Brit/pol/ #2902: Rivers of Poz Edition

Pride in London marks 50 years of pozzing
Up to 1.5 million """people""" are expected to take to the streets of London for the Pride parade

Iran chaos: Britain warned ‘be afraid’ after UK supertanker scare in Gulf
BRITISH maritime officials have announced a UK-flagged supertanker which stopped in the Gulf is "safe and well" after Iran dismissed reports its Revolutionary Guards had seized the vessel

Do you REALLY want to see Nigel Farage in the House of Lords?
Britain needs a Rainbow coalition, stat

Archie christening: Meghan and Harry ‘weren’t accommodating’ so Queen will miss baptism
ARCHIE HARRISON will be christened at the Queen’s private chapel inside Windsor Castle tomorrow - but the Queen will not be there because of a diary blunder made by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, a royal source has claimed

Huge backing to save free BBC TV licence for over 75s in poll
The overwhelming majority of Britons think the Government should pay for over-75s to have free TV licences, research shows

Make language GCSE exams easier to stop them from dying out, private school chief says
Mike Buchanan, executive director of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) which represents the country’s leading public schools including Eton, Harrow and Winchester, urged the exam watchdog to act

Geeks become the new jocks as British universities now have more gaming teams than football
Getting a place on a university sports team used to be a ticket to social prestige. But it appears that geeks have become the new jocks, as British universities now have more competitive gaming teams than any other sport

Ancient city of Babylon designated Unesco World Heritage Site
Iraq has been lobbying since 1983 for the 4,000-year-old site to be added to the United Nations' prestigious list

Poland is set to SCRAP income tax for people under 26
Poland has approved a measure to give young people under 26 a tax break to stop them leaving the country to find better paid jobs

This bunk bed in San Francisco rents for $1,200 a month
PodShare is a co-living space where tenants pay to rent a "pod," or bunk bed, in one of its San Francisco or Los Angeles locations

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First for being humble

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for him

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low church gang

Good lads.


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Not sure I get people at this stage.

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The conditioning is unreal, lad.

They are worried that if they support it they'll be targeted too.

Good lad.

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tfw can just say "my religion teaches against lgbt rights" and cant say anything without being bigots themselves

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tbh lad

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We send the EU £350 million a week.

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Good lad. I'm still in bed tbh

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reminder that you're wasting your time with women if you're not a 9 ton apex predator with armoured skin and 8000psi bite force

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globohomo 1 jihad 0 tbh

jocks, not even once

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>"Islam w-will conquer all!!…."

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What's the region with the red arrow in the second picture?


Greater London Area

When I first watched bladerunner as a young nipper it hit me right in the feels and I genuinely thought I would live to be part of that timeline. Judging by the globohomo and wog shit we see everyday i'm gradually just giving up.


don't worry lad you get to see it all fall apart and burn

I thought sandniggers were invulnerable to the curse of the Jew smh. Unironically we need to team up with them make England English and stop Judaism from destroying their countries so they return there tbqh smh lads


I just want Iran to nuke Israel tbh. Everything else will sort itself out in due course.

Christ what the fuck is wrong with you

tbf it'd be better than what we have coming

just waiting for that news article or image about some disgusting satanic jewery to tip me over the edge tbh.

Same tbh.

pupper doggos tbh


It's either a transhumanism dystopia or muttoid globohomo islamofacism.

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We can't sustain either, we will have a full ecological collapse before we get to that stage.

this, give it about 20 years and we'll probably be in full swing, everybody is picking sides at the moment

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Heavens wrath will fill the air and rivers with poison and the food chain will be a man made cancer. A slow grind with no opportunity to give penance.

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that's embarrassing

That is the most English picture of two lads.

….his knives


The Red Arrows show their support for Pride in London
As the parade in the UK capital gets underway, the RAF's aerobatic display team flew over London's Trafalgar Square



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A            A
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I thought faggot month ended why are they going on with it?

reminder "pride" parades are the modern equivalent of freakshows of old, and the majority of normal parents shun the activity.

Also reminder that the pakis are the single biggest bulwark against bulldozing our children into the paedophilic grooming and propaganda in schools.

It's pride year now lad.

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They set it up so that it's always Pride somewhere in the world so they can justify forcing it in your face everywhere you fucking look.
Over half the year is now dedicated LGBT days, and that's not counting the pride parades for each city.

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Can't believe your videos are getting recommended to angry rednecks.

You have a button that if pressed will set of thousands of nuclear bombs all around the world obliterating everything. Do you press it?

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I'd've smashed my head against it long ago.

no because I want to sit back and watch hellfire rain from the sky

Yes. But I'd organise a ticket to the Antarctic first.

Good lad

You could always go to a remote place like
and enjoy the end before dying halyt

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You have a button in front of you that, when pressed, will randomly wipe out 90% of the world's population (with gasses or something). Do you press it (even though you have no idea who will be killed - and this could and like would include friends and family)? Oh, and you can't be killed in this scenario.

I just want to spend some time with muh penguins tbh lad.

Lad you don't understand, Mears vids only get recommended to him because he "bitch slapped him before"

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based lads in Hawaii who went to the beach and enjoyed their last minutes vs betacuck normals who hid in building hoping they'd survive the bombs

Good lad

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Naturally. We're already running out of space and resources, and it's only getting worse. A little spring cleaning'd do us all some good.
Doesn't feel right if I'm somehow exempt from this tbh. Actions have consequences and only a coward tries to hide from that.

Penguins are good lads tbh.

I'm guessing it's so that you have to live with the consequences of pressing the button tbh

Tbh we will just return to where we are now in time. I'd press the button about a dozen times to ensure no one survives.

That's fair tbh.

But it works like demi spells in final fantasy, meaning you'd only be cutting the remaining population by 90% each time, and when there aren't enough people left to divide, then it will stop working - meaning there will always be a few of the fuckers.

Yeah but since it's randomised those remaining few could be on opposite ends of the earth from one another.

If I press it 12 times there will only be on average 0.075 people left not including me, lad.

Which is why I said it works like demi: ie it subdivides until it gets to the point that subdividing further would mean dividing individuals into fractions.

Ah I see, sorry lad misread. But more likely than not will happen.

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Sent mutelass a youtube link to Nine Inch Nail's Closer last night

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They must've discovered the internet 5 minutes ago.

stop the presses

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more like dykelass

pretty satanic how they are trying to control what we eat as well tbh

still keeking at that tbh lad, has she seen it?

>tfw Beyond burgers are on the menu at the restaurant

>eating food that it is even more processed than the unhealthy possessed food is bad for you.

Imogen Shark.

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you got a problem with eating alternatives how dare you have a problem with eating alternatives clearly we haven't told you how great eating alternatives is so we'll keep telling you to eat alternatives until you learn to eat alternatives

Why are there so many fucking cameras there? There are more journalists than there are antifa rioters.

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That's just one aspect of the wider agenda. They won't be satisfied until they control everything this also includes before life and after death of the individual.

I assume it was all preplanned. Not to cause disorder but to send out a message. Sponsored by the eldars of Zion and their enablers of course.


But what is the message? Don't be naughty because these faggots will have a problem with it? Do be naughty because these faggots have a problem with it?

It's too funny to watch tbh, they are all so fucking useless.

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Can't watch this one. That look of gay admonishment from the tit at the end is too cringey for me.

props to the lad for keeping his fag in his gob the entire time tbh