Education is Reactionary

Learning is reactionary in the highest sense of the term. It is the dialectical expression of the separation of mental and physical labor, thus the abolition of education should be the prerogative of any serious socialist. In the higher communistic society we all desire this artificial separation between both forms of labor would be abolished in full along with school, universities, an established intellectual class, etc. The child, in this environment, would be put to work from a young age and spontaneously acclimate himself with working knowledge and an understanding of all social norms.

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Or, you know, just the massive child abuse aspects.

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Read Marx. Not my fault you can’t understand the Dialectic

This reads as in a kid that hated going to school (I get it's normal and we've all probably done it at one point) but this shit it's too much. Either that or you are still in school and you just spat some marxist jargon to make yourself sound smart.

That is the land of lost content,
I see it shining plain,
The happy highways where I went
And cannot come again.

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If that's true then why are nearly all reactionaries completely uneducated?

Good point. The ones who like to rally most against "The System" are the ones who have let themselves be educated by it the most, who did their homework as they were told and learned dutifully for the tests they were ordered to undergo.


You don’t need education to see blatant exploitation. Education is what drills into your mind the wonders of capitalism, free enterprise and mindless consumerism

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I actually can, that's why your sentence makes absolutely no sense.

t. a man unenlightened as to the science of dialectics

Show me a single line in Marx's body of work that would suggest that Marx believed in a so-called "science of dialectics". You are confusing his work with Hegel's insanity and the """orthodox""" Marxists' falsification.

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If it's the expression of the general division of labor, then why make abolishing it a prerogative rather than abolishing the division itself?