Brit/pol/ #2912: Big Bazza Edition

‘Lion of London Bridge’ who fought off terrorists denied injury compensation
Roy Larner, dubbed the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ wont get a payout from a government scheme due to his criminal record

London Bridge attackers 'lawfully killed' by police, jury finds
A jury at the inquest into the deaths of the three London Bridge attackers agrees they were lawfully killed by armed officers

Britons believe far-right groups a greater threat to society than Islamist extremism, poll says
For the first time in recent years, a regular poll for the campaign group Hope Not Hate (HNH) found that more people named the nationalist and anti-immigrant groups of the far right as their biggest public order worry

Brit documentary maker caught in violent clash between rival tribes in Congo where one man is dragged into the jungle to be killed
Livia Simoka, from London, was shocked by the incident and admitted she was 'naive' about how deep the troubles ran before arriving in Bonguindo, where she stayed for five months with the Mbenejli

Councillor who successfully campaigned for "gender neutral toilets" charged with nine counts of sexually touching a child
Mr Smith, who was elected in May, is due to appear at Teesside Magistrates' Court on 7 August

Domestic Abuse Bill introduced in Parliament
The Domestic Abuse Bill would place a legal duty on councils to offer secure homes for those fleeing violence and their children, and proposes creating a dedicated domestic abuse commissioner

Somerset gimp suit: Arrest after man scares woman in Claverham
A man has been arrested after someone dressed in a gimp suit jumped out on a woman in a Somerset village

Netanyahu: 'Europe might ignore Iran threat until nuclear missiles hit'
Israel's prime minister has said the European Union might not wake up to the threat of Iran "until Iranian nuclear missiles fall on European soil"

UK risks 'catastrophic' climate change impact if farming doesn't change
Suggestions include increasing production of British fruit and vegetables and a national nature service for young people

Out with pesticides, in with wildflowers
Tailored strips of wildflowers allow pest-eating insects to spread throughout crop fields, reducing the need for pesticides. We meet the team behind the trial that puts flower power at the fore

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Fuck it sent Tim Byrnes address instead.

For lefty memmies

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xth for Nazbol

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Good lad.

It's probably just a malignant tumour tbh. Nothing to worry about.

for him

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That skull guy is an absolute fucking retard.
Who is the one on the left?

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they always go for low hanging fruit like jbp they get btfo in debates against actual nationalists also is that supposed to be a painting of the Romanovs execution

hbomber guy, absolute soyboy fag, had some good game reviews tho


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Oh that fucker, his Fallout video was decent but other than that he's another absolute fucking retard. Owen was wanking him off the other day.

It's low-hanging fruit and strawmans, they are identical to the skeptics tbh

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watching mentally ill people again.

this cunts prove blue eyes look awful on certain people

His fallout video was brain dead retarded at points. Especially the shit about BoS being insular ignoring that at the end of FO1 they literally say they’ll no longer ignore the outside world and in tactics they fucking fly Chicago in airships and recruit tribals.

Why are there so many shitty looking people covered in tattoos with gay beards in my town smh.


They look glassy and soulless tbh

alright poo eyes I wasn't insulting blue eyes in general stop trying ti slip your poo eye propaganda into this convo

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tbh. I love Fallout 1 but he lies about the choices the player is offered in that video. Pretending that the Junktown Gizmo quest was a complex political question rather than a clear cut good guy/bad guy choice was retarded. Not a fan of Fallout 3 tbh but I think it's better than it's made out to be.

I was talking about his tbh but if you want to start then let's start.

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literally all of this is poo eye cope, you are all so jealous, enjoy having the same eye colour as 98" of the world and of the future mongrel lumpenprole

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Central heterochromia is the true master race eye tbh.

I love brown eyes on women tbf

vile, only blue or green for me

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cute brown eyed med girls 😫😫

purple eyes tbh


really hmmms the hmmmm

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at last I finally see

the original meds looked like northern euros the brownness of modern meds is because of non white admixture

they'll send you to prison if they catch you giving your lass a purple eye these days smdh

If they actually prosecuted their furriner doctors whenever they got a bit too handsy, their whole supply of cheap brown labour would dry up. They might actually (God forbid) have to rely on native doctors.

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regardless of any narritve on this it seems obvious to me that things are undoubtely escalating in america, the next election/economic crash are going to be total kino, although its possible those two cunts were training exercises tbh considering they didn't kill anybody somehow, wtf is with these retards


let me guess, you have poo eyes

They can't rely on native doctors because the BMA artificially keeps a low number of them forcing the reliance on foreign doctors needing to be imported.

what did they fucking mean by this

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kekked hard tbh

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this song reminds me of fukuyama's end of history, unironically powerful tbh

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Perhaps it's "send the darkies back to Africa and forget they ever existed". Baste liberals getting ready to ship 'em all off to Liberia once the race wars kick off tbh.

My eyes are blue, lad. It just didn't seem right to me that the existence of grey eyes was being ignored completely. Never knew grey eyes was a furriner thing tbh. I'll be sure to bully them properly in the future.


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Gonna need your dude weed lmao contacts lads
if only the Germans had known
Man who killed woman in antisemitic attack not criminally responsible because he was high on cannabis, judge rules

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No there’s mosaics of ancient Greeks and they’re just as tanned as today.

chip butty for tea

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yes retard white people can have tans

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based peter proven right once again

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Greeks are genetically the same as they were 10,000 years ago.

We aren’t all Normans.

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objectively false

Congratulations SA!

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he looks vile

What a retarded statement, try applying logic.

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Objectively true I’m a scientist

when the fuck did this start in this country

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amerimutts need to take their mutt shit back

hope 20k people turn up and actually make a run for it


The English are originally from the Mediterranean

*tips fedora*

fuck off with your mutt poo eye spam

they had it at my school a decade ago

Sissy eye

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What a cringe interviewer.

vile beaner

disgusting needs to be banned, fuckign american imperialism

When the collapse comes I’m going to shoot Varg and take his family as slaves.

I’ll tattoo the mean youtube comments he posted about brown eyed people onto their backs to brand them.

Did anyone here go to their school prom?

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outbreeding native populations has always been an Islamic way of conquest. They've also been conquered from the west by the Romans and by the Mongols in the north, and probably a lot more times. Besides Greece is on the border between Asia and Europe, simply by proximity it makes sense that they'd end up mixing more. You made a dumb statement.

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kek I love this memmie

super ghost here

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Retard atheist.

Populations rarely change from conquest. The English gene pool has changed in 10,000 years. The Vikings, Germans, Norman’s and Danes left negligible change. The Greeks slaughtered all the Muslim Greeks and traitors that survived fled to Turkey after the war of independence.

Read a book.

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would smash that alien ngl

With a rock **tied to my bollocks*

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the facile childish nature with which these non white millennial women conduct politics just so perfectly epitomizes everything wrong with modern day american and the west in general

that dutch boomer antifa was a tranny smh, antifa where whining because the news outlets deadnamed him.


He took that bit about the Britons being descended from Troy a bit too literally.

Williamoid take

gay bastard that is true tbh
the british isles are the cradle of ancient races, phoenecians, egyptians, dorians, etc are all here

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ultra baste and rare knowledge tbh rome was built by nordics

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Women should be forcibly removed from positions of power if they refuse to leave quietly

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