Brit/pol/ #2903:Renewed Loicence Edition

Christchurch mosque killer’s theories seeping into mainstream, report warns
ISD researchers are currently embedded in 50 extreme-right chat channels on applications such as Bongo Bongo Land, Telegram and WhatsApp, as well as monitoring groups, communities and discussion boards on 4chan, Zig Forums, Gab, Minds, Voat and Reddit

Veterans threaten to cripple the UK unless the prosecution of ex-Northern Ireland soldiers is stopped
Retired warrant officer Simon Bean MBE, 54, is leading a mammoth movement of ex-servicemen and women who are campaigning to stop the prosecution of troops deployed to the conflict during the Troubles

Iran chaos: Britain warned ‘be afraid’ after UK supertanker scare in Gulf
BRITISH maritime officials have announced a UK-flagged supertanker which stopped in the Gulf is "safe and well" after Iran dismissed reports its Revolutionary Guards had seized the vessel

Conservative leadership race: Voters 'issued two ballots'
Some Conservative members have been issued with more than one ballot paper to vote for the next party leader and prime minister, the BBC has learned

Former prisoner reveals shocking extent of the UK’s prison crisis - ‘Breaking point’
THE prison system in the UK is at breaking point and is only going to get worse unless there is a significant change a former prisoner has warned

Huge backing to save free BBC TV licence for over 75s in poll
The overwhelming majority of Britons think the Government should pay for over-75s to have free TV licences, research shows

Italian captain under investigation for rescuing 41 shipwrecked migrants
A charity rescue vessel has been impounded and the captain is under investigation after he defied Italian authorities and brought 41 shipwrecked migrants into the Sicilian port of Lampedusa late on Saturday

Police identify woman who licked ice cream, then put it back in shop freezer and warn she faces 20 years jail
Detectives believe the incident, which happened last weekend and went viral earlier this week, took place at Walmart in Lufkin, Texas

5G fears over new superfast network amid claims it emits harmful radiation
Residents of major cities hold fears over the implementation of the high-speed, next generation 5G network, with many claiming it emits harmful radiation

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Hullo! Yes! Mark Collett is indeed a Hope Not Hate spy, without a doubt. Let me just take you back to 2001, when I first came across Mark Collett at the Northern Rally being held in Oldham 2001. Collett was giving a speech - a talk (I think he may have been head of the young BNP then I'm not sure) but all the same - he gave an excellent speech, I was impressed. This young man had qualities, abilities, he had potential. He was going to go right to the top in the nationalist movement, and you could see that that was happening, but Griffin had this terrible habit of raising his hand at BNP meetings. - "Mark Collett! The next leader of the BNP!" when nothing could be further from the truth and Griffin knew that. Why Griffin used to to that I'll never know, but anyway, it built up Collett's dreams and expectations, and there was other fallbacks that happened in the party like the documentary, 'Young Nazi and Proud', and the one with Russell Brand, and many many others were - he let himself down and he'd been caught with his pants down, and the Jewish journalists had been secretly recording him. Instead of Griffin versing him and warning him they'd be wired for sound so be careful what you say, he didn't. But on the same breath, you shouldn't have been talking about anything other than party policy and he veered off talking about girlfriends and Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany and Jews, and this Jewish Journalist was recording and okay, it's not the end of the world. So what happened then is the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) were maneuvering in the BNP (Adam Walker, Clive Jefferson) and they were getting rid of all the genuine nationalists and Collett was one of them. He was next on the chopping block. So when it was his turn, and he was kicked out of the BNP, he couldn't handle it (and don't forget, he was kicked out for legitimate reasons, for doing and saying something stupid), but anyway. So he's kicked out of the BNP, and what's he left with now? He's got no job. He's going to have to go back to mum's in Leicester. He's left a trail of embarrassing videos on the internet. He feels he's been betrayed and what he's done, is he's went to Hope Not Hate because he wasn't a strong character in that department. To deal with rejection and failure was in his eyes betrayal, so he's gone to the enemy. If you want to believe he just turned up with Eva, when there were swastikas all over her body, right on the eve of the Vote Leave campaign then be my guest. He's turned up with her with swastikas on to smear the vote leave campaign, and to hinder it. Of course he has! And he's now with Dr David Duke, right? They're doing this radio show or whatever. So Collett is indeed a snitch. I wouldn't be blaming Mark Collett, or saying he's accused of being a snitch it he wasn't. I liked Mark Collett. I got on with him quite well. We had great rapport between one another, but he's rolled to the enemy. I'm sorry, but he has. You don't turn up with this mysterious girl with swastikas all over her right on the eve of the Vote Leave campaign. He's turned up to smear the Vote Leave campaign, but he didn't, it backfired. Mark Collett is indeed a spy that works for Hope Not Hate.

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lamb for dinner tonight

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'Exotic' bird turns out to be a gull covered in curry or turmeric
Staff at Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital were given somewhat of a shock earlier today when a brightly coloured bird was bought into the hospital

Thank you diversity.

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imagine the smell

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surfs up

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top banter

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Here's an extreme idea, why are little brown women so manipulative and coniving? They are just going to keep pushing the Overton Window til it smashes. If Defend Europa is extreme, what are they going to call actual extremists? They should be careful what they memi.

lol useless cunt, good stop writing trash

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no idea how brown islamic women got that way tbh, you'd think they'd evolved in a society where such things would be harshly punished, usually with death.

Just don't say this with the implication that women should stay at home and raise children

ah fkn cunt border got in the way

Maybe its a cunning to avoid the snares of punishment, its glaringly obvious though even to someone who isnt Muslim

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She writes pop culture tripe for the guardian hardly heavy lifting is it.

if only you civnat twat

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she suffers PTSD from going on image boards and Bongo Bongo Land, its hard work lad

Should we subsidise traveling for females?

MAGAtards have too much respect for the blue zog niggers.

bow before your king

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tell me that's fake

course it is you div

Probably more close to reality than the released photos.

Im sleepy after a post work nap, no bully

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that baby is gonna be so fuckin ugly, you can clearly see the nigger features

He has some strong nigger features there.

Tbf all babies have nigger features.


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What is chapo trapo house and why should I care?

Pack of commies similar to Contra

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Let's face it lads Sloan Rangers deserved to be stabbed by wogs at this point.


even the wikipedia sounds gay

reviewbrah strikes me as the type of lad for whom America was a mistake. he would be better off in England or another Northern European country.

he looks cool when he parts his hair like that he should wear his hair like that all the time

glass houses tbf



They are a pack of poofters trying to mimic Zig Forums-tier edginess but for the left, which just comes across as weak at best.

He's a good lad tbh

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u wot

do they walk on eggshells?

What these retards don't realise is that "populist vulgarity" can literally only subvert the prevailing PC order. In any other era, what these homos call "populist vulgarity" (in their enemies), would simply be called common sense.

they just overly police themselves

their attempts at playing the underdog are just embarrassingly pathetic

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there's been at least 4 confirmed trannies and a bunch of fags that have posted here that I know of

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Evening all

Haha I forgot all about watchdogs leejun. Tbh I can't see it being successful.

Only one that I know of and we slung him out.

Who, 22st?

tfw no comfy tree wall town

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You can tell when a place has trannies because if you critiscise them you get banned

Polticising games just means that they will age terribly, on top of that the game isn't even out yet and it's already dated, "muh refugees" banners are already about half a decade old, and occupy was almost an entire decade ago so the 99% is also dated.
At the very best the game will be mediocre, the series was dead from the first game, they are just trying to cash in on current affairs with their dead brand.

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there's two more on newbrit both crosspost here plus whatever westie is

and let's not forget about LSC

what's wack is that Ive seen those "painted" boards copy and pasted in different parts of the game. Now you may call that fickle but to me that seems like laziness when a good artist could do a new one nearly as quick

I'm not a tranny
What happened with him?

Lad if a nonce posted here would that suddenly make us pro-nonce.

Daily Reminder 16 years old is legal and fine breeding age.

Yes but if you're 25+ it does smell rather noncey.



Even chasing 25yr olds is a little too young for me FML.

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Lad, you can clearly see that two of the signs in that screenshot are the same. And yeah, it's really bloody lazy.

*my town gains a superior population due to having beautiful trees and BTFO's the barren wasteland next hill over epic style*

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I'm worried that if I ever do get involved with one I'll be considered creepy.

sounds like over compensating to me, nonce

I can't imagine giving a shit tbh

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*sieges your fort*

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Trips for Harry’s horns

well I'd be a daft cunt if I didn't know war was coming and didn't have all the trees down in time

*launches a nuke from a trident sub directly at your bollocks*

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yeah none of that matters when your licking out her nubile nymph pussy :P

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bollocks getting neutron bombed tonight lads

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ah ffs lad

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German Election Committee Bans Two-Thirds of Populist Candidates From Regional Election
The Saxony election committee has refused to allow two-thirds of the candidates of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) to run in this year’s regional election, citing technical discrepancies.

Anti-Mass Migration Alternative for Germany Now Most Popular Party in East Germany
The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has become the most popular party in eastern Germany, according to polls, as new data shows Germans becoming more critical of mass migration.

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Maybe this is more appropriate since it's in east Germany

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Rhubarb, orange and ginger crumble for supper lads.

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