When you realise you're no longer on the internet.

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Lmao thought the drums were the punch sounds there for a sec

the issue is much like various other groups, they fight in packs. sign of cowardice. if they get shot by some nutter I'm not gonna cry. don't bring a fist to a gun fight.

although stealth attacks are not cowardly, they are effective strategy. strength in numbers is weak strategy.

If you like beating up Nazis you should come to Budapest on the 9th of February, we will have most of the European neo-Nazis over here celebrating "Tag der Ehre".

From what I gathered, those boneheads were acting as provocateurs, so they deserve it. They were yelling your typical run of the mill nazi garbage at a punk gig, they got laid the fuck out.

Moral of the story: talk shit, get hit.

The moral of the story is not to go into antagonistic territory and oust yourself as the enemy is smaller numbers like retards.
But Jesus Christ the comments section is horrible generic Anti Fascist schlock being praised by liberals, you can tell it's them because they're praising America, talking about Trump, and haven't once brought up empirical evidence against the two Nazi's there, and just yelled at them and called them retards like a bunch of argument illiterate boomers.

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Lol, that’s a good tactic, not cowardice retard

"Its always their fault"

I'm not the biggest fan of Hollywood Nazis but you can't be this conceited

Nothing wrong with being a retard, nigger.

Sup, monica


Better yet: Don't dick around in anarcho-punk gigs if you're a complete pussy. Real life punks don't fuck around and you cannot pretend to shit talk like you do in Zig Forums, faggot.

Come on lad politics aside this was a dumb decision like kicking a beehive and expecting not to get stung.

No true prussian blue nazi would voluntary listen to the garbled moaning called "punk music".

Neo nazi's would but neo nazi's are pretty much retarded skin heads that would probably be political moderates if raised in non white trash households and not actual Nazi's.

They're closer to antifa than they are to what were the actual nazi's; in their music, in their style, in their behavior and most of all, in their need to position themselves in a subculturally branded fashion. They're the sort of people who care so little what others think of them, that they need mention it in half of their songs.

I've been to those gigs. Should've shot the place up. I'm no Nazi either.

"I hate poor white people"


That's why you go prepared

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Most anarcho punks are spooked rich kids who need their gated communities opened to poor folks and enforced through a higher authority. That includes poor people regardless of race or gender.

Poor white people are not Nazis. Fascism and its offshoots are the ideology of the middle class.

Then why have the vast majority of communist leaders/theoreticians come from (upper) middle class families?

Well no shit then why does this board shit on them constantly?

Good point. Pol Pot was at least true to who he was. The upper classes don't need to patronize poor people thinking they're to stupid to revolutionize.

Don't put words in my mouth I said I hate poor uneducated white people.

But yeah, if you're a Nazi being a poor white dude doesn't give you a pass