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You know how the right wing dominates the internet? How the biggest representatives of the left are red liberals? There's a significant number of out communists/anarchists online. Why are we/they not actively organizing? Why are we not systematically examining the discourse together and trying to improve our content and its reach? We're not just up against an opposed majority, but platforms that themselves regard us as problematic. You can say online doesn't matter but look at how many young people are being influenced or swayed politically this way.

We can at least start by putting together lists of people, right? That way we can subscribe/follow/support. And I don't just mean e-celebs here. There are people putting out good quality criticism, covering news, and so on. Other groups online have benefitted tremendously from coordinating and collaborating as well as helping each other improve at what they do. Can communist content creators plan the content creation economy or try to collectivize to some degree? The lack of labor activism or unions in this sector makes people doing this kind of work highly vulnerable to capricious platforms banning them or even tweaking the algorithms. Is this not fertile ground for organization in a way that's highly visible and popularly appealing?

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Oooh! An actually-juicy thread!
Because trying to centrally plan what eight billion people say strangles the left. A lot of that paragraph has similar problems, but hey, the general spirit is good.
Here's a better idea :

Secure Email Wiki

Non-Discord-Controlled Chat

Site/Work Local Archiving Tool
(just reupload when censored!)

Non-script Video/File Hosting :

Embezzlement for La Causa

HTML Reference

CSS Reference

…now where are my pirate webhosts, because I cannot find any.


bump for insurgency

Problem is my social and economic views are very different. Dunno if I'd be a risk or not

get associated with a real movement of people and have them watch your shit for theory.

Or, just post up what you actually think and feel while other people post stuff that… isn't wrong. Let the process of anarchist socialism and free thought figure it out.
One needs many doctrines, not one.

personal opinions are that.

personal fucking opinions.

Xi Jinping is a capitalalalalalalalalatist


I mean, there's no relation between what you typed and the message you're replying to, but you could make a webpage with your greentext, and people could agree, disagree, or even make other webpages.
Leftpol, otoh, is where no one cooperates or coordinates, because one user tried to help, and you're posting shit like this instead of digging up free web hosts.

I was shitposting to bump the thread before I had something more substantial to contribute. It's more effective than just saying "bump" because it might spur someone to reply and bump again later.

What's the point of having a bunch of separate web pages exactly? /left*pol/ has tried collaborating to run another site (Spectre Rouge) and that didn't work out with a number of contributors. Why would splitting contributions across multiple webpages improve this?

'k. That's legit.

Bumping for epic thread of last hope.

Most of those leftists are SJWs who caused the right-wing's online rise. No one here on the Zig Forums leftist boards wants to admit that we're a minority too small to save the left or have any meaningful political impact, probably because of how depressing that fact is.

Bumping for mass communist infrastructure creation.

I really want to make open source video games as an alternative to the shit AAA developers are using to scam people.
At the moment I can't contribute much and I'm afraid when I'm capable of contributing anything I can't find a leftist community to come together and do something.
I do believe open source will empower the devs and the end user and we live in a moment where it's need the most.

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That is the general nature of leftist communities.
Why not go full communism? FLOSS it out, see what the community as a whole can manage….
It's a scripting language, but basic knowledge translates REALLY well across languages.
I expect you to be able to come up with something in under 24 hours.

Have you learnt how to code in anything yet?

What about flash animation? Harry Partridge used to shit out mspaint/PowerPoint tier animations when he started off as a kid on newgrounds and he learnt a lot from the free tutorials on there.

Even if you give up on video games, consider making FOSS apps for the public. Look up F-Droid (it's a FOSS repository for android), one app I use and shared with a bunch of my normie friends is the Musicpiped one that let's you stream YouTube audio files like as though it were Spotify and make playlists etc, it has saved them from wasting money on rent seeking music services.
And then there's working towards projects like Libreoffice that undermine Microsoft as another example.

I mean I do want to make FOSS games I just say open source for reasons.
I'd love a community driven game but the foss games that already exist do not gather a community to help them grow, that is another issue to tackle.
Basic C knowledge and dabbled a little into z80 assembly, can't do much but I have a vague idea on how to do the hard stuff.
I'd also will like to see what can I do with the Doom 3 engine, it's foss after all.
I can do graphics but not animation, I should dabble into it and since I already have draftsmanship I don't think it'll take me too much.
Oh I'd love to make apps like that plus I already have f droid and only use apps from it but I want to aim higher.
I got intro programming to contribute to React OS and only later on released I can make vidya, contributing to ROS is still my major goal

If you can make even a crap video game, you can do top-grade animation., it really is that simple.
Take a look at South Park with the sound off. Note that it's outdone graphically by 1980s video games.
Also, try not to forget that some of the world's best games have been text-based, top-down tile-based rpgs, and similar no-frills good-crafting stuff. Demoeffects are easy to add later, it's what they're on that takes thought.

I see, I'll see where can i go

Why don't we collaborate? I want to write a comedy, but I have no idea how it could ever become performed.

Want to make rant videos about topics with a leftist perspective but im too autistic

hey don't let autism stop you.

I've had a blog for awhile.

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jk though I fixed the formatting. is white good enough? don't want to use fruity colors and blue on red causes headaches.

Why would you put a background behind white text? We learned not to do that shit on web pages in the 90s.

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Yet you still don't know any better.