky" shit, not realising that landlords would absolutely love what they are doing and would capitalise on it the moment they got a chance.

Lads, what's to be done about it all?

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Start with a big fart ngl

>"This restaurant is finding ways of saving our planet by replacing its meat dishes with ALTERNATIVES!"
>"Here's our picks for the best ways to make your studio flat more cosy!"
>"This young boy dazzled us at Pride! Here's his touching story!"

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Not 👏 clicking 👏 on 👏 any 👏 of 👏 those 👏 links 👏

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the titles aren't what the videos are lad

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Where do these people find all this royalty free music?

Just when you think women can't get worse


There's tons of it online because it's so fucking easy to make, you just need a ukulele and a xylophone, and perhaps add some clapping and whistling.


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all those victims points.

Always do the opposite of what Jeremy Hunt says.

The kikes could be calling for Tommeh to be crucified he'd still defend them.

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literally any NCS or Kevin MacLeod song would work tbh

If only he was a woman and black then he'd win victim bingo smh

It's the ones with ukuleles that set off red flags tbh, they started with it being generic quirky buzzfeed videos that were tame enough, but then the music spreads to these godawful things and anyone watching subconsciously associates it with those lovely happy videos they saw before.

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alright lad

any interesting politics happen today? was just doing boomer work for a bit

The Iranians are going to steal a British ship in retaliation for theirs, about it really.

One of our dafties is going to prison, Iran is going to retaliate, about it.

lel tbh

good lad

based will they truck of peace some poopcock parades?

anyone else noticed the weird annoying abstract piano musak being used on the bbc all the time, its so annoying

I sneeze exclusively out of my mouth tbh

Who knows? They might get the blame for a bombing if one occurs.


inb4 the London parade has an i n c i d e n t

careful lids

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Promoted just means they paid money for it to be shoved on people's timelines lad

Thought that said spaghetti at a glance keek

This fucking country. Gypsies and jews are two groups of people more or less defined by an anti social nature and a predatory "me first: fuck everyone else" attitude: yet they're bloody protected species, while our own people are considered literally non existent in many cases, and guilty of all of the world's crimes in the rest. Boy, do I love the complacent vanities of people who have too much.

just walked in on my brother having a wank tbh

its funny how the most pc soyboys will bully gypos

Did you offer to give him a hand?
Dare I ask what he was touching himself too?

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I miss him lads

i think he was on webcam tbh

I don't.

It's a fucking joke, you'll struggle to find anyone who actually supports the gypos and when you do it's some fucker who either has never had to deal with them or someone who works for the gov't.


smh zoomers tbh