Brit/pol/ #2909: Bold and Brash Edition

Tommy Robinson supporter attacks BBC film crew and fans hurl smoke bombs after EDL founder is jailed for nine months
A FURIOUS Tommy Robinson fan attacked a BBC film crew while supporters hurled smoke bombs after the EDL founder was jailed for nine months today

University of Brighton student designs chair to stop 'manspreading'
Laila Laurel, who has graduated from a 3D design and craft degree from the University of Brighton, has won a national prize for her chairs which prevent “manspreading”

Ian Beale's teenage son will turn to Islam to find peace after leaving prison for killing his sister in EastEnders storyline designed 'to challenge prejudices about faith'
Producers have said they want to show the positive impact of religion in 21st-century society, with Bobby - played by Clay Milner Russell - taking a new direction after leaving prison

The Archbishop of Canterbury banned abuse victim from cathedral grounds after treating his case with “casual indifference”, IICSA hears
Details of the incident emerged for the first time today and occurred in 2011 when the Most Rev Justin Welby was Dean of Liverpool Cathedral, the man had alleged he was sexually abused by an unidentified offender who was linked to the Cathedral

Christopher Lloyd Wants Next ‘Back to the Future’ Film to Be About Climate Change
Lloyd, who played the madcap Doc Brown in the films, has ruminated about a fourth installment of the hit 1980s series for several years. But now he insists that the next film should “convey a message” about climate change

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morning lads

Good lad.

Mornin' lad.

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indians need to be exterminated FUCK this is what its like to be dispossessed

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These cunts turning up everywhere spouting utter bollocks


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Educate yourself steiner

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good lad

no matter how many degrees I have or books I write I will always be seen as some flyover redneck in modern america thanks to that fucking kikes race of cowbirds


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Shocking state of affairs

morning lids

literally turner diaries with the legalisation of rape tbh

how about we just fucking close down all the prisons and abolish the police while were at it

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I despise all institutional cliques tbh

I mean yeah sure like if we made crimes legal again we could drastically reduce prison populations and thus prison bills.

Smash closed systems

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Should just probably abolish Britain
Let these Albanians run it

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more coverage on the beeb than the yellow jackets smh

While we are at it, I mean why do we need our teachers to be able to able to spell or add up correctly ? We could increase our teacher numbers if we lowered the standards required for teaching and we all know more teachers means more students.

Maths and spelling tests for trainee teachers 'will be scrapped in an attempt to boost numbers of staff'

based poles coming here to do the jobs us lazy brits don't want to do
saviours of the h'white race they are

theyll let brika bongo sujak carry around a bat covered in barbed wire but the moment i try to conceal carry a zweihander suddenly im a criminal


literally turning into brazil rn

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More police violence, baton rounds and teargas being used on mostly peaceful yellow jackets than unruly invaders

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Too much effort is required to bring people up to a standard, therefore we will lower the standard. Everyone is equal now. Hooray.

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he'll get mossaded soon enough he is going to become too influential

I hate this faggot, I want to see him get his face rocked

love nick fuentes me

tfw no British Nick Fuentes

smh fuck you

good lil dog


Is she right, lads?

Put together my new bed

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no, rich liberal white women are.

8 more hours of boomer toil lads T minus 20 minutes until blast off

What are you going to be doing.


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Its funny because kesha was raped and nonced by jewish music producers


Wtf is it!!?

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I'd hang myself if I had to pin plaster board to stud walls all day.

Its the best kind of work, working in an office is grounds for a mass shooting and suicide

its not the best but its better than alot of stuff and I am only doing it on the side to get extra bux and not telling taxman

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Fresh(ish) HC


It's literally the most boring job of the trades only painting skirting is more boring but decorators are basically monkeys.

Good lad, I won't ever let them pry cash money out of this system.



looks like we got him boys, loot his corpse so uncle sam can get his beak wet

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Try working in a supermarket, lad. It's just as repetitive, with the added bonus of having hordes of noisy effniks getting under your feet constantly. I'd honestly be willing to murder a guy in cold blood if it'd get me a job putting up plasterboard tbh.

Good lad. One of my favourite ways to pass the time while at work is to try and figure out the best way to block off all the exits so I can burn the store down with everyone (including myself) still inside.

Kek, good lad.

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. We should be prosecuting wog crimes in ecclesiastical court tbh.

I would love to get a job painting skirting boards tbh.


good lad

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If you don't you're a retard, basically. NatSoc is available to take, also.

No thanks, lass. Not a fan of any of that stuff tbh.

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It's needed. You have no choice.

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maybe you should look into the cause, rather than the symptoms.

Two of them….

These fuckers will be out in three years. Should just be executed. Irredeemable

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Still symptoms there.

Not enough yoof clubz

No, the UK neoliberal government is clearly very bad.

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Stuns me how this everyday criminality has just become ingrained in our society. Dodgy corner shops, kebab shops, indian takeaways, chicken shops and so on are pervasive across towns and cities. Everybody knows they represent hostile parasitic criminal enterprises but nothing happens


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Times running out Lammy.

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what a king

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Time for war

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they must be the softest targets available to the dispossessed tbh

What kind of docile cunts patronise those establishments? Mind you, I've known nationalists who think nothing of going for a kebab or Indian after a few drinks.

True tbh. They don’t know the meaning of the word. If you tell them they go off on a ‘muh food’ rant

Do people actually like kebabs?

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comedy gold tbh

death to self proclaimed foodies

I don't think I've met a foodie that actually cared for food tbh

How do people have zero spatial awareness the moment they whip their phone out? I can walk along Oxford Street whilst on my phone and I've never had a problem.


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Maybe I should start a youtube channel and LARP as a pagan. Yanks love it

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