South Africa begins seizing white owned land

The debate about land redistribution in South Africa has been a passionate one, as many South African cities face a housing crunch that has left hundreds of thousands of people living in informal settlements. Just as this debate is starting to reach a fever pitch, one South African city, Ekurhuleni, is about to embark on what mayor Mzwandile Masina calls "a test case" for the nation: the government is going to seize hundreds of acres of land, from white citizens without paying for it, to build low-cost housing.

Last month, the city voted in favor of pushing forward with "expropriation without compensation". According to ABC News, this was cited by the African National Congress as a legal rule that is necessary in order to distribute land equitably and correct "historic injustices" that took place in the country.

The mayor of Ekurhuleni stated the same thing, saying that landowners in South Africa should not be scared. Mayor Masina told AP: "Our policy is not to take the land by force. Our policy is to make sure the land is shared amongst those that need it." It was unclear what those whom the land is taken from thought about this policy.

The total amount of land that’s going to be expropriated amounts to about 865 acres. The land is both private and government owned, and some of it has been vacant for decades. Masina, who heads the local ANC-led coalition, did not specify which landowners will be hit be the measure.

The internationally debated land reform was approved by South Africa’s ruling party to address the historic injustices of apartheid, and distribute land among the population more equitably. According to the country’s President Cyril Ramaphosa, over 77 percent of South African farms and agricultural holdings are owned by white citizens with only four percent of lands belonging to black South Africans. White citizens make up just nine percent of the country’s population, while black citizens account for 76 percent. This, to the ruling regime, is a green light to repossess land that has been owned by white citizens, in many cases for generations.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said in July that the ANC had planned to amend the constitution in order to allow this expropriation despite the fact that many are concerned that it could destabilize the country and send the economy into a tailspin. To address this, the ANC has been working to reassure people that what they’re doing is legal and should not be worrisome. Quoted by ABC, Ramaphosa said that everyone should "relax" about this process and that "it would end up very well".

As reported previously, this land redistribution is being done to address people awaiting government assistance who are forced to live in "horrible" conditions. The city expects to be taken to court after it notifies private landowners that it is going to try and seize their land. This is apparently part of the plan, as the city seems to feel as though it could be victorious in court.

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When will you niggers fucking learn?

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Its funny how this cocksucker tries his best to butter up the situation and give it legitimacy.
He also cries about muh Hitler in the end of the article for good measure.
Even when whites are attacked (((they))) have keep that guilt complex flowing.

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Nogs never learn. How long until they start begging for the whites to come back?

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What makes you think that ✡Zero Hedge✡ is run by whites?

It's only a happening if people nut up

Even if it's run by kikes, how does that affect the substance of this story

Kek. Just relax, whites. Just going to grab the land you've worked for generations. Nice and easy there. Just a little prick and that's it.

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Based! Kick white invaders. Inb4 you will starve without us meme. You aren't welcome foreigner piece of shits. You have to go back to Europe white trash.

Any mention that white citizens are the ones providing well over 70% of the taxes that are what makes the government budget?
Didn't think so.
(Sauce: there is only 4 millions taxpayers in SA… and 56 millions inhabitants. There are a few blacks, mostly the ANC grabblers that got shares for being party members when they made a law that EVERY company needed black shareholders, but as a rule the only people that pay taxes in SA are whites).

You think anyone is going to try and stop them?

Soon we will laugh while the subhumans starve to death.

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Yet they'll get aid from millions of "informed and concerned" westerners and will then reproduce, making their situation far worse. The cycle is continuous because niggers are literally animals.

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Don't expect this to end with South Africa; it's just the testing ground for what's to come.
Any Whites living in nations that participated in colonialism and global trade during that time will be demanded to make concessions in the name of righting historical wrongs (your land, your holdings and possessions, and, most importantly, your daughters).

Knowing niggers' logic and their kike handlers' typical trickery, they'll likely argue that the amount of compensation should be based on the value of the land as assessed at the time of judgement (read: practically nothing, as the niggers will have wrecked it by that point), as opposed to the value before seizure.
By hooknose or by crook…

That would require them to first have the self-awareness to realize the error of their ways and, secondly, the humility to admit to it in begging the Whites to return.
tl;dr: never.

That's the point: bankrupt the country in order to sell off its assets.
This is how conquest is conducted in the modern age, not through a conventional form of warfare, but, rather, an economic one.

They are also leasing land to Chinese companies

I'm going to be laughing my ass off when this law repeatedly tears the country apart after all the whites are dead or fled.

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You have anything else to add?

This is good, bantu niggers eventually will give the land to the Chinese and once again SA will be a land of Blasians.
Life is a circle

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1800s - hey, lets bring more black workforce to the US, it will make us rich!
1900s - hey, lets bring more black workforce to the SA, it will make us rich!
2000s - hey, lets bring more black workforce to the EU, it will make us rich!

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You won't be laughing for long. CNN and BBC will begin demanding that we open our borders to the soon to be starving niggers. Maybe Trump will say no, maybe not. Either way, they WILL be flooded into Europe.
Will you be laughing then?

Besides, you shouldn't laugh at White men and women losing their land.

Yes, that always works out so well

Boy, that acceleration sure did work great.

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Trump supposedly talked them down a while back, now we see this.

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Come on…it'll be ok. Just a quick, sharp pain, and it'll all be over.

Aaaaand it's gone. Everything you worked for, your livelihood, it's all gone. You're homeless now. See how easy that was! Oh and now that you can't farm, good luck getting a job when the law explicitly discriminates against whites.

This is coming to America soon enough

Checked. Trump is the master of creating a widespread and false impression that he does things for whites. Whether it's stopping immigration or stopping land seizure in South Africa, Trump is the master marketing bullshitter. Wake up, lads. Nobody is going to save us except us.


The only native blacks to South Africa are the Khoi-san, who have lived alongside the Boers for 400+ years with no problems whatsoever. The Bantus are just as foreign, and showed up after the whites had already been there for some time. In 10 years Jewish NGOs will be running sad commercials with Sarah McLaughlin music over images of crying bony niglets after blacks destroy South Africa's general economy, and its agriculture sector in particular. We already know that the blacks will starve without the whites because Zimbabwe, Liberia, and Haiti already happened and proved that niggers only need 20 years to completely destroy a country that was given to them for free.

Frankly, you fucking niggers deserve the Chinese, and by the time they're done with you, you'll regret that the White man ever left.

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Trump put a stop to this months ago. Reported for shilling before the midterms.


Is this the big happening thread we’ve all been waiting for?

Fuck off, dumbass. Nobody wants to read your Imkampfy-level muh 4D chess shilling. Trump is a scam.

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They're confiscating land anyway. How can you GOP shills lie so blatantly? Trump is a dickless, powerless ZOG tool. He just says a bunch of shit and does nothing.

The classic "just blatantly lie" ZOG political technique doesn't work amymore. The internet means the truth gets out.

That was your fellow chinese anti trump shill.

Trump tweeted about it to deny us the white genocide talking point and then memory hole it.

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Don't think I didn't notice your kike mods locking the other south africa thread because it would make your zog emperor look bad.

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What acceleration?
I thought your gay rainbow democracy and trump tweets were suppose to save the whites?

You are delusional if you think they will ever want the whites back. The expropriation of the farms is purely revenge.

Why are you shilling for hillary-chinese control of the world?

Why are you still bringing up Hillary 2 years after the bitch lost?

It doesn't, but the (((narrative))) still has to be promoted in subtle ways.

The West is going through Weimarization and will eventually collapse to such a degree that giving aid won't be possible anymore.

Digits confirm.

Absolutely this. It's well beyond voting at this point.

south africans should be more tolerant

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I think you're in the wrong place, friend

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kill all niggers and start with the children

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yeah fuck whitey, he only provided everything we have ever known and kept us alive for no reason other than that we were there! yeah fuck them

it's about time. as far as i'm concerned, the whites are getting a hell of a bargain considering they get to keep their bank accounts. what has it been now, 200yrs of ill-gotten gains off the backs of the indigenous South Africans on stolen land? disgusting. And, Trump won't do anything because he knows this is true

Fuck off kike niggers. We all know the real history of South Africa. It was built by whites and the murderous Bantus migrated there afterwards.

Ironically, this wouldn't be happening if Quisling and the Axis had won. Of course, the (((NRK))) is anti-Quisling, calls him a traitor of Norway. No, he was Norway's hero. The traitors and cowards were Haakon VII and the so-called "Norwegian government-in-exile" in London.

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1/10 LARP
eradicate bantu anyway

the truth is that every penny of productivity in South Africa is traceable to the indigenous population, which was kept in open air prisons and raped for their resources. i don't cry when chickens come home to roost, and neither does our great President Mr. Trump, who knows this is just and that's why he's not doing anything

I know it's hard having an average IQ of 60 so I'm not going to hold it against you for being so wrong.

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In most cases black don't produce anything valuable unless they have a slave master present supervising them.

calling me names isn't going to stop the land seizures white peckerwood. it won't get mr. trump to do anything about it, either, because he knows this is the right thing. suck on that birdshit

Even with a slave master did negros actually build anything useful? All I know is that they picked cash crops. It was White laborers who built all the buildings as far as I know.

The nignogs just had 15 billion dollars worth of gibsmedats from the chinks, they still aren't satisfied, and the nogs will never ask their benevolent tribal leaders where the money goes.


If you were a real saffa nigger/kaffir you wouldn't've had that keyboard originally.

It’s the whites fault, they cultivated land that they knew blacks would be tempted to steal.

When they die of starvation.

The one that brings them, and gets temporary profits from. And we all feel results in the end. No, you're not going to be that guy, you aren't one right now, it's not your place.

Wouldn't count on it.

That would be okay if such measures were applied equitably. However, they never will be. I would move somewhere in order to have a White country, but kikes especially will not let us be. You niggers should throw out all the White improvements to your country and starve back to borderline extinction while you're at it though.

Only if the farmers say no.


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it's niggers. They'll never learn


Whites should just leave. Those niggermonkey's will just starve themselves.
Just poison the lands before you leave.

Racewar inshallah

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I'm sorry, I was not aware I wasn't allowed to criticize the president

I had no idea blacks had worked out a concept of land ownership or government while I was away. What was the first time borders were drawn between African countries?

Why should they? If I were in charge, I'd work towards making all of Africa white. Let's see how tough negroes are when they talk big about taking land and waging war.

The Zulu tribe (10+ mil nogs) has sided with whites because of the potential food loses. This is nothing more than rhetoric at this point to keep nogs believing in fantasy white chinks rape their resources.

Accelerationism is the only chance we've got. The longer we wait, the less our numbers for the coming fight. The Race War started in 1965.

The Tswana and Bushman would probably side with the white right as well.

Yes, but what these votefags don't understand that acceleration entails radicalization and organization.
Not "making things worse" as they always assert.

Good. Let niggers dig their own shit grave and then blame whites for it

perhaps that's true, but in the case of ZA, it's the only course, provided that whites are armed and make strategic alliances.

Daily reminders:
Leftists defend this regime
Leftists claim this land appropriation is not race based
Leftists claim whites being mirdered due to race is a myth of South Africa
Pop sourced and emotional redpills about this to Normies to expose the leftists lies!

They take it one step further and pressed upon it, state that whites deserve being murdered for apartheid. Remember, not one inch.

You believe that?

Believe it? Nigger it's happening right before your blind eyes

Oh I can’t forget.
I come from a country enhanced by communism in the past century and today the Jews are Di&C spamming any online discussions, apparently us and all our neighbors committed genocides on each other.
Lots of obedient traitors from my own nation are perpetuating foreign control of our government.

Millions murdered by Bolshevik Jews, or starved and left into generational poverty.

It’s an eternal struggle.

Uncle Dolfie and friends showed us the way.

You think what you describe is possible in USA?

Rhodesians are turning in their graves now.
Backstabbed by Britain, USA and China (communist china helped the niggers and jews back in the days then too)

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This is all theoretical Mr. Fed, but wouldn't you build the aircraft before you blow up the substations?

And where will they go? SA is pretty much Western Europe and north America fifty years from now.

Non white groups are starting to use the same sort of rhetoric here that they do down there.

Race war started after 1945.

Stop trying to recruit for the CIANigger Atomwaffen operation.

OP is a nigger faggot, this is old news from BEFORE Trump spoke on farm murders. There is literally no new or useful information here.

They are even killing spic tourists going there:

Yes, they are retards.