Brit/pol/ #2904: Dibnah Edition

Christchurch mosque killer’s theories seeping into mainstream, report warns
ISD researchers are currently embedded in 50 extreme-right chat channels on applications such as Bongo Bongo Land, Telegram and WhatsApp, as well as monitoring groups, communities and discussion boards on 4chan, Zig Forums, Gab, Minds, Voat and Reddit

Veterans threaten to cripple the UK unless the prosecution of ex-Northern Ireland soldiers is stopped
Retired warrant officer Simon Bean MBE, 54, is leading a mammoth movement of ex-servicemen and women who are campaigning to stop the prosecution of troops deployed to the conflict during the Troubles

Iran chaos: Britain warned ‘be afraid’ after UK supertanker scare in Gulf
BRITISH maritime officials have announced a UK-flagged supertanker which stopped in the Gulf is "safe and well" after Iran dismissed reports its Revolutionary Guards had seized the vessel

Iran begins enriching uranium to 4.5 per cent a day after saying it would break the 3.67 per cent limit set by the country's nuclear deal
Iran's uranium enrichment level passed 4.5 per cent on Monday, exceeding the 2015 nuclear deal cap, Iranian atomic energy organisation spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said

North Devon coastguards resign after reprimand for rescuer who took teenager to hospital in own vehicle
senior coastguard who quit after being demoted for taking a teenage casualty to hospital instead of waiting two hours for an ambulance said the experience has left him “numb”

Chuka Umunna ordered to quit and stand in by-election after latest Brexit attack
FORMER Labour MP Chuka Umunna was lambasted by Twitter users and called to stand in a by-election for his Streatham seat after criticising Jeremy Corbyn and his party for their unclear stance on a second Brexit referendum

Swedish mum blames Brexit for drink driving crash
A Swedish mum who crashed her car while nearly four times over the limit has blamed Brexit over the incident

Mother sues NHS for £200,000 claiming hospital failed to inform her of son's Down's Syndrome diagnosis
Hospital notes show that a mother shouldn't receive £200,000 in damages from the NHS for having child with Down's Syndrome because she declined to have him tested before he was born, a court heard

TfL starts harvesting signal data today
Data gatherers will use beacons in stations that keep a tab on devices with the Wi-Fi capability switched on, whether or not the user had joined a station's network

Eton College to offer 12 free sixth form places
Eton College will offer 12 free sixth form places to boys "with tremendous potential but limited opportunity"

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good lad

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Is there a growing far-right threat online?
Far right activity on the internet threatens to spill over into violence in the real world, according to some observers. But are governments and tech companies doing enough to counter the danger?

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The backlash is beginning and they are spooked.

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good news from London

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Bit Jewish lad
*sends them back in an eternal board yoyo*

wtf does far right even mean

i t b e g i n s

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How has it not collapsed yet

What kind of memi universe have we slipped into now?

according to my gf many women are on board with our message, but are too afraid to express it

amazon b& macdonald’s culture of critique series.

macdonald isn’t even anti-kike.

Kek. He really hates london, doesn't he?

Who doesn't? Even actual Londoners hate modern London.

Gute befreiung

Anything that isn't communist in nature it seems


well, the 1st of the series remains available. these are astonishing times.

Tbf most people I know who live in london love it. They didn't grow up there though - and i imagine they'll leave when the young professional memi stops paying dividends, and they want a non-hellish family life.

what if i'm literally going to be demographically replaced in my homeland
what if a people are demonstrably inferior though, say by being involved disproportionately in certain crimes

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this could mean germany returning to being 3rd world level like it should be.

Anti-London Action tbh

Based Nazbol is off the hook.


tbh tbh

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Don't be a bigot goy, that's just a conspiracy theory. Ignore the fact that the UK's population growth from 2000 to 2015 was 82%+ due to migration.

who cares what women think anyway – they will always follow views of the Chad

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I'd say so, a mate and his girlfriend surprised me the other weekend complaining about his girlfriends new work policy of having to have a certain amount of women managers stating that it was ridicilous that the best person for the job wasn't being selected. But I can't seem to recruit them for the up coming race war, he's only interested in defending his house and family, what can you do eh ?

Should we relocate the good bits of London to somewhere less wogged using big diggers or just carpet bomb the lot of it?

I guess it makes sense for farage to make his manifesto anti london because there's like one person in the whole of london who would vote for him (and he's a gay failing actor anyway).

As is every normie, you can hardly blame them.

White phosphorous tbh lad.

america is suffering britishisation. when amazon began banning scholarly works, no element of the american left objected.

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Women have always moaned about this sort of shit when in the company of men. It's just the moaning ceases when they're up for promotion/employment. It's just lip service, lad. Basically every word that comes out of a woman's mouth is likely to be contradicted by words or deeds within moments of being uttered. They ain't exactly straight shooters.

kek you cunt TBP got 400,000 votes from within London

"English and Jewish (Ashkenazic): habitational name for someone who came from London or a nickname for someone who had made a trip to London or had some other connection with the city."

Jews like london so much they've been naming their kids after it for hundreds of years.

Yes, you can. How much clearer can it get that complacent boomer-atomisation is a cancer that is making the lives of individuals tougher/less worthwhile?

Wtf are you talking about?

I don't know, I always had him down as a librul after other conversations about our paki problems but I expected people born and bred in Bradford to be a little more willing to help clense this nation of the disgusting plague known as pakis.


Can't wait for the MSM and normalbot twitter droids to start harping on about how this anti london stance is yet more evidence of farage being a divisive figure who needs an enemy to turn a portion of the public against in order to fracture communities and put mexican children in cages.

i want to go on record as supporting nuking the uk.

What rights do they not have nowadays?

Fucking state of London

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if i’m elected queen i’ll nuke the fucking place so fast.

How is that british? Do you actually believe that america - the font of globohomo - is actually as freedom loving as it tells itself?

Yeah whilst they ignore the fact that they insult the rest of the country from inside their London gated community.

No (you).

it’s the epitome of britishness to maintain a utopian condition of ignorance.

Elite British troops fight off 100 ISIS jihadis in six-hour gun battle after ambush
A CRACK team of eight British soldiers survived six-hour gun battle with 100 ISIS fighters after being cornered in an ambush, according to reports.

can we just label that country cursed territory and leave it be

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Just made a fry up tbh lads.

Yep. It's amazing how quickly leftists arguments in favour of the dispossessed and the oppressed are binned and actually inverted when the position of london relative to the rest of the country is raised. Somehow it doesn't occur to them that london actually hoards wealth and funding. Even more amazing is how they try to sell the idea that london is wealthy - not because of the bankers the bonuses they are supposed to hate - but because it's teeming with low iq nignogs smh.

tbh that's hardcore

Lad if a rahowa did kick off we'd be in this same situation in the cities

When epic trolls randomly place words together.

This, what is there in Afghanistan even worth fighting? It's a harsh arid mountain country full of fanatics who for as long as time have just wanted to be left alone in their hills.

funny how Israel starts a terrorist group to prop up threats against themselves just so they can get white people into the desert to kill them

As long as we survive the cobbles can be rebuilt

He's the lad who led the original northern alliance that America intervened to support in 2001 when the Taliban were about to win, he's dodged a suicide bombing last year and a convoy attack this year, he's still kicking and has been Vice President since 2014. Thought this nigga would be dead a long time ago damn. Impressive

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Zero self-awareness tbh

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ywn date an autistic german qt

go to Germany

< never read the tao te ching

bad idea. their economy is collapsing.

Large precious metal deposits and the mining rights for said deposits

They just missed a recession in the last quarter, and the outlook is bleak for them.

I love this yank vid it's hilarious

half of them didn't know the soviet war had finished and just assumed yank troops were russians

a tv trope is that all types of technical ability outside of one’s job a menace. even retirees from the related profession are not immune from suspicion.

Damn that video makes me feel bad cause the afghans seem so nice smh

top kek that's mad

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Doesn't surprise me, it is quite an isolated country which has been at war for the better part of 40 years, does tend to limit infrastructure projects.

They're isolationists are the Afghanis and Taliban, they're fighting for their country and to be left alone, should be obliged tbh.

just marry that asian lass and release that load.

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Good PR, NA should've been doing this sort of thing.

Father they have written
On the point of no return
Soldiers they will come and
Oh they’re coming to burn
(I said) Oh boy, we need your hope to live
Oh boy, you have so much to give
Oh boy, don’t let it get you down

Who, baby, who will save the world ? (it’s not too late)
Who, baby, who will save the world ? (all heroes hesitate)

I’m too young to die
I’m too young to die
Father, I’ve been looking
Through a rainbow of tears
Found yourself so lonely
Oh they’re drowning in my fear
(I said) Oh boy, I’m old enough to know
Oh boy, that it hurts to grow
Oh boy, don’t let it get you down

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NA did it once that I remember, and they ended up only helping Poles.
I was skeptical of GI doing this as it seemed more like a publicity stunt than a genuine piece of community support.


Those are song lyrics land.




shit you won’t see on the (((beeb)))

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What does the cyrillic on the patch say?

can’t into kinos, lad, i’m on “unlimited” mobile data ie 128kbps for the remainder of the month.

t. mi6 officer


basically, blm has come to israel. 😊

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This shit has been going on for a while, Israel mistreats Ethiopian Jews all the time.

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hilariously, the image didn’t load.

U S v Jeffrey Epstein Indictment


it's amazing how things seem the same in every country

God I wish.

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smh the boomer and his lies.


He's an absolute bender. I'm thinking he's the same guy who always tries to get us to meet up irl.