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Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy. Most of us are probably familiar with them. What's Zig Forums's overall opinion on them? They have a radio network, an article website, and a video website. They're definitely pro-white, but they cause a lot of drama. They also recently published an article by a writer named Jack Duilio that shit on Zig Forums: Forums-a-guide/

What should we do about this? Should we be concerned?

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They are feds. Take your eceleb garbage to cuckchan.


So, is advertising allowed here or not? Because some threads get anchored, and some are allowed to go 400-500 posts.

This thread doesn't break any rules.

I actually write articles for Renegade Tribune
Here's one of them:

You know it's kinda strange how the author says that 8/pol/ enforces cuckservative ideologies when there are actually more NatSoc in 8/pol/ than cuckchan

About /cow/ it's kinda true most of its lurkers are bullies and cunts but 90% of the cows actually deserve being bullied like H3H3 or Bob Chipman

I think Jack is a Jew. His articles are suspicious.

Good articles, by the way. I like your stuff.

I don't think so, he's criticized Republicans and Israel before, maybe he hates Zig Forums because he thinks all Zig Forums users are pedos and degenerates completely ignoring /sig/ and /nsig/

Thanks :) I was a little nervous the first time i published an article but it got a really positive reaction which inspires me to write more

The more pro-white content out there the better. We're definitely in a war for people's minds, so all content helps.

His article about Might is Right and Optimism came off as Jewish to me. He seems slimy.

Feds this place is being overrun with you feds

I know, i also try to make my articles simple and swift so even normies can understand them.
We need to make NatSoc go mainstream again

What I want is for all the petty infighting to stop. I think Jack may be a Jew since he tried to pit Renegade against Zig Forums

To me it seemed like he was attempting to shill Siege Culture into Renegade Tribune in a very subtle way.
He can be either a hebrew or a James Mason fan

It does. Commit suicide immediately.

Commit suicide immediately. You are not part of us.

Also, look at his gab account
Masonic imagery in his header image.

Name a single rule this thread breaks.

I'm not sure if he's actually a jew but i get your point, he may be a shill after all
I'll make sure to tell Kyle to keep an eye on him, jews are everywhere so maybe we'll need to make a digital night of the long knives

Fuck off Moarpheus.

It really depends on how I'm feeling that day.

Kill yourself moshe.

A few years back Renegade Broadcasting was outstanding and Kyle was doing great work. For example he organized the first "White Man March" which got a lot of mainstream "point-and-sputter" coverage, much like the later IOTBW campaign. This was in the (relatively) early days of WN podcasting, long before TRS came around. Sure, Kyle did some mysto-type crunchy topics–no secret that he came from the left–but he was an articulate speaker, consistently pro white and his network had a solid lineup of hosts putting out quality content every day of the week.

He was too popular. (((The enemy))) targeted Renegade for termination. They sent in an operative to take down Renegade, a man named Chris Dorsey who became one of the weekly podcast hosts. That's literally how he identified himself "a man called Chris Dorsey." Supposedly some sovereign-citizen-type voodoo. This guy was such an obvious agent it's a mystery to me how Kyle didn't see what was happening. His podcast was such outrageous fed-posting that within a few weeks all his quality hosts had quit the network. It went downhill from there.

Later, coming up to the 2016 election Renegade turned into a full-time anti-Trump outlet. Not that anything they said was wrong but it was just unlistenable.

As for Sinead–some say she's an agent sent to fuck-up Kyle's operation. Occam's razor says she's just a woman.

You're right. It's not specifically said in the rules and given who operates this site, it's probably welcome.

Having said that, you should still suck start a shotgun.

I think siege is pushed by the left. Pic related is my copypasta for it.

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How is that masonic?

Elab on Dorsey?

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Depends if you support fashy based neocons my goy.

The article seems like the writer is trying to rattle us. I think it was just a troll job. Specifically:
and the fact that the writer excluded /tv/, despite it having more users than many of the boards he listed.

that's factually correct

>l…look what is saying about Zig Forums!
>what does Zig Forums think of ?
Looks like Psycho Sinead and Kyle the Cuck are testing the waters and tentatively probing to see if the current population of Zig Forums remembers why they lost any and all credibility as White activists.
The article is obviously deliberate provocation, also known as negative promotion. By attacking Zig Forums they get Zig Forums talking about them, their names crop up more and more, and the mere repetition of seeing their names subconsciously causes anons to believe they are relevant.
Reminder: Sinead is a coalburner, probably a jew, admitted to an extensive history of mental illness including institutionalization in childhood, promoted all kinds of shills while she was still relevant, and tried to subvert Zig Forums into marching armed on a federal building while wearing duct tape gags on their mouths.
Numerous videos showcase her mental instability.
She also pretends to be a mother but isn't. Her favourite tactic is playing stock samples of babies crying in the background of her videos. Even when her alleged son was a toddler, she still used the voice of a baby, completely demolishing any credibility regarding her being an actual parent. The parent thing is meant to add credibility and address one of the main criticisms of her type of shill "if you're so into White survival, why have you not had any children?"
Let it not be forgotten here, that when things started getting hot for Kyle and Sinead, they staged a number of attacks and begged for help in the form of donations - attempting to squeeze the last shekels out of a dwindling fanbase.
Two such operations come to mind.
There was no such campaign, he simply pulled the site then begged for donations to buy a new server.
Prior to adopting White causes as a means to make an income, Kyle was, like so many of these types, involved in the "new age" movement. Simple reason, it was more popular than White advocacy and more profitable. There are still pictures of his website, with rainbows and magic etc.
They are also inveterate well poisoning agents whose standard attack procedure is to bring up various cooky theories in the same video as White advocacy/ information about jews - thus discrediting the whole by association.
Some of the fringe bullshit they have pushed:
They're also avowed satanists, Sinead admitted to being a follower of "father lucifer" in a now long since deleted video. That's another thing, they regularly delete their old content under the guise of "it was shoahed" to hide their subversive acts.
tl;dr looks like Sinead is testing the waters prior to an attempt at a comeback, do not fall into the trap of thinking these people are allies, they couldn't be further from it.
Sinead and Kyle using their acting skills (Sinead is a trained actress with experience including NLP) staging a giant freakout with a couple of other shills.

You are 100% correct. The book has been around for nearly 50 years and accomplished jack shit except kill nationalists or put them in prison.

The entire thing is based off a death cult that posits that having a handful of untrained, isolated, mentally ill individuals commit acts of terrorism will magically result in an apocalyptic "collapse". There is no logical basis or rational outline presented for this in the book, but then it's not supposed to appeal to rational people. It's supposed to appeal to mentally ill types who already had the urge to murder but didn't know how to rationalize it.

It's a shit book and anyone promoting it is either mentally retarded or a GITD shill.

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Give deets, torfag.

Interesting that you posted this user, a few weeks ago I started making the shift to read their articles daily instead of Daily Stormer (more and more I'd been in disagreement with what Faglin says and his ridiculously absurd article about putting Aryan eggs in gook bitches really was the final straw for me). I really like their radio shows, very informative and if I may recommend some previous ones to you, the one on 10/15 was really great from Heathen Vegan. It was borderline political speech level. I've been thinking about cutting it down to the best bits to make it an appropriate length upload for kiketube. Extremely motivational stuff. Also the second hour of it is really good, this caller named Shaun called in again and he called in on 10/8 and really stole the show in a good way. Dude is American and funny as fuck. Definitely knows his shit. Based boomer if there ever was one. Also, I already see that people are saying that Renegade are CIAniggers and shit and I really don't see how. As far as I can tell, these are just shills scared because they actually have good stuff to say. Check it out for yourself bro and you make the decision, that's what everyone should do when confronted with a situation like that.

It does more than that. Even if you only download or buy it out of scholarly interest, if you happen to be isolated or otherwise vulnerable to being painted as mentally imbalanced, then you're now in a position to be framed for a crime you didn't commit. All of the "evidence" is there, your copy of siege.
If you don't think this can happen then look up the murder of British TV presenter Jill Dando. She was assassinated by the jews for investigating the pedo ring at the BBC, prior to the Jimmy Savile exposure etc. The jews initially tried to blame it on a "Serbian hitman", then the police framed the local weirdo, a man by the name of Barry George.
In court it was stated that he had a collection of Jill Dando photos and was obsessed. In reality the "collection" was just whatever photos of Miss Dando happened to be in the left-over newspapers and magazines in George's apartment.
George won an appeal eventually, but received zero compensation for having his already difficult life ruined.

Come on, can't post, just google it "kyle hunt star theory", there are loads of links and images.

Can't vouch for the following site overall, but its info on Hunt is correct:
Seems there's a very high probability that Hunt is jewish, and gay. Sinead is his "beard".

Why couldn't you just post this shit in the thread so everyone else could see it?
First post on here I see is saying that Hitler was right. So basically all you have to point out is that he was a hippie? Which he openly admits.

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What is your opinion on Charles Giuliani? I think his show is quite good and entertaining.

Despite i endorse the use of brute force (Killing mudslimes, lynching pedos) to defend our countries, Accelerationism and Siege Culture are just full blown terrorism.
>The fucking Attomwaffen Division (Siege larpers) has launched propaganda posters telling NatSocs to rape cops and support North Korea

You know what's even worse? That these disgusting psychopaths are desecrating the Sonnenrad and the swastikas as if MSM hadn't disecrated them enough

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Do you really not know why? Look at my ID.

I don't know why you're even trying to run damage control for these two. Their reputations, and the evidence against them, is way too far gone to ever make a comeback.
The dirt that you can dig on these people is limited only by how much time you want to spend on it. Sinead's resume also makes for interesting reading, as do Kyle's advocacy of flexible "open relationships".
The sequential hopping from interest group to interest group is detailed in the link I posted. Fringe > Neopagan > WN, with various offshoot branches inbetween.
All the time with a focus on attacking christianity.
I've said enough for anyone to get started, and am not going to stick around to chat with damage controllers.

Why wouldn't you support Israel's enemies?

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Oh one last point, I never claimed Hunt was or is a "hippy", because he isn't.
He's a kabbalist jew and, like his wife, a satanist.

Oh, you're a Christcuck. Fuck off, Jew worshiper. The transition they made is totally natural.

No one cares about your opinions. Provide evidence or fuck off.

Because they are fucking communists that's why

So what if he's a fucking hippie? Have you even read his blog entries? He's always defended National Socialism and Hitler even if he was a stupid hippie.
I was a fucking communist when i was 14 years old, does that make me a cia nigger?


Fucking idiot.

When they're against the race that created communism, that really doesn't matter, especially when you're living under a system that's just as jewish, and, unlike NK, is actually controlled by jews.

Ya seriously lol it's like I sort of understand the whole "digging up people's past" bit but it gets to a certain point where you have to realize that people do change and some people especially in such times as these change drastically. Me and my girl have changed so damn much in the past year, we could just as well pass as different entire people. It's that extreme what the redpill can do to us. We each have our own path and we should judge people in the end by where our present position is on our path.

By the way, that was a really good article bro

So you're a christ cultist; that explains the animosity.
Sidenote, I don't approve of McCarthy not doing quality control on some of the material she covers in her shows (very speculative, non-scientific "science" of topics which has been physically established already). Curiosity is just an excuse.

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Hi Mr FBI agent! 😎



They're Satanic/Occultist/Babylonian/Jewish Psychic Vampires that prey on kids

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I've only seen them a few times. Decent enough. A thousandfold better than normal media. If they were centrism, or normality, I'd be okay with that.

I don't necessarily disagree with their views, I just think they're cops too. Most of these WN organizations are fed snitches

If you don't mind me asking, who do you trust and view as truly on our side then? If literally everyone is a fed then who really is there?

New Shill Tactic. They are now saging, replying without quoting properly, and always accusing of jewdaism. Suggestions to become an hero have also characterized many of the new posts I am seeing. Another recent trend is saying threads break rules. Some of these may have been legitimate posts, I just haven't seen such a consistent level of this similar of behavior in such a short timespan recently.

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Holy shit op, tonight's show on Renegade Broadcasting was extremely heated. This dude called in and was trying to make his argument for the whole Breivik fiasco and they kept shutting him down and wouldn't let him speak and then they called him a CIAnigger and basically said they think commies should live and that even if they are traitors they should live. Since when did we stop pushing commies out of helicopters?? What happened to better dead than red? Fuck these faggots

This was years ago and I would hate to get details wrong, but I remember thinking "this guy is so out of place." At that point all the shows were top notch, high quality, and this guy came along and after listening to him talk for a couple minutes he just sounded the way someone would who was posing as an ally but was really ill-intentioned. He acted just as someone would who wants to ruin the network while pretending to support "the movement."

And as I expected, all the legit hosts quit until the network was just him and Kyle and maybe one remaining other host (plus Sinead whom I had stopped listening to by then).

I know you want more details. Again I don't want to mis-remember anything. If you go listen to any of his shows you should hear what I mean within five minutes.

Couple of unhinged schitzos who think that if you were not a complete angle in your past life, not hitler reincarnated, or if you simply disagree with their retarded flat earth vegan shit then you’re a cia/mossad operative.


For newfags, shit like this is clever shilling FOR Renegay.
The only problem over there is Sinead. She is just crazy and never should have been allowed to see the light of day. Many of my fellow autistes here fail to recognize, for whatever reason, that not everyone is autistic and good at objective truth. Almost everyone that I have ever come into contact with that is actually a flat-earther has done meth. They have physically destroyed their brains.

Do us all a favor and make a legitimate fucking point and back it up–otherwise, you sound the same as them.

Sad but true. About the enemy agent, our people have to learn to spot shit like that. He also needs to prevent his crazy wife from making them all look crazy, but it's too late for that.

More autism. Thanks for the info, though. It is relevant to my chain of command.