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Okay okay I might have just made this thread to shill my latest video, but still there wasn't one in the catalog.

Discuss videogames shit and how to convert the current Bethesda hate into class consciousness.

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I'm not concerned with the recent bullshit from Fallout MMO's clusterfuck, but I remember reading an article critical of automation that claimed most of the changes just pushed work onto the consumers, like fast food kiosks making you put in your order instead of having someone at the counter do it, and I couldn't help but think of videogame mods, For the most part they're done for free, and in the case of bethshit games they're essential for most players to use. So the purpose of having "mod-friendly" tools and shit is so the publisher can release a shit product and make the community fix it instead of having to pay developers to make a fun experience. Think about the last time you played a vanilla game when mods were available and realize porky is fucking moddders into working for free and liking it.

Fallout 76 biggest problem is the technical debt in their engine and tools. There are still bugs from Skyrim in Fallout 76, the whole MMO format and rush job just pulled the curtain on how unbelievably broken Bethesta's production cycle is where they are demanding glitchers tell them how they glitched the game to get in the testing room.

Fallout 76's biggest problem is that it's part of the franchise that has been shit from the very beginning.

Since the very beginning?

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Whenever someone complains about Bethesda, REDpill them on their corporate wing Zenimax's contractually jerking around other studios (Human Head, Arkane, Obsidian, Splash Damage, iD, etc.) to soften them up for acquisition, ruining games in the process. e.g.:

The string of different rights-holders (EA, Interplay, Vivendi, Bethesda, Troika, Obsidian, InXile), "new" IPs made to get around them (Wasteland, Fallout, Arcanum), stillborn projects (Meantime, Torn, Van Buren, Black Hound, FAILSAFE, Aliens), and abominations made in their wreckage (Fountain of Dreams, Lionheart, Fallout Tactics/BoS/3/4/76) are a good case study for everything wrong with the industry's typical structure.

Although I must admit that after weathering all this nonsense for decades of their careers, the longtime professional collaboration and friendship between the core group of developers (Sawyer, Avellone, Urquehart, Cain, Boyarsky) ultimately broke up not due to any of the external tribulations they had to endure, but ego-driven internal disputes. A tragedy considering what more they might have accomplished in a better arranged industry.

At least we get occasional fangames like Age of Decadence.

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Fallout's biggest problem is Caesars Legion was only a playable faction for one game

Just like ur ghey mum

I still want to make free open source video games.
Can't contribute much yet but I'm on my way.

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Hey, I posted about Atomic Hearts in the previous thread months back, they recently released a proper gameplay trailer of it that has been making some waves.

…doesn't it get old?

Idiots like yourself who can't even read the post he replies to are at the bottom tier of people who should not in any case receive immortality.

Correct, Fallout was a buggy, unfinished, fundamentally-broken piece of trash on release. In fact it exemplified many of the inherent problems with capitalist game development long before bigger 3D AAA projects.

Upcoming /ourgames/ in 2019:

Also the Vaporwave based game Broken Reality is out. Anyone here have any options on it?

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Oh man that french revolution game sounds so fun. I'd love to try out Mao's Legacy but neither CitK nor Ostalgie worked on my computer, tried many things to get it to work but nothing worked. The same thing would probably happen with this one.

Are you talking about the transhumanist movement as it actually exists or transhumanism in concept? Because the core concept is solid - our biology is limiting and we can transcend it. In fact, transcending our biological limits with technology is arguably what defines our species now. The alienation you're talking about is simply the result of people already living in a capitalist milieu and being part of transhumanism as a movement. It's not a product of the ideology itself, but of the context in which it currently exists.

Really? They are simple Unity games, Wine doesn't like them but Wine compatibility with games still has alot to be desired.

Basically in terms of games like Red Alert, this means you roleplay as a parody of cold war anti-Soviet propaganda.

I liked Red Alert 1 & 2 but can we omit these games that have a superficial and tenuous link to Marxism? It's not like the list won't keep a casual newcomer busy as is and they're better off avoiding liberal clichés and misconceptions on Marxism.

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sovietaboos like to play as the ussr even if it's evil

The series really shits on both side, though. Up to you if that's better or worse, I guess. In the main series, Kain is nazbol AF.

The thing is I don't think it was something about the performance of my laptop (yes it is a laptop but it's not shitty, I should be able to run this just fine). The problem was that the game never even loaded for me, it just got stuck on this white screen forever (not even loading screen). And for Ostalgie the only thing that loaded was the start menu music but it was the same thing, I have no clue what could be causing the problem.

Didn't even have Stalin as the real villain.

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I don't think we should embrace the reputation, you get skewered for rightfully pointing out that Mao & Stalin were objectively better for their people than prior autocrats (see Dianne Abbot), we shouldn't legitimise horseshoe theory.

I'm not saying that we boycott these games, I'm saying in the context of a Marxist infographic, that they are inappropriate.
I'd just rather we promote a more nuanced and informative image of ourselves.

Exactly, I remember being a smug impressionable centrist kid thinking I was above the ideology of conservatives and soviets when I played it, most politically uninformed people take it at face value and whilst acknowledging it as a cheesy videogame, it further reinforces their preconceptions, it's a pro liberal game.

bruh we on Zig Forums

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I didn't have the video to hand so I did the next best thing with an image search, but damn you for noticing, I thought no one would notice if I just changed the filename.

Here's a better version.

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It's a neat animation but it's hardly a "better version" for reaction posting.

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Only RA3.
The Allies were pretty much heroic in the first two.
And only an add-on of the first introduced a Soviet general who was quite sympathetic and did not try to backstab you.

As a sort of hypothetical question do you think the twitter tanks would side with the GLA or China

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Would it be objectively better for Dianne Abbot to be deported to a collective farm where she is forced to pick cotton all day?



It's a right shame that the threat of legal action against the upcoming multiplayer mods for Skyrim and GTA could fuck over these types of experiments because maying for watered down multiplayer experiences in order to make more money is a preferable alternative to community developed ingenuity.

It's the fact that consoles persist. As long as an entire segment of gormless consumers cut off from legal mods (and, in the case of many types of multiplayer games, access to private dedicated servers to run them on) exists, they'll form the thin wedge greedy devs need to fuel repeated attempts at bringing mods under their thumb as paid content, or eliminating them entirely in favor of DLC/microtransactions.

Hopefully the Steam Machine tactic of selling PCs with console-like "10' UI" at a slightly higher MSRP for a profit, so devkit licenses with walled garden enforcement aren't needed to fund the loss-leader business model, will be competently executed at some point in the future, killing consoles forever.

Where am i supposed to download emulators now that emuparadise is gone?

Zophar's Domain

There are plenty of FOSS ones on F-Droid, I don't know about windows but I'm sure you can torrent one and failing that download an android shell for Windows and run an emulator through that if you can't find one by an Internet search.

From their developers on their personal clearnet websites, since they're 100% legal and free. Or just get the multi-emulator RetroArch if you can put up with its ridiculous interface, in exchange for the awesome latency-reduction and graphics quality features.

If you mean "where can I get ROM/firmware dumps", the answer is same as always: Torrent goodsets, or if you're too much of a lazy bastard to find torrents yourself, check in the /v/ share thread >>>/v/16036924

Oh, and for an up-to-date guide to emulators with links, check our wiki:

Anyone who isn't a god (in the true sense, not in the sense of transhumanist rhetoric) is limited. You could make the counterargument that a crippled person is limited more than a regular human being, but the logic of that argument applies to anyone who isn't a god so you can thus keep escalating it to infinity.

This is exactly why the idea of transhumanism is a symptom of alienation. The belief that you are fundamentally flawed and thus need to fundamentally change in one way or another supposedely for the better is a THE symptom of alienation in class society. (see: trannies, incels, the plastic surgery industry, many psychonauts and hippies, etc.) When mankind is liberated from its shackles, transhumanism will be on par with other retrofuturisms like steampunk.

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can we endlessly argue angrily about new vegas factions tho? for some reason this is my favorite thing to do when it comes to videogames

RetroShit is a tumor attached to legitimate projects.

Fallout is shit tho.

dumb opinion, 2 and new vegas are legitimately good, obsidian is a genuine good 0 blunder company that makes the best story games, new vegas has absolutely nothing to do with fallout 3 or 4 or skyrim or any of that other garbage

Half-agreed. LibRetro (the underlying API for emulator cores) is fantastic, giving latency reduction, shaders, netplay, recording, rewind/fastforward, features from different emulator forks merged, and regularly updated crossplatform ports for host platforms both new and amazingly old. RetroArch (the one and only actively developed or feature-complete frontend for LibRetro) is a mindboggling abomination, with its disgusting XMB-ripoff gamepad 10' UI, inflexible and counterintuitive RetroPad controller abstraction, and incredibly clunky library system.

Fortunately, early efforts at a WIMP GUI using Qt are now underway, but it's far from capable of wholly replacing the default XMB abominations.

WAS. Remember most of their best talent were chased out by Sawyer's massive ego (kept under control in prior years by his longtime colleagues fighting against publishers) going completely autistic since they went indy, and they've been bringing in so many Tumblrina diversity hires they haven't made anything truly solid since Stick of Truth.

bruv im only familiar with older games, ive tried finding good new games and only found divinity 2 and factorio

On the RPG side, check out Pathfinder: Kangmaker, it's a reasonably competent BG/IWD-alike RPG made by the roosskies, there's also the somewhat older Age of Decadence, a better than Fallout-clone made by Codexian shitposters. On the strategy/management/puzzle side, I think you might like Zachtronics games, like Infinifactory, SpaceChem.

Uh, that's literally just the concept of original sin, but I'm not talking about something being wrong, just something that could be better. If we can create augmentations we'll do it, as we have done since literally forever. Using a microscope or contact lenses is a form of non-permanent transhumanism. So is getting in an airplane. Integrating circuitry into the body is already happening with cripples and will eventually be viable as a general practice. You're doing the same thing anti-GMO people do where you fetishize a "natural" state that doesn't even really exist.

currently im on stellaris, always had a soft spot for starts and factorio whatever the heck category factorio is, and story games

among all the games ive played, for some reason planescape:torment and fallout new vegas left quite an impact on me, dunno why, maybe because i was young and impressionable but those two story games were extremely enjoyable to me

Reminder that the backstory to Gears of War is literally reverse posadaism. World socialism is established before a burger-tier creatura menace invades within weeks and destroys society.

Worldwide transhumanism is only inevitable if capitalism persists an unreal amount of time. The reasons a healthy person would want to get useless (in most practices) augmentations will almost solely be to one-up other people, display wealth, cheat in sports or other physical competitions, try to halt their aging, etc. all solidly based in the consequences of class society. Most people won't do it for a job either because a machine could most likely do it better than a cyborg. I'm willing to wager that most transhumanists only adhere to it because it looks cool in the capitalist consumer media, that's at least how I was.

All these "transhumanism was here since the beginning" arguments serve no point because according to you people it begins as soon as we stop killing animals for food with our bare hands.

smh fam ttly undialectical tbh

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An early version of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has been given to streamers like Keralis. From what I've seen it is still rough with finicky connections and such but it still looks neat.

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Current mood made people hate communism so much, they rather would start love Bethesda than getting redpilled.

It's literally like that Dom Helder Camara quote.
“When I say lootboxes are shit, they call me based. When I explain why lootboxes are shit, they call me a communist.”

Neolib agitation and propaganda did a great job. Even the righties who claim to be against them play out their roles as they have intended just perfectly. And you can't do nothing because you will never own as much PR money as they have.

I'd have to disagree, even on 8/v/ the attitude toward regulatory intervention is "bring it on", sophist attempts to conflate it with censorship are seen through immediately, and anyone even calling it a "lesser evil" is almost uniformly lambasted as a lolbert cocksucker.

It's not a real solution (communism) to vidya's casualshit/socialshit whalebait problem, but it's a MASSIVE step in the correct direction.

Workers & Resources is supposedly coming out to early access at the end of the week.

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For every bug or gameplay flaw that Fallout 2 fixed it brought with it something else bad. It's a trash game for some of the same reasons as the first and a few different reasons of its own. Fallout is a garbage series full of garbage games no matter the perspective.

How to do global communism in Victoria 2 besides Cold War Enhancement?

How is the Geopolitical Simulator (now Power & Revolution) series still going? I haven't seen gameplay of the new release but the last versions were buggy messes that had clunky restrictive economic models. For example you could only buy out a sector, there was no option to expropriate or even to build national firms to compete with the private sector. Hell you can't even control your money supply outside interest rates

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