Brit/pol/ #2910: Bond Edition

New James Bond film 'to star Captain Marvel actress as replacement 007'
Fleabag writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge is looking to change up the long-running franchise in what's been dubbed a 'popcorn dropping moment'

The Left Behind: What makes young people join the far right?
A new BBC Three drama tells the story of a disenfranchised young man drawn to the far right. But what attracts people to extreme ideology?

‘I used to be an incel’
In the darkest corners of the internet, a subculture associated with hating women and mass killings is growing. One man tells how he almost got sucked in

Whistleblowers to take legal action against Labour Party
Former officials Sam Matthews and Louise Withers Green were criticised by Labour for speaking out in a TV documentary last week

Policewoman who revealed the truth about Rochdale sex gangs breaks her silence
The real angel of the north: The abuse of young girls by Rochdale sex gangs is one of the great scandals of our time. In a shattering new book, the policewoman who revealed the truth breaks her silence – and shames the superiors who betrayed her

Foreign doctors are revealed to be behind 60% of all sex assaults on patients - but NHS wants fewer of them taken to disciplinary hearings
Britain’s 95,000 doctors from black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME) are more than twice as likely to be referred to the GMC as their white colleagues. There is a similar pattern with other staff such as nurses

What it's like being black in rural England
Rachel Edwards moved from London to rural Oxfordshire 22 years ago

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1st for shagging the crushes of incels

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There's nothing women love more than dismissive men with narcolepsy.

And the rest are wogs, but are as bri-eesh as you or I because they were born here and hate us and everything we stand for.

for him

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Beware the spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)

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Blackpigeon is taller than Woes? What the fuck

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Communism retards.


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Shaped like a fucking orange

Major cringe.

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It's the truth.

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Cringiest thing ever. Truly, the left CANNOT memi. I almost want to help them, so i can avoid coming across images this fucking cringey. It took me half a minute to work out that it was meant to be pro commie ffs. It all comes across like the prattling of 16 year olds who can't wait to show the world how much smarter than their mums and dads they are.


His slav-thot fangirl is so tasty, lads. Wife material.

If you make me king of the incels ill lead the uprising and dish out the girls amongst yous evenly
I would happily go volcel and live as a sexless monkarch for this title

Yeah the media is so anti immigration you mong.

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Lads I know youre all anti American, anti neoliberal, anti capitalists but did you know le top hat man also hate brown ppl?????

The People can take London.



Fuck off back to leftypol you braindead faggot

I don't blame him, his first GoT video ended up getting him almost 6M (you)s, so it's an easy moneymaker.


london is already controlled by communists

brave, beautiful woman

Stop this bollocks right now

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he's angery

Yes Zig Forums is moderated and too liberally for my liking. You should already be banned. Take London for who? Infact don't answer. I dont care. Dont (you) me again.

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Must be hard to press F5

Fuck sake

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Incels documentary isnt really worth the watch lads, its just a couple of spergs talking about catfishing and an ER victims dad feeling sad

There's one kinda nice moment where a nice lad incel does billy Joel at karaoke but that was all that held it together really

Reminder after we win there’ll be videos like this for the border guard


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Sorry lad im on a macbook and shouldnt have doubted you.

s'alright lad

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Laughing hard
First three tweets deleted by Mossad

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Downies can be decent troops tbh, they have a really high pain tolerance (hence tard strength). Just dont give them difficult orders and have reasonable expectations of them. I would definitely have a few companies of downies in my army.
In fact, when we ban abortion, all the saved downies could be taken to training facilities and get turned into super soldiers.

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which one of you nonces is going in these four ropes

And here we have it….lol

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Poor use of greentext arrows here, and the content of your post is also poorly thought through. Embarrassing display here lad.

There won’t be any room after all four of your testicles go in you fucking mutant

This bloke talks like he has a severe form of autism.



It was me keeek

the kikes are doomed and they know it

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Think he is btfos out of every jew he comes up against so much all they can do is call him an anti semite kek

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This is a good thing

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Go Communist, Corbyn… Hit em where it hurts. Plant evidence on the Tory leader, tip the media.

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What kind of retard is this guy?


An incel, lad. pathetic lad can't even get laid. Went to the club last night, home by midnight. In less than 4 hours I nutted in two slags. It's not all it's made out to be tbh

You wonder why they're "incels" when that's what's available.


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disgusting tbh


Surely there are some ethnic minorities willing to do the hard work for Corbyn?

wish incels would realize this.

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Imagine self-identifying as incel or mgtow

It's not just an incel problem tbh lad, look at the way sex is shown across the board in media.

ooof….he went there

Trump tells Ocasio-Cortez and other female progressives to 'go back' to 'original' countries

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okay, now this is unironically epic



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England are going to lose the cricket.

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Lads what are the rules?


All the souf geezers are bullying me in the pub for not understanding cricket lads fml

Tell them you're a Communist.

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The nonce is back lads

Recognize the image name

Worth knowing Yorkshire are the most succesful club in English cricket if they start slating the north lad

Why are you talking to yourself.

Get a hobby, go to church. If worst comes convert to jehova witnesses. I know some Jehovas they couple the munters together.

He's a mentaller

I dont identify as an incel or mgtow, but I dont think I have an option. I'd say volcel, since im not a virgin but dont stand a chance of having sex without paying for it, but volcel is just as demeaning and pathetic.

He’s a nonce mentaller. Same filename on the same picture as last weeks nonce.