Based red pilled comedy

Based red pilled comedy

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fuck off

6 foot 4 Nord. How the fuck is he a Jew dumbass?

Lots of low-effort slide threads lately.

Dude released a free comedy special making fun of leftists. How is that a slide? Your response is low effort

Don’t care. Fuck off. Your ecelebs don’t belong here.

Ok I listened to the first 10 min and it seems pretty good. Maybe add some details to the OP next time. You can have this bump before I leave.

Your standards are low enough to let everyone know you don't fit in. Here, have something to counter this low-energy slide thread. Pics related, its what you're trying to derail anyway :^)

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I dunno he admits he is

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I actually know Owen irl. Hes from Oswego NY but lives near my town in Saranac Lake. Can confirm he is half Jewish. His wife is also Mexican.

The guy gets on stage and prods leftists much lile Sam Hyde or Steven Crowder.

Also has been disavowed by hollywood for being based af. King of Dad jokes and conservative.

Also he is 6'7" + at least 25% of his DNA is Ashkenazi Jew. But he says he is half Jewish.

What the fuck is this trash? Kill yourselves.

He has a bitchute y'know

>half jew

Check him out then have an opinion. He's a real dude. You can't discredit the real redpill thruths this man drops based on him having partly (((Eastern European))) genetics. Hitler himself was as Jewish as Owen. Just saying.

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He's done more to redpill, speak truths, and promote true masculitiy than you have in your entire life.

Clean your room and do something other than trashing a great man causing leftist soyboys and cucks to spew salt.

Thanks for the sharebear

He's a gatekeeper meant to stop people from waking up to the jew, just like your precious Peterstein. Gas yourself.

(((Owen Benjamin)))
OP is a faggot.

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Go post it on /b/ if you like it so much. This board is for political discussion, not comedy


Nah, you are him. Get out before the gas hits


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He calls himself a jew. Maybe it's one of those Pocahontas Warren type of things where his grandfather had a big nose, but then he's still a faggot running around normalizing being a filthy kike.

Gas yourself.