Brit/pol/ #2908: 12th Edition

Tommy Robinson supporter attacks BBC film crew and fans hurl smoke bombs after EDL founder is jailed for nine months
A FURIOUS Tommy Robinson fan attacked a BBC film crew while supporters hurled smoke bombs after the EDL founder was jailed for nine months today

University of Brighton student designs chair to stop 'manspreading'
Laila Laurel, who has graduated from a 3D design and craft degree from the University of Brighton, has won a national prize for her chairs which prevent “manspreading”

Ian Beale's teenage son will turn to Islam to find peace after leaving prison for killing his sister in EastEnders storyline designed 'to challenge prejudices about faith'
Producers have said they want to show the positive impact of religion in 21st-century society, with Bobby - played by Clay Milner Russell - taking a new direction after leaving prison

The Archbishop of Canterbury banned abuse victim from cathedral grounds after treating his case with “casual indifference”, IICSA hears
Details of the incident emerged for the first time today and occurred in 2011 when the Most Rev Justin Welby was Dean of Liverpool Cathedral, the man had alleged he was sexually abused by an unidentified offender who was linked to the Cathedral

Christopher Lloyd Wants Next ‘Back to the Future’ Film to Be About Climate Change
Lloyd, who played the madcap Doc Brown in the films, has ruminated about a fourth installment of the hit 1980s series for several years. But now he insists that the next film should “convey a message” about climate change

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willies and bums

boomers who don't get zoomer humour just FUCK OFF

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jej fortnite so based

Orange lodge are gay

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t. ira

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Prods are insufferable tbh

never met a proddie that wasn't a degenerate

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just repeating something over and over does not make it funny

they make good music tbf

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who cares, Protestantism is nothing more than liberalism in religious form.

just repeating something over and over does not make it funny

Protestantism is nothing more than Catholicism with the paganism removed

smh tbh they were banter

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Thought you were catholic la

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Prods are such boomers

death to israel and death to america

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Manlet Lanklet King

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Retard alert


Troll tbh.

I fucking hate yanks. Fuck off, epic troll.


based on what la

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Protestantism is Catholicism without the idolatry, greed, sin and corruption

Unironically this.

good lad

Death to the Great Satan, good lad.

this but unironically

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Prots are yankoids Catholicism is evropean

Your twitter. What denomination are you?

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Protestantism is man made.


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peak boomer

Catholicism is Jew made. Protestantism is Aryan made

binary butt? i don't get it

No idea, why is this one the Hungarian flag.

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Jesus made the Catholic Church. Jews incited prot retards to rebel.

What denomination are you?

Don't recall ever posting Catholic stuff tbh, I'm Anglican.

No lad, (((Saul))) did that


good lad

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I guess it was just your G K Chesterton posting.

Literally no excuse there lad.

don't like the shape of wog women tbh

not following British Jesus, the only true Jesus

based lads on tour

i don't know why Brits go to spain, it's too hot, the food is shit, and it's full of spics

cookin ur brains in the sun all day enhances the power of carlin

Jesus actually tho innit

I hate getting drunk tbh

Jesus couldn't read or write lad, he didn't write the bible

proud Benidorm Protestant Boys

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tbh tbh

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that pin is fucking great lel


No the Catholic Church did and prot retards claim that the Bible is all that matters.

Prots are such boomers

Think he’s retard denomination

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Protestantism is basically the third testament. God saw what a mess the Jews had made with Catholicism, so he sent Martin Luther to fix it all and put it back the way Jesus meant it to be

Classist huh? Those are capitalist, neoliberal educated.

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Which King had the best looking locks?

The five first Edwards were the GOAT monarchs

he literally has the Chad face

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100Mph content full of quick-cut transitions for the retard with low attention span and high time preference

this tbh, it's no "humour" as much as mental illness brought on by extreme digital entertainment saturation, a combination of autism and ADHD

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Is that a new euphemism?

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those shoes were a bold move tbh

not sure he pulled it off tho


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Google workers can listen to what people say to its AI home devices
Google acknowledged its contractors are able to listen to recordings of what people say to the company’s artificial-intelligence system, Google Assistant

Anyone shocked by this should be classed as mentally retarded.

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to be truly progressive, those old men need to be naked, and the children forced to look at their wrinkly ding dongs.

that's how we're going to end Hate



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Basically yeah, we already knew this, it was fuckign obvious. The whole point of these stupid boxes is to spy on you

exactly. Told me mates dad who’s a reddit atheist tech cuck that has this aswell as an Alexa and all the other surveillance tools and he literally said “I’ve got nothing to hide”. VIRGIN tbh

that means it must be okay for you to go routing through his draws, wallet, hard drive etc.

if he objects just say, "but I thought you had nothing to hide?"



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where this at?

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bho are all these guys?


Love this video

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I never saw this smh

b unch of well dressed white guys?

of course he was gonna be a seething incels, smh, these incels should just accept they're not gonna get pussy in this lifetime and read some ecclesiastes.

You literally cannot be more cucked than a Loyalist

what about Christian Zionists?

Mandem got boomboomed i his tingting in Wemberlee bruv, nuff said, respek