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Corbyn caves on Brexit: Labour leader backs a new referendum on No Deal or any Tory plan to quit the EU and says Labour would campaign for REMAIN
Mr Corbyn wrote: 'Whoever becomes the new Prime Minister should have the confidence to put their deal, or No Deal, back to the people in a public vote. In those circumstances, I want to make it clear that Labour would campaign for Remain against either No Deal or a Tory deal that does not protect the economy and jobs.'

A government plan could see cigarettes banned in England by 2030
The Daily Mail reports it has seen a government green paper outlining plans to encourage 100% of smokers to switch to e-cigarettes within eleven years

Trump says UK ambassador 'a very stupid guy'
The UK's "wacky" ambassador to the US is "a very stupid guy" who is understood to be a "pompous fool", Donald Trump has said

Trump diplomatic row: What do we know about leaked UK emails?
Confidential emails from the UK's ambassador in Washington which criticised President Donald Trump were leaked over the weekend

One in 50 prisoners identify as transsexual, amid concerns inmates are attempting to secure prison perks
The figure suggests there are up to 1,500 transgender inmates among the 80,000 prisoners in England and Wales, more than ten times previous estimates, and at least four times the number in the general population

Fury as Paris Terror convict awarded compensation due to ‘illegal surveillance’ in prison
THE SURVIVING member of the group responsible for carrying out the Paris terror attacks has been awarded compensation because of “illegally” high levels of surveillance he was under in prison, according to reports

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xth for nazbol christian white juche

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I've got a big advantage in number of aircraft, general technology and ship size tbh

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Side note, Epstein is an intelligence services asset and the US used the private military company "Dyncorp" to traffic eastern European children from for-profit wars they started to his rape island.

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for them

tune tbh

how can they be women if i can't eat their placenta?

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Good lad.

vape nation tbh

Wouldn't be the first time, lad, and it won't be the last. Zig Forums has direct influence over the noosphere tbh. Global media conglomerates spend billions trying and failing to achieve what we do just for laughs.

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imagine all the fedora arsepain this generated in 2002


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If a lass watches Love Island is that a red flag?

I think most women watch tat but also yes.

Not really tbh, it's just normie shite like any other.

tbf you probably can't judge a book by its cover especially based off advice by late 20s losers online

Yeah I figured coffee and love island is relatively minor. An orange flag perhaps. At least it's not cocaine and interracial breeding gangs.

You dont seem like a loser Steiner, your vocaroos are funny.

my advice then is to ignore incel menes and not judge a book by its cover

She just sounds normal and simple. My mum turns her nose up at love island but will watch shite like come dine with me.

Dammit lad now he'll be replaced by a new agent.

But that isn't a movie about LA chink skanks?

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next arc is the "steiner was norwegian all along" arc, mark my words

why are they allowed to promote 'trans babies' in the open and if you're just a normal lad who wants children to have an innocent childhood you're the evil one and they'll attack you with satanic dialectic on how people will kill themselves unless you indulge their delusions and life destroying behaviour smdh just venting

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ackshually i posted that earlier sir
fucked up the replies


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aren't you in a tranny cult lass?


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because the people who run our country literally worship demons

this, its part of their whole "androgine" mene in their occult shite

People have really bought into this idea that sex and gender are entirely separate things. The funny thing is that it's like a secular form or religiosity which suggests that the meat is separable from the mind in the first place which sounds like an argument akin to a soul or some form of identity prefigured beyond the flesh.

its also so shallow and emotionless. I doubt homos really experience the same deep feeling a husband and wife share when they see their family and their struggle together

They destroyed religion, so now they latching on to whatever they can use as a replacement tbh, and the satanic globohomo cabal is more than happy to provide.

Of course they don't, lad - they're just aping what they see normal people do because they hate being reminded that they'll never have that kind of life. They never wanted marriage because it was marriage - they just wanted it because they were told it wasn't for them.


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Jewish word games, lad.

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Funny thing is the trannies keep going on about early child hood memories but it's long been proven how unreliable human memory is. People can even be collectively convinced into conjuring memories out of thin air if enough people agree.

Also I don't understand how disassociating with your gender/sex later in life isn't a mental disorder.

But I agree that homos can only wallow in the shallow pleasures they'll never find deep spiritual meaning which is probably why we end up with the self aware homofascist.

Is that Fallen Earth?

no normies know epstein is a kike.

Land is based ngl.

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What is Land
Keek, a blatant lie enforced by the state

Nick Land.


In the end, trannies and homos will always be outcasts that end up necking themselves.

He's an imperium faggot.

Every time I'm reminded of that bastard's existence I feel my blood pressure spike high enough to pop my eyeballs right out of my skull. I'm glad he's dead, but disappointed that it means I won't get to club him to death myself.

>no normies know ep(((stein))) is a kike.
Normies are blind, more at eleven. It doesn't matter though. Them not knowing he's a kike just makes it easier to get even the most kosher of normies to hate him.

but nobody will ever do a dang thing about any of that fag shit.

kikes are burying epstein by pretending they care about perot dying.


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Fresh Gayshit

I kinda assumed that the Institute was meant to be House/Anarchist ending to NV just done really poorly.

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Kek. Who's tuning into to panorama tomorrow to see this hatchet job?

good writing and world building > fancy graphics shite
its why alpha centauri and NV are still god tier

The only thing 4 learned from FNV was iron sights, I got so bored with 4 so quickly when it first came out.

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keeeek good lad



night lads

tbh lad
someone dressed as a lass for ritual purposes is different from trannyism - one's a fetish and an attempt to become something they are fundamentally not, and the other is a necessary sacrifice in order to invite the crone depicted to be physically present in that place and time (and some unlucky lad drew the short straw and had to be her because how else are you going to do it)

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What annoyed me about 3 is the lack of choice and the contrast between the Enclave and the 'good guys'. The Enclave were written well, "We can afford all we need, we cannot afford all we want.", "'Tis better to be alone, then of bad company." rather than generic good guys who want to help everyone because that's the nice thing to do.

The priest or holy man normally took the visage didn't he?

good broadcast lad the creatura-tranny-homo sheitgeist was definitely pre-cooked and ready to serve in the wake of 2008 and it effectively neutered economic leftism as a response to the civilisational theft that was occurring

You could probablly ready everything from about 1900 onwards in the west as a series of controlled dialectics and cultural tropes preordained and organised for us. But certainly from the 1960's onwards you can see the culture of the west being shaped artificially with a controlled counter culture.

yeah the laurel canyon rock band hippy stuff is barely in the realm of conspiracy theory anymore


morning lads

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Smh used to like the times but their article on GI is just pure shite I’m done with it.

Having a whip round lads, turns out there’s more than one so…you can all have one

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Religion merely ceased to be explicitly transcendent but you can still see all the fingerprints of Christianity all over Western civil religion.

good lad its the satanic inversion


love gooks me

lads was the enlightenment just satanism

Does make you wonder with the way secret societies basically took the place of aristocracy.

I mean frederick the great seemed to shit on his own people and lie to them using christianity as a tool to control them while he himself seemed borderline atheist or deist so maybe tbh

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Literally lack souls
All of them. Watched one dragging a Chihuahua along the pavement by it’s lead screaming “WING WAH, WAH,WAH, WAH! MING TANG YEE WAH WONG REEEEEEEE'!,” or some shit at in antspeak last week

Just got home from toil. Bossman wants me back in at 6am tomorrow. Hopefully he will let me go home early…

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Top fucking kek we've got a new triple parentheses.


Forgot pic

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their guardian demons wont let them say the word Christian

I've seen clips of them murdering each other and animals and they just walk by as if nothing is happening smh.

Sorry lad bossmans got to have you in till 8pm tomorrow he really wants his third house soon. Oh and he's lowering you're pay to £4 an hour, thats alright right haha? :)

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Is The Romanovs worth a watch?

FUCK greedy [Religious Group]

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why do they get literal sewer water for the oil tho ???? how would that even help? this is mad makes me glad to be english

Despite being only 0.2% of the global population, [Religious Group] control over 90% of international media.

This is too easy

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