Sikhs are terrible groomers of white girls

How could any white person think they were any better than their Muslim brethren?
You only need to look at their ugly brown faces to know they are pure evil and a danger to white girls.
They use the exact same grooming methods and target the same young and impressionable white girls as Muslim groomers.

A man who groomed two girls aged 11 and 13 online before abducting them has been jailed for more than two years.
Charnjit Singh, 28, from Leicester, contacted the young girls on Instagram and encouraged them to meet him.
After meeting the pair in May, Singh drove them around in his car keeping them out all night. The victims' families reported the girls missing to police.
Singh, who is also known as Mike Singh, is believed to have contacted other young girls on Instagram and Leicestershire police are appealing for any other victims to come forward.
After pleading guilty to child abduction charges, Singh was handed a 27-month jail term for each count. He has also banned from driving for 27 months and issued with a 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order at Leicester Crown Court.
Trial judge Robert Brown also ordered Singh hand over his mobile phone which was due to be destroyed.
He was also handed two further three-month sentences for breaching two restraining orders in connection with an unrelated incident.
He was also given an unlimited restraining order.

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Anyone who claims any kind of non-white mudskin is a "based ally" is a certified goon.

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Color me surprised. I've never understood that "based sikh" meme that keeps popping up. Nearly every sikh I've encountered over the years was a gossipy, backstabbing piece of shit.

"based ally" as in civnat (they can live in our countries lol) or as in they going back to their own countries (nationalism for all or whatever)
sage for offtopic

The "based" meme in general is a reference to nigger rap and is used by civnats to signal their cool non-white bros that they will choose not to genocide, even though in reality they would have to watch their "based" buds die like the rest of them.

Police are investigating a report that an 11-year-old girl was assaulted on a bus.
Officers were called after the incident was reported on the number 11 bus in Wednesbury.
The alleged assault happened on Monday 10 September, just after 4.30pm.
West Midlands Police have released a CCTV image of a man they want to speak to in connection with the investigation.
A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "We want to speak to this man after an 11y/o girl was assaulted on number 11 bus in Wednesbury on Mon 10 Sept just after 4.30pm.

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What the fuck is wrong with you OP?

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but, but, sikhs are BRO tier!!!! fucking based sikhs!! we NEED non-whites in the europe as based allies!!

We don't need them in Europe, they can be based in their own nations.

Schoolgirl 'raped by 60 members of Asian sex gang by the age of 16' in quaint UK town

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BBBut theyre Aryan bro, I promise!! Now let one marry your daughter!

There's no brownie who will stick by whites and white interests at this point. There's also too many of them to continue to ignore their presence. Even if they seem based and redpilled they'll show their true colours once in a while when their/your guard is down.

The ones that do try to stick by whites are only doing it for their own interests anyway.

Don't trust Indians and Pakistan, period.

Yep, race is what matters. Never fall for the ideology meme.

All Sikhs in western countries should be removed. Anyone defending them on here is probably a shitskin. Hopefully Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth will get stabbed by their beloved Sikhs.

Anglos are literally subhumans.


Lol, we have to deal with a million or so of these people here in BC. They act exactly like British Pakistanis. Vid related: about a quarter of young Sikhs here are the exact same as these two idiots.

Individual actor.
No organized grooming gangs.
No mass victims.
No police coverup.
No media coverup.
No council coverup.
No social work coverup.
No government coverup.
No, it's not the same.
Jew pedophile gangs (such as the ring operating at the BBC, Hollywood, Governments around the world) are the only groups which ought to be compared to their Islamic analogue.

Who allows them to continue coming to our countries?
Why the effort to take the spotlight off of the causative agent of their presence?

Grooming isn't a crime. You don't go asking for drugs and fucking a train over and over. They're just sluts not victims. Their parents didn't rise them correctly.

t. muslim

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I'll take a Levantine Semite Mooslim from Lebanon or Syria any day over Bangladeshis, Pakis Sikhs and other assorted poo tier people.

I didn't see your archive link, OP, you fucking niggerfaggot.

Begs the question why white girls are so open to the thought of being pimped out. My opinion of white women gets lower every day. It's like they're completely empty inside and exist only to fuck things. From the niglet breeders around me, to the explosion of teen white girls in porn and on cam sites, to them posting sexualized photos of themselves only to make dicks hard etc. Completely devoid of everything that makes white men great. They are literally the same as niggers. How the fuck are they open to meeting with a guy that wants to pimp them out? And I'm supposed to want a family with this? Jesus christ, we really need to fuck the court systems and find a way for white men to get full custody of children so we can knock them up and raise the next generation alone.

White men in general are no better.

Sure we are. We don't breed niglets. We're also not the backbone of an entire multi-billion dollar sex industry. We're also not the backbone of the marxist social progression of the last century, which relied upon hordes of dumb women to agitate for social change, thus feeding those in power with the ability to make those changes. White men actually strive for things and advance industries and technology, while white women regress industries, destroy societies (white women have been the sword at our necks for the last century, and absent a sword, those wielding the sword are powerless), and just in general ruin things. Not only do they breed with monkeys, they actively try to convert other white women to do the same. When it comes to white women that don't, and I've heard this directly from them, when they feel like they want a baby, they get a dog/cat and subdue to urge. Why do you think the pet industry has exploded? White women. They'd rather end their bloodlines and buy a kitten or puppy than have a fucking kid. They'd rather be independent than raise a kid. They'd rather have casual sex with or date a nigger than be alone. They think it's normal to fuck 15 guys by age 19. They think it's completely normal to whore out on a webcam on chaturbate or myfreecams. They think it's normal to advertise their ass to men on instagram. In 2018 white women are literal walking fucking sex toys.

user, I simply just cannot

Heres the thing.

They only groom the ones that are whores. All those thots and dont cover up , walk around like sluts and act retarded. All those girls looking for BBC.

They are the ones being groomed. Any one that is all 1488 and proper is not touched. They are getting what they deserve.

ur right

(ur actually wrong)

Not all women act like whores. More men act just as much as whores. White men absolutely refuse to put family and children first. Women only follow. It's men who have failed. 1st fathers and then husbands.

Ah, another BC user hopefully I'll see you tomorrow It's especially bad here in Hongcouver. You'd think we leafs would hate the chinks because they own everything, but not really. Canada was offered up free for the taking to any businessman who wanted to buy entire industries. I can't really fault the chinks for buying the birthright we were selling for pennies.

It's the pajeets I hate with every fibre of my being. They're so disgusting that words fail me. I feel nothing but revulsion for them. They don't follow instructions, they're lazy, they stink to high heaven and don't understand bathing or basic hygiene even when you directly show them how to do it. They have this dumb clueless "durrrr…." look about them, they expect their white coworkers to do all the work they can't do (although they make no effort to learn anything) and they're just annoying in general without even realizing it (like constantly interrupting you and trying to babble on and ask insipid small talk questions while you're clearly trying to fill out paperwork).
But mostly it's the smell. I thought Zig Forums was exaggerating about how filthy they smell. Trust me, it's far worse than any meme can possibly describe. Think a mixture of rotten stale curry mixed with the equivalent of the body odour that would build up if you never showered for 2 years. It sticks to the chairs they sit in and when big groups of them wander by that foul nostril hair singing stench lingers on the spot for a while. A small minority of them don't smell bad (because they've just showered) and a good portion of them practically bathe in Axe body spray, which I honestly prefer to Pajeet stench. Fuck, I'd prefer a lungfull of Diesel fumes to Pajeet stench.

God I hate Indians. At least the Chinese - inconsiderate for anybody else around them as they are - are somewhat amiable and polite, and you can occasionally hold mildly agreeable or even interesting conversation with them.

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Has anybody noticed lots of sikhs run for political office?

No. White men never stopped building, providing, and keeping this civilization afloat. This entire ship floats on our backs. Everything good requires white men as a catalyst. Current events prove that in the future, white women should be in the three-fifths human category that niggers were.

By them killing muslims and being less numerous.

Why is scholar dressed with a balaclava?

Not trying to blackpill but I see enough white men that are willing to be pimped out in other ways. Mostly by giving their power away to employers, women, and cultural competitors. I might be a coward when it comes to speaking up sometimes, but at least I don't participate like it's a fucking joke.

Also since this is about to get shouted down let me just add that those of you who say shit like, "I like to watch women be whores, or whites being disenfranchised, or whatever the fuck because I just laugh at it and watch them suffer because they deserve it" You make me fucking sick. There's nothing hilarious about losing and when they lose you lose. You're furious inside so don't pretend you're not. It's not a fucking joke.

Fuck damn it I'm mad now. Whoever I'm replying to this mostly isn't about your post just the sure we are part. You're not wrong I'm just upset.

This. At this point it's practically legal to do everything you want with Whites and our children.

White men failed by not identifying and keeping those who want to destroy us out. It's absolutely our fault. It's also our job, and only our job to fix it or we die. Those are the options, and women play no part in that decision aside from the fact that they are being used against us. We won't get help from them but if we're smart enough and take the right actions maybe we can keep them from being as useful to our enemy.

I don't know. You'd have to track down the Ironmarch memesmith who made the graphic. Although I can hazard a guess:

Both the scholar and warrior are masked, but the adventurer is not. Both scholar and warrior also are labelled as "pure" whereas the adventurer is labelled "sure." Perhaps this reveals something about the spiritual nature of each of their journeys. The scholar is sworn to "uphold truth" and the warrior to "make war." In both cases the individual ego must not contaminate their holy mission. The scholar's personal biases must not altar the truth he preserves and studies, and the warrior's fear and cowardice must not be allowed to get the better of him. The Adventurer however is an ego centred Journey, somewhat akin to the "Hero's Journey" or the classic spiritual story of the refinement of the soul through many trials along the long road. Thus the adventurer bares his face to show the more personal nature of his story. He is labelled "sure" because he must be absolutely sure that his journey will take him where he must go so long ad he stays the course. The warrior and the scholar however have a "pure" mission to uphold no matter what, a mission that stretches on into eternity and is not centred on any one individual.

Just a guess.

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It's too late. We've already been pushed off a cliff. Our only hope is to turn around and shoot the ones who pushed us before we hit the ground.

Jesus christ wtf is wrong with you. All problems have solutions you fucking dolt, even hard ones. Aim a little lower. Are you even white?

What's the matter, why don't you just give up, goy… er guy?
A regularly updated source for rapes and sexual assaults committed by non-white subhumans in the UK
A handy resource for spreading reports and redpilling the masses

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Every adult white woman who dates monkey's like that I have no mercy on them. God is just being righteous. Parents who supported refugees their kids need to die, God's karma for trying to genocide us.

Banned in britain

You have to elaborate a bit more than that.

Duh, they want to become White.

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"The Pure, The Hard and the Certain"

A regularly updated source of rapes and sexual assaults committed by non-whites in the UK.
A useful resource for spreading reports and redpilling the masses.

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Independent womenz are easy targets for these subhumans.

Trust no one darker than northern italians or light spaniards. Thats the maximum of color you can trust…

Advice to the Indian guy who needs a girlfriend. Anons, please point him to this post, when he comes, please.

Welcome to Zig Forums my fellow Aryan. You can stay as long as you want. Ideally you should try for a white girlfriend. Here is how to do it.

1) Illegally migrate to Europe. USA can be better but there are already many future Spanish husbands migrating there. So you will get less competition in Europe. The populace is also willing.
2) Be sure to migrate to Western Europe. Eastern Europe does not want husbands for their women at this moment. In future, you can go there.
3) Now, choose a white girl.
4) Romance her and finally marry her.
5) Both of you are Aryan. So there will not be any problem. You children will be a proud Aryan.

Kill yourself in the most painful way possible, faggot.

Yup. Alberta is lousy with them. I vote a straight white ticket whenever possible, and when I've got no choice (as in no white candidate) I'll choose anything non muslim or non sikh. Fuck them and their soft takeover.

If you really think they do that, then you don't know women very well. A young girl at the age of puberty who has no strong male influence (her father is a cuck or not paying attention) will seek one, and since white men/boys are not allowed to be masculine, she will seek muds. They don't need to be abducting random girls off the street in order to rope them in. A woman of fertile age will seek sex from dominant men, and the culture/(((media)))/allowed behaviour of people strongly suggest to them that the niggers are above the white men in status. Just going after the offenders isn't the problem. White men must become firmly in charge of our nations again so that our women see us as dominant and don't wander off to spread for invaders.

Go post your race mixing fantasies elsewhere you streetshitter.

This is why I don't go to Gurdwara. You think Catholic Church is bad? I converted to Sikhi years ago but all these punjabis are anti-white bigots who support a sovereign state in india/pakistan called kalistan and fuck kids while berating grown women. They even have words for "white man" like gera, geri, gero. Listen for these when you're around them. Brown people are not human.

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Theres a horde of poos out there currently invading the chans and larping as fellow whites about their "based poo bros" and how their "poo friends" and "poo coworker" are nice, hardworking, intelligent, based and other obvious shill pasta, shilling about "based Aryan" poo "culture" and applying everywhere as janitors and mods to delete threads about poo rape, streeshitting and so on.

I really don't get it either. Don't these young white girls want to have cute white children that look like them? Why are they getting duped by these ugly shitskins?Why do they have no self respect or racial loyalty is the real way to put it.

Look at TV and magazines. Of course they don't. They are to feel ashamed and everyone rich and "pretty" is darker than them. GoT is followed by 30 something white ham planets, young white girls never see white anything.

Same reason why I was duped by sikhi

They have no clue what they want apart from to rebel against their parents, or get out the care home they have been dumped in, and have someone treat them like an adult.
Which is exactly what these animals look out for.

Fuggedaboutit. Got some Italians in my family tree, i don't look or act like them, it's for good reason, we ain't the same.

P much this
Muh based Sikhs can all twist in the wind with the rest of them

Reported. mods please delete this thread.

I am an American. I was born and raised in the deep south, I love my country, her freedoms, and men like this who remove the agencies and happiness of children must be dealt with in the appropriate manners. That is to be decided, but as of for now they must be apprehended and dealt with through the justice system. As if it performs upon proof and justifiable evidence, or a presumption of innocence even.
These groomers are not just Sikh and Muslim, or kikes and priests. The unrelenting sexual perverts abdicate their rights, no matter who they are, and let the fury of fathers and men fall upon these foes, no matter if they are white or brown or black or green.

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This 3HO ruins everything.
They are not khalsa.

Please know that whites and jews are both Zionists, and would condemn you in subtler fashion than niggers and mafiosized mudslimes

When I was in Thailand volunteering at an international high school, the Sikhs were some of the best kids there and befriended me easily. I had a lot of fun playing soccer with them.
Sikhs tend to be pretty nationalistic.
However, I'm sure it's a terrible idea to let them en masse into Western nations.
There are definitely some based Indians but the same goes for them as well.

So much this.
It is all up to those who revere Gurbani and those who don't

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Wrong pic, but still as solid

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Won't say all sikh are heroes or even allies. White Sikh aren't to be trusted on colour alone either.


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Nigger lover

In the south they got signs that say, "no niggers allowed." Why dont you find one of them for me, and reconcile this thesis to those good ol boys?

What self respecting Zig Forumsack couldnt figure that out themselves?

Yeah, pretty much nailed it.

Yes, their families failed them.
And then the organisations that should have protected them, failed them.
And the judges (who let the accused out on bail and ordered a media whitewash of the trials) failed us all.

To try and put the blame on the actual victims is ludicrous to anyone who isn't a paedophile or a muslim.

How is he a niggerlover exactly?

i see this argument that they fought for the can gov in world war whatever so this means theyve earned citizenship, cus they fought well.
I dont have to take pride in the last generation being allied with some other foreign savegry against other europeans, fucking mental

Lot of those permits for islamic state hunting season here too. If they are terrorists, you think I mind? Same thing for hazardous queers of any lot.

Friend. I must tell you from my heart that to bring sikhi to the people and remove the world's problems we must become one with the world and stray from punjab. YES it is in the history, YES the light from God touched Lahore, YES Amritsar is there, 500 years of name being cried to but look at this shit. Relating our ethnicity to the dharma of sikhi is haumai through and through which will ground you spirit so far away from Waheguru you will never be liberated. Were any of the 10 Gurus fighting for a nation? No they fought for sikhi and freedom to worship, not for the jotts, not for the kashi, not for the punjabi. Shitskin punjabis rape children, deal drugs, and kill out of greed.

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Exactly. No loyalty to shitsikhins. Only whites.

The best religions want and strive for creativity. Nanak? He and his ten. Christ? You ever read or hear just what the message of Christ, albeit watered down, was?
Vaheguru and Truth are most high. These are in all directions. I am not a Punjabi.
I am Gurmukhi.
I am white, and a follower of Sikhi and the Truest Guru I have been born and raised in the liberty of my own ancestral homeland.
I will keep my love for the SatNaam and stay as the man I am and the one I prefer to be. P.S. Sikh love US Western Literature
Emerson and Thoreau are trips.
I love muh constitution. South Gon' Do it Again.

Also, they were fighting for nations: Sikh Confederacy, Empire, and India as well as ww1 and in ww2

Sikhs have been nice enough to me irl.
Everyman to their own though.

There are two castes. The religious warrior caste, and a lot of dalits, extremely violent, dangerous dalits. The less pajeet looking, the more civilized essentially.

I still don't get where this sikhs are bro tier meme comes from, look the nikki haley aka nimrata randhwa what she did with the confederate flags and monuments.

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from who else? cuck brits and sihks themselves. it's a decades old meme.