Literature and Revolution

Who are your favorite Marxist literary theorists? Lukács? Benjamin? Eagleton?

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My favorite natty Marxist Theorist is double posting.

That was an accident. Sorry.

Adolf Hitler is my biggest influence, Marxist theory is for nerds and armchairs

Main Kampf is trash literature and you should feel bad.

Now hold up if you mean it was poorly written you're wrong.
Unless you mean the content in which case you're entitled to your own opinion.

Kojeve, Althusser, Bataille

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Mio a cute

Poorly written.

Why do you like Kojeve?

It is a genuinely bad read. I understand some of the praise for his oratory skills, but the man was not at all cut out for writing literature.

All theorists are worthless scumbags. If you read theorists I'm sorry you are retarded.

How so?
Poorly written doesn't correlate with annoying tone which is how it came off. I mean Marx straight up talks down to the reader and Bakunin yells at them. Hitler couldn't have been any worse.

Write a book on Hegel, slammed Descartes and Spinoza in another

At least it's better than being like ur ghey mum

Sounds like a fucking legend. I'll check him out eventually. I have backlog list I haven't bothered getting out yet.

Ok cool.

Roger Scruton hated him and I quote:

"a life-hating Russian at heart, a self-declared Stalinist, and a civil servant who played a leading behind-the-scenes role in establishing both the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the European Economic Community" and states the opinion that Kojève was "a dangerous psychopath."

unless you can read French, the book hasn't been translated.

Do you know where you are? Being a Stalinist isn’t inherently wrong.

Probably true. My mom is trash.

I've heard people here claim that Spinoza is untouchable even by other Marxists (Kojeve was the only one who had the cojones, though most people say he was Marxist only in name and really just an Authoritarian Left Hegelian. and yes I know where I am you dolt.