Pro-Sexual Restrain thread

This is a thread where I will post a lot of pics concerning: Porn, Semen retention/NoFap and Casual (sterile) sex/ hookup culture.
I believe those are used as a way to controlled people, as a Bread&Circus&Sex NPC Matrix system, and that Sexual Liberation (lead almost exclusively by jews in the whole west) is ,in fact, political enslavement (and also enslavement from oneself). After seeing all the material, I think that you'll get a broader picture.
I'm just going to start with two part of interviews and a short video to get you in the mood. (in the next post)

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Other urls found in this thread:

"E Michael Jones on Cultural Revolution, Logos, and Much More"
Watch especially between 26:00-32:10

"Eric Striker vs Luke Ford - Jews and Pornography"
Watch especially between 0:00-2:50

"E. Michael Jones: The Wages of Sin"
Watch the whole video (0:00-8:23)
PS: In this one, when he says "even when you are not a homosexual, you have to act as if you are a homosexual" what he is trying to say is that you have to have (or try/want) as many (sterile) sexual relations as possible, to fuck as many members of the opposite sex as possible, without the seek of reproduction, but just for the hedonist pleasure of dating and sex. This is pretty much a direct critic of the modern day (((Dating)))/(((Casual Sex)))/(((Hookup Culture))) which had been pushed by jews has a way of political control as you will see. And thus, part taking in this hedonist casual sex society, you are actually acting as if you are a homosexual (even if you don't fuck men) and you are doing exactly what (((They))) want

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So let's start with the pic material.

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Good thread. Any form of ejaculation that isn't for the sake of impregnating a woman is hedonistic abuse of your dopaminergic reward system. Hopefully OP has an infographic about the contradictory studies into its links to prostate cancer, because shills will probably bring that up.

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Reminder that most porn addicts will defend their porn stash to their grave. Addicts reject coming into terms with their addiction and can be very violent towards those who get in the way of their next dose.
Make no mistake, porn is a drug, a drug as harmful as alcohol or cocaine.
It can entirely destroy a person's will. All porn is just as bad, don't think that your funny anime porn is any safer.
By stating this, I'm not telling you to become a degenerate from the opposite spectrum (ie fucking roasties and getting aids) but to better yourself as a person. Masturbation is natural, pornography is not.

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I'm not sure to have a pic dedicated to debunk the cancer increase/Prostate cancer increase if you don't masturbate and don't ejaculate for a long period of time. I only made this quite impure pic meme to mock it. Moreover, I'm sure to recall that other studies saw that if you masturbate frequently, you will get a prostate cancer increase so the scientific community is not unified in this issue (but only one version is pushed by Main Stream Media and Main Stream Education, I think you have an idea why)

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Here is another video if you wish
"The Jewish Role in the Porn Industry "

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The quote of Napoleon implies of "using" his sexual energy by "Sexual Transmutation", so by using the extra energy for non-sexual activities, for more productive matters, just to be clear.

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My libido comes and goes in waves, but trying to actually reject the instinct and not do it when it comes up results in actual honest-to-god withdrawal symptoms. I'm talking hot flashes, cold sweats, body aches that I just want to die from, extreme irritability, jittery movements not completely under my control, and a general sense of agony.

Is it possible to actually become addicted in an opioid-like sense to orgasm?

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Obviously porn is one of the control wings of the kike prison system, but so is money, so we should just not use money? This fucking movement is causing more damage than good . Rather than just chilling the fuck out after a quick whack people are going fucking insane because trying to have some purity in this shit world doesn't get you pussy, it gets these psychos to hate you even more. There are people who just are never going to have sex in this world because they only fap to hot girls and only ugly girls will like them. Even when they go from involcel to volcel status like me they will find modern women fucking revolting and will have no desire to raise a kid with somebody who sucked their enemies dick the last 16 years.

How many whores became whores because of NO SEX! NO FUN! NO SODA! CHURCH ONLY! Then experiencing freedom for the first time around a bunch of alcohol? That's literally why this all happened.

Adding a label to trying to gain some self control other than self help or repairing is counterproductive too. Sheeple and atheism went from power words to inmediate indications that you are a tool. No fap is like a gayer version of vegan/gluten free and it's fucking pathetic. The second a girl would see that you had to do nofap she would think you are fucking pathetic and could never get laid, which is a correct assumption.

At the end of the day all nofap has accomplished is getting some fags ad revenue. Rather than just let people find whst works for them you impose rules that only work for a few on them. It's like how na/aa are cults that tell you to worship God, a made up concept with no basis, and instead of judges sentencing people to get a hobby they send them to retarded ass shit where everyone ends up relapsing

Another example of this retardation is communism / socialism. They actually socially engineered empathy into this taboo thing when supposedly they want the opposite.

Turning people against their primal instincts isn't working. It's unhealthy for lonely faggot cuck men to stop desiring hot women. The endorphine boost is addictive yes, but so is the boost from making a dollar. If I never had weed or porn, things I can abstain from at will, I would have killed every person I know

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Too bad for you jew, chastity is my fetish

People who fuck consistently constantly have energy and live ten times the life of an Incel. The idea that we evolving as these sex hungry beings then magically in the current year our brains won't work unless we never have sex is one of the most autistic things I've ever read. Some men are undesirable to most women and therefore need porn for a release so they don't rape or kill people. The answer is not banning sex or masturbatiin it's adapting or dying

Well, I've posted it all already I think. 5 pics at a time and not having to put a Jewoogle captcha probably helps.

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I'm not OP but as far as I can tell the whole point of this thread is pointing out that the "primal instincts" you're talking about are being manipulated to turn us all into hedonistic degenerates with no will power who need our precious cummies. Forget about the no fap label bullshit. Do you think Jacob Rothschild jerks off? Sexual abstinence gives people mental issues because of the importance they place on sex as a result of the media they consume and the pressures placed on them by everyone else who thinks the same way. Doing this for the sake of getting pussy defeats the entire purpose. So who the fuck cares if some roastie finds out you don't masturbate and thinks you're a freak? She's being manipulated so hard into wanting to have sex that she'll cake herself in makeup and learn how to take a cock down her throat without vomiting. Doesn't sound like someone worth spending time with tbh.

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"People are having sex at an earlier age" holy fuck this shit is retarded people used to marry nine year olds. Practiced no fap many times, it just makes you pissed off because nothing happens and you could have relieved some stress. The answer is not being a little bitch.

Haven’t seen that outside of a loading screen for NOTD

Yeah That's pretty much I've got guys. Feel free to add your material in here too.

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Airplanes arent natural. Cars arent natural. 8cahn isnt natural. Medicine isnt natural. Stop with the stupid naturalism bias, many unnatural things are beneficial, good, and essential to modern life. Also, porn isnt anything new really. Videos are, but not porn itself.

no. are you fucking serious? just stop being a weak fagit. hit the gym and pick up a book, you fucking bitch.

t. actually trying to help. I'm just an asshole

See it more like the concept of "philosophical zombies"…Aka the NPC meme.

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Reminder: every time you masturbate, there is a happy merchant rubbing his hands together.
Break free from your vice.

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Stress is a major generative force to be transmuted greater works, you soft brat. If you don't embrace stress, anger and pain you will never do anything of importance; you will forever be a comfort seeking NPC.

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I have done all those things, too. I've got brainproblems.jpg to begin with and was at one point prescribed a buffet line of psychoactives. I wonder if they fucked me up. I sometimes go into hypomanic fits of godlike inspiration and self-confidence only to crash into suicidal depression for a couple days, so I know I've got something wrong with the way my brain processes positive and negative feelings. I scored 100th percentile on the Neuroticism axis of the OCEAN personality test, even.

Maybe it's just me.

My hatred for jews must grow stronger

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The mainstream mass produced million dollar making porn industry is something new and engineered by Jews to control your mind like the mass legalization and normalization of marijuana consumption.
Tell me, are you perchance a porn consumer? I bet you are.
Also are you honestly comparing cars and medicine to porn?

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it is you. there is no maybe. fix it.

If you're a student (and you should be) I would continue to focus on your studies. Continue to exercise. It doesn't need to be excessive. Body builders are typically nihilistic self-indulgent faggots. You're after strength and ability, not looks.

I would consider taking a hard look at your diet as well. Everyone is different, but I'm a pretty big believer in low-carb or keto type diets coupled with IF. Start doing at least a 24hr fast once per month. Do it weekly if it doesn't bother you.

Just keep at it, bro.

Also, this mass sexual degeneracy made the whole west into a Satanic Child sacrifice cult. (pic related)

I must go sleep now, I'll come back later.

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Who the fuck was that mustache guy and why'd he never come back for the dog

The 2nd pic why is that little girl's ear pierced?

That shit really bothered me as a kid

Been NoPorn for years but yea alright I'll actually do NoFap now

Thanks. I've already gone super low carb and have dropped 30 or so pounds, and intend to drop probably another 20. Fitness is difficult due to health issues, but I'm gonna take another stab at it. I'd like to be a student, I think, but what I'm currently learning is to take over the family business, which is a bunch of little skills instead of one specific field. This past week or two has been a crash course in looking like I'm at the job on purpose instead of by accident. So it's not really 'education', but it's still stuff I need to know. Like how to iron a nice dress shirt.

Always good to see young people with their head on straight

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Because it """looks cool""".

And here is a normie but interesting comic that is kind of related.

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Kys, kike.

I honestly thought it was a Mexican thing to tell people that "the baby is a girl", because their uncle Paco is too blasted on cheap tequila to tell that the baby is female by her clothes.

Annnnnnd there goes that picture's credibility. Europeans from 10's of thousands of years ago were genetically indistinguishable from modern day Europeans.
I can't believe people still peddle this out of Africa meme.


The supernatural stimuli extends within porn, because men aren't just watching beautiful girls fuck a guy that could be them but the most unnatural extremes of girls are increasingly desired with guys that have huge cocks… think about that… straight men clamoring to see the penis of another man fucking a woman and complains if it is not significantly bigger than his.

Struggle makes you strong. Strength helps you conquer. Conquest gives life meaning.
That's why the modern man immersed in all sorts of anaesthesias to every kind of discomfort, like fast food, endless streaming entertainment, porn and narcotics like weed that numb his emotions and yet he is irreparably and utterly miserable.

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I can attest to that.

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Porn is easily one of the worst miscarriages of what the first amendment made written for.

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>mfw femanon and have been saying this on fucking Zig Forums for years, but only ever get the reply of tits or gtfo despite never outing myself

Slut shaming needs to be a societal norm again. But you're doing little to dissuade the situation by enabling men to engage in this hedonistic lifestyle without shaming them as well. There is a reason why it would destroy a man's reputation if he was caught slinking around in the red-lantern district. BOTH men and women need to be held to the same moral standard of refraining from promiscuous behavior. It should only be saved for the one you intend to have a family with. Your wife should be the only one who sees your nude form, just as you should be the only one to know what your wife looks like naked. /b/ had the right idea of dehumanizing camwhores by making them degrade themselves, then turning around and sending the pics to her family knowing that she would be punished and humiliated.

Think of something else: Why do you think feminists have tried to escape culpability for drunken sex by claiming they have no agency? Because no matter how much they try to push this 'slut and proud' shit, they know that no reasonable person will actually accept it. Just like they know that no one actually buys into the victimhood aspect of drunken sex. It's why you see so many women cry rape when they're caught.

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You're 100% right. However it is customary that: tits or GTFO.

Thank you.

How the fuck do you do this?

Kill yourself JEW.

All of you stupid fucking cunt not saging this obvious slide need to be killed.

I've never felt guilt or shame from masturbating, nor does it seem to have any negative impact on me. I've literally jerked off seconds before doing HIIT at age 28.

Not everything is a slide thread you fucking nigger. Stop going in every thread whining about it being a slide thread and calling people jews. You have a fucking 80 IQ.

Nice image but **it doesn't account for people jerking it to toons.

Filtered your thread, cock-cuking OP

Here comes the porn internet defense force.

What kind of fucking faggot censors a set of cartoon tits? Here's the real one, better quality too.

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Here come the PIDF

I'm glad there is a thread on this sort of subject. The benefits of semen retention that I have experienced are undeniable. I spent 6 years of my teen years jerking off and draining myself, and as a result, I was just miserable, depressed, lacked motivation, and everything. After starting nofap, Its like I can feel again. I can feel extreme sadness, extreme happiness, and even accomplish great things. Longest streak I've been on without a wet dream was 52 days, and its like you enter a whole new world past 30 days. Its insane. My creativity and oneness with the world was nuts. Porn truly is a tool to destroy the man. I cant wait to go even further beyond.

Hindu contributions. The Ayurvedas were redpilled first.

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Does anyone still have the old one that goes "When you watch porn, you're watching with (((him)))"?

one that wants it to be a SFW image, user

I've posted it here.

Thank you for your contribution.

The thing is that reproduction is a powerful motivator. By cumming all the time, even by your own hand, you trick your body into thinking you are content with a wife having babies…

That one's similar, but the one I'm thinking of is different. Lost it in an old hdd.

Is fapping without porn okay?

No, it's bad but it's the lesser bad. If you need to do it as a transition phase, then yes, I would recommend it to you.

my wife makes me nut all the time, i guess im bad at nofap and i dont give a fuck. nofap is an incel movement for porn addicted betas, which is fine.

That's the natural way. You're good.

Well,if you had constantly have sex with her without seeking to procreate, then it is a waste of energy that you could be spending more intelligently.

*tips fedora*

Anyone that takes this shit seriously is a fucking idiot. People that watch orb are getting off on the idea of fucking the girl.

No you.

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Just make sure your monitor doesnt have supernatural god pixels and then you wont get the supernatural gay porn video overlay going into your brain. Really though, I dont think the (((velociraptors))) are hiding in our minds making us watch porn and pizza. Also, what reason is there to think they dont just have less capable conscious thought than we do. Pretty sure most animals have some conscious thought, depending on how you define such a vague term.


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Such a jewish way of talking holy shit. Be less obvious next time.

Dear diary. The mind is weak.
In more than ten years of Zig Forums ive stopped drinking, stopped smoking weed, started working out, gained the discipline to excel where needed, but nofap is still not obtained.
Even though all the downsides spread out here are legitimate.
I went from casual porn to extremes when i was younger. Now i still masturbate, but weekly instead of daily. I erased interracial, bdsm and dicks from my porn, because OP's image is true. Ive come to a point where i see interracial i get angry and dont want to fap anymore. Selfradicalisation or selfcontrol - im still not sure what side of the spectrum i am aiming for. But i permit myself a weekly fap. the mind is weak.

Ask someone who claims nofap causes cancer: "How do cows, sheep, and giraffes masturbate to avoid cancer?" Comeplete bullshit when you look to nature.

Hope you don't mind if I steal some of those images.

They do get cancer (not at the same rate humans cause of shit we eat and expose ourselves to) and they also masturbate. Animals masturbate user, it's just a bit harder for them to do so since they don't have hands.