If you could travel back in time and stop something from happening, what would it be? And why?

If you could travel back in time and stop something from happening, what would it be? And why?
I'll start
(Pics are just there because there is almost nothing but porn occupying my hard drive so these are the only history pics I have)

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given that transgenderism isn't an event good luck w that buddy

Fuck that. Serious answer, I'd try to prevent the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Who knows how much history there is to learn from that's just lost now.

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I agree OP. Stopping gender ideology from fermenting and drilling like a cancer into the brains of the youth is of utmost importance to the revolutionary cause.

Kill the original suffragetes

give ar-15s to the peasant revolts back in the middle ages

Actually this would be the most based and redpilled answer. We would be living under CHRISTCOM GANG by now if they had won.

Based af my nigger

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The technology would have to be replicable by a bunch of agrarian peasants, not to mention that they would need gallons of oil and huge stockpiles of amunition.

Better answer: give the pre-Columbian Andean civilizations the schematics for a steam engine in the thirteenth century. The Americas industrialize before Columbus arrives. Capitalism never gets the colossal windfall that is a pair of continents full of resources, because the Americas will already have capitalism. Capitalism chokes itself out globally by the nineteenth century when the Indian Ocean trade dies down.

Are you all retarded? OP posts pictures of the world wars but everyone is screeching about "muh idpol" or fantasizing about peasants with semi-automatic rifles. Obviously the answer is preventing the socdem betrayal of the proletariat by supporting the first world war. If not for that, capitalism would have been abolished by now and we would all be living in our communist utopias.

I would go back in time and kill Yaqub before he is able to create the white race.

This 1000X, I'd almost say OP's juxtaposition of the first two pics with the hilariously blatant bait in the text was a deliberate test of the board's lQ, which everyone except you failed.

It's obviously, the 2nd Internationale blinking at the long-anticipated prospect of The Great War instead of, as planned for years in advance, using it as the pretext for the greatest, most paralyzing general strike in history. With absolutely united internot socialism on one side, and such a naked desire for pointless human slaughter over nationalist imperialism on the other, it would've absolutely destroyed porky's political credibility in the leadup to either the most one-sided landslide electoral sweep in history, or the most one-sided revolutionary wave in history as armies prepared for WWI instead marched right back up to their capitals.

The only misstep worse than that I can think of, though I'm a bit too brainlet on the specific historical string of social squabbling involved, would've been if the autism between Marx and Bakunin that broke the 1st Internationale could've been kept in check.

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1. op that baits just super weak
2. I would do youtube.com/watch?v=wPODghAr3Vc in order, but without the survelliance. Kickstart a communist revolt in the 12th century, then come back a few decades later and help humanity advance to the stars.

I'd eradicate religion by rounding up all religious faggots and incinerating them in a sort of reverse inquisition. Even deist faggots would be executed, no questions asked. Every single one of them would be executed.

That'd prevent the creation of capitalism.

Find a way to convince Stalin to link up with Trotsky's forces at the battle of Warsaw. Had Poland flipped red in 1920, Germany would probably have followed soon after, and world communism would have been achieved before WW2.

Nothing because changing the past can only lead to unknowable chaos, but changing the future leads to exactly what you're expecting if you do it right.

Na of course I'm fucking joking, that shit's a poetic shit post but is gay too. Actually go back in time dressed as a god, and go around in say a hot air balloon or a plane and tell all the people who survived the volcanic eruption years ago when humans were at the lowest population point to A. Never go to Europe or anywhere else, keep it all to one race. B. Never allow capitalism to take hold otherwise the Gods will kill the remaining few left alive.
Boom no capitalism ever. Human race is saved. I get statues made in my honor and people remember me as the savior of mankind.

This but unironically, crackers coming into being was the worst mistake humanity ever made.
t. Self conscious etho nationalist.

Go back 65 million years with some nukes and finish the job
Mammalian life was a mistake

Go back 15 billion years before the big bang and destroy all particles. Life itself was a mistake.


It's hard to say any one thing would make a huge difference because material conditions are so important. Is every extraterrestrial civilization fated to go through some phase of capitalism before reaching communism?

Birds are a dead end, there's only so much tool manipulation you can do with a beak.

the problem is in the west the religious have more weapons. and religion existed before capitalism. being anti-religious in the current material conditions is actually extremely reactionary. its subtle class disposition. more rich people are atheist than poor folks. sorry to say but you sound like a dreamer and an idiot also pic related

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The collapse of the soviet union

No thanks I'd rather not unmake my own birth.


Holy shit you are fucking stupid

Give nukes to Sherman so the US is too ruined to stop the USSR who is also now regarded (rightfully) as the savior of Europe and defeater of nazis.

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Freikorps suppression of the Spartacus Revolution.

Help the syndies win the Spanish Civil War
I want to

Fuck off, religion is anti-materalist, and is against the enlightenment. Socialism is the conclusion of the enlightenment without the contradictions of capitalism.

Or put us in the Red World Timeline. All hail Supreme Leader Sanders.

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Save the Paris commune, arm anarchists in the 1st Spanish Civil War, prevent Trotsky from betraying Makhno and crushing Kronsdadt, kill the freikorps and the burgeoning fascist movements, give the IWW arms and information to launch an insurgency, hitting OP's mom until she miscarries.

Stop the rise of Christianity by hunting down the bastard con-artist Jesus and his cult following of impressionable rubes thereby also preventing Islam from also arising later.

No iconoclasm (anti-pagan, Byzantine & Islamic), no Christian persecution of pagans, no crusades including the Baltic ones, no inquisition (including the Goan one), no Islam triggered dark ages for western Europe (papyrus monopoly in Islamic Egypt triggered decline of knowledge preservation), biblical palimpsests never become a thing (ancient knowledge being recycled into bibles because writing material becomes expensive, & bibles being prioritised instead of science & mathematics), academies and the sciences maintain patronage instead of nobility funding religious studies at monasteries and maddrassas.
Less sectarianism as old pagan faiths including Hinduism are more pluralistic.
The greatest minds of the day not wasted on theological masturbation like the Arianism, Nestorian, Monothelite, Iconoclast, Protestant etc controversies.

Pic related The Archimedes Palimpsest, a Bible that overwritten a mathematical treatise by Archimedes (who lived 3rd century BC) on actual infinity as opposed to potential infinity, a mathematical concept that was only thought to have been formed in the 17th century. This palimpsest is the sole surviving copy of that work. There are many other palimpsests and many that we don't know of, and many classical works that we will never know of because they weren't deemed a priority in their preservation.


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No room for material conditions in your interpretation of history, is there? No, everything is the fault of one religion. Who's the impressionable rube now?

OP from being conceived, because a world with one less transphobe is a better world.
Also, I would destroy Ayashii and 2channel so this place would never have existed.

Send modern volunteers with modern weapons and tactics to crush Franco. Or maybe give 152mm Soviet howitzers to the Paris commune for their defence.

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Too easy. I'd stop some Soviet nuke officer from not pulling the trigger.

Do you really think that another shitty religion wouldn't fill the void?

You'd be better off assassinating Moses to stop the Second Commandment (from which all Abrahamic iconoclasm is derived) from existing.

How disingenuous of you, you don't think that self-agrandizing imperialist ideology did harm in maintaining technological innovation that would have changed the future material conditions? I forgot to mention that this succeeding period was also when the technology behind concrete was forgotten and that the same Archimedes palimpsest that I mentioned earlier included the a forgotten proof for solving the volume of a cylindrical wedge that wouldn't be proven again until Kepler published his own work in the Stereometria in the 17th century.

Do you really think any of the pagan religions of the Middle-East and Europe would have had the same zeal and mean spirited outlook as the Abrahmic ones?

Removing Christianity (& Islam) wouldn't have made it heaven on Earth either, I am not making that claim, but certain historical events could not have otherwise happened without Christianity that are otherwise irrational under other circumstances and/or would not have happened in other societies including the ones preceding it. What materialist rationale was there for the iconoclasm or the monophysite controversies? Or the materialist rationale for the academics of the (Neo) Platonic Schools of the 6th century fleeing to Zoastrian Persia under Damascius due to Justinian's persecution at the behest of the Church?

Even Plethon a secret Hellenic pagan revivalist (whose posthumous magnum opus burnt by his Christian protoge) of the 15th century thought it was a decadent waste that so many bright minds of his age were being wasted away on bible studies.

Moses was unlikely real, whereas Jesus was very likely real given how his embellished life reads like a template for cultist scammers. I'm just glad that I only have to suffer under capitalism now rather than the feudal dark ages.

Every system of exploitation in history has developed an ideology to justify its existence. It would have happened with or without Christianity, don't kid yourself.

I'd stop you from making this thread.

I would go back to around 1918 or 1919, round up every hardcore eugenicist, and publicly execute them. That would have been the only hope long-term to avert the nightmare that is happening now, and the nightmare to come.

I don't think I can get the general public to go along with it, though. Normal people are just too soft, don't have the kind of hate necessary to fight what is happening. They know something is deeply wrong and try to stymie eugenism for themselves, but they don't have it in them to prosecute a centuries-long purge necessary to actually win.
The best case scenario would have been if the Communists succeeded in a world revolution, America was too destabilized to go full fash, but even this is imperfect.

He could stop mercury and pesticide poisoning.

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I'd get the German Revolution kicking.
Assassinating Noske and Ebert instead of Rosa and Karl.
This way there would be a ripple through all of Europe and the Russian Civil War would be less bloody, the working class wouldn't erode and there would be no need for Stalin to get tsarist bureaucrats back who kicked off a counter-revolution in the name of Stalinism.
Killing off Stalin and Beria (especially this motherfucker out of principle). Saving Chapaev because a peasant turned military genius sents a great message to the people if you want the message to be "you can achieve anything in a classless society"
Preventing the Shanghai massacre of 1927 and preventing Mao to be in charge of anything


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We all know that poster would kill him for his sexual transgressions, which is moralfaggotry regardless of what one may think of the USSR, Marxism Leninism etc

Who the fuck would want to live in your society?

…folks who don't approve of rape or condemning people, for instance.

I'm asking the nazbol faggot why he thinks bitching about moralfaggotry and supporting Beria's rapist adventures will result in people wanting to live in his ideal society, because it's obvious he just wants to rape people.

Pretty much. Maybe you can rejoin us when you calm down.


Oh I'm sure atheists are really enlightened people, so enlightened most are liberals and/or libertarians. They give not one iota about society as long as they've got theirs. $$$$$, ipso facto

Wow, yikes, just calm down brah and take a shower


No punishment = more people will do it you mongoloid, just like how more people decide to try out drugs when it's legalized. If you don't support a police system or even just a citizen militia that regulates and punishes deviant behavior and instead have this dumb laissez faire attitude of DUDE NO RULES LMAO you're going to have a society dominated by absolute dogshit lumpen warlords who kill on a whim and act out Mad Max IRL.

You address crime by going after the root causes not the individual criminals. Obviously you try to prevent them from doingfurther harm but you don't just throw violence at the problem until it goes away you neanderthal. Go campaign for Kamala Harris somewhere else.

Please explain what the "root cause" of rape is and how it can be addressed in a rational manner that doesn't involve making women slaves you enormous liberal faggot.

making women endentured homemakers was a thing long before capitalism existed. Aristotle (a prime mover of ethnically homogenous democracy, a precursor to Nazbol, the root in fact) even championed the idea and felt that they, along with people not in tune with the ethnicity of a given state/city should not vote and remain outsiders. on the flipside, he did believe otherwise anyone else should have an equal voice in the process.

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Here's your (you). The USSR had capital punishment you fucking leech.

during Lenin's time they also had mass unreported rapes of rich women which were unreported due to the fact they belonged to the upper class. come on, boy, come here to pops, who's a good boy now give me your counterargument.

"I am sure Che Guevara raped many women, who were bourgeois and deserved to be worked to death in camps"-Jim Profit

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Fucking sick """"argument""" my retarded friend.

Pol Pot really did nothing wrong. Your retarded friend here would snuff you out for thinking you bourgeoisie intellectual negro.

besides in any case, the police are just constables to the law. they uphold it by force and are subject to their superiors. no matter what the political context of a state is

tell me when your "democratic council" doesn't get snuffed out by venomous outside forces.