How to get into Wilhelm Reich?

How to get into Wilhelm Reich?

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You don't.

Why not? Is it dangerous?

If you seek truth, read Reich's Cosmic Superimposition. Go down deep the Kundalini path.
If you seek change, see . Transcendental DiaMat is too funky to get the masses on the street.

Reich was the Foucault of his time and is the boogeyman that leads many astray from the left. If you read Reich you'll go full progressive or worse.

Are you aware that you are retarded?

Fantastic argument.

How do you expect people to argue against baseless slander? You are just confirming that you are braindead.

Start with animals, move up from there.

Whenever rightwingers need a boogeyman to prove all leftists are just Jewish pedo's and socialism will lead to the legalization of pedophilia, beastiality, and chaos they only need to bring up Reich, and Otto Muehl.
For this reason I strongly recommend you stop.
But if you won't I will, it's your choice if you want to deface leftism.

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Oh and can't forget.
Literally the worst form of pseudo science there was.
But I digress. If you want to discuss Reich I won't stop you. But when another revolution turns to tankies or nazi's hijacking it again don't say I didn't warn you lad.

Great argument, really convincing.

He was molested as a child and had deviant sex ever since. This eventually led to a lot of cock ups in perspective and life. He's not evil but he shouldn't be listened to unless very very cautiously.
The same goes for Jung and Freud.

are you that twitter person who believes that zizek is Fascist?


Christ the nigga who wrote the Illuminatus books?
He was an anarchist?
Anyways as far as text goes Wilson isn't wrong, unless it's anarcho communism that still has laws, or individualist communism that encourages solitude, sexual liberation is practically required to do away with rape. And therefore authoritarians associate it with anarchism and use it as propaganda to
The problem is by the time I read this
It all goes to shit because usually modern arguments for sexual liberation like I said above have nothing to do with psychoanalysis shit it's to legalize crimes in a safe fashion that leads to no conflict under an anarchist society the same way abolishing currency would to stop robberies. Not because human beings can't control themselves like animals. Although it can be argued it has it's roots in such foolish thought which is bad because it's an easily falsifiable argument.

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Give me your pitch about Orgone energy and what role it will play in socialism.

Reich was kind of a quack. Freud once dismissed his work on focusing too much on his “hobby horse”: the orgasm. He banged a lot of his female students and seems like a psychopath. I don’t think you should take him seriously, particularly the garbage about orgones.

he's funny as a meme but pretty bad

oh I'm sure the cavemen were civilized af.\

not that I care.

Rousseau was in the belief that man is at his highest in the wild, most Anprims except Camatte were tolerable (Kaczinsky gets an honorable mention, though he ripped a lot from Spengler). William Reich was just a pervert

Freud was way saner than Reich.

not at all, you have too much faith in humanity. ought to ground yourself in reality with some Cioran and Schopenhauer.

meant to say "were not"

not entirely incorrect depending on the material conditions

you're not my real shrink.

Orgone energy is just Reich's regurgitation of the concept that human beings have the ability to manipulate reality and by extent their bodies, it's not as much about socialism as is for a society that works well with socialism.

That's it, I take it back Reich did nothing wrong.

Don't both /philosophy/ and /Parthenon/ both consider him to be the edgiest philosopher of all time?

Is everybody on their lunch break? Why did the thread just get 3 different posters?

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Also yeah it's not entirerly incorrect in the same way it's not entirely incorrect that imperialism was about white man's burden.

he didn't? anything for leftpol to disagree with me I guess.

I'm sure you can name hundreds of currently existing anarchist states. no, Kurdistan is not a real country or collective. its idpol driven and anarchism is workers collectivism without a state or ideology.

also I don't think Rousseau was actually an anarchist but a proto-Socialist, more for the abolition of private property and a return to the primal. I don't think he cared whether his ideal was given a state or not, or whether it had a leader or not.

Freud was a reactionary shithead of course he hated the Reich that grew up reading Stirner.

I was joking when I said I take it back, Reich is still shit, that was a deliberate overreaction to show how stupid you sounded.
I'm also not an anarchist, just a sympathizer.
I can't.
>Anarchism is worker driver collectivism
Not in every case, no.

Freud was a reactionary shithead.
Ftfy but not just Freud commented on him, his daughter and multiple other people have and they pretty much all agree Reich was Chris chan if he focused on frivolous psychoanalysis and not drawing Sonic.



We will use it to defend against the 5G death squads.

We get it you're a woman, neuromancer.

The eternal feminine

The Situs seemed to like him.


Of course they are. Women are children in adult bodies. AoC therefore doesn't matter. We're all fucking children. Take that as you will.