Operation Blue Scare is a flyering and awareness campaign intended to reveal the true hateful and violent nature of the progressive left to the general public.

Despite the catchy name, this is not dishonest scare tactics. All we are doing is taking the genuine, unedited words of leftists and spreading them. If anything we are giving them a signal boost. If people react negatively to their opinions, then that's the left's fault, not ours.

The goal of this is not to reveal any opinion or anything else other than what the leftist has chosen to reveal in their hateful post.

An example of what this looks like in practice:

1. Go to a far-left website with hateful articles (e.g. HuffPo, Salon, Jezebel, The Root)
2. Find a particularly egregiously offensive article
3. Print it out without editing or adding anything (very important!)
4. On Halloween night, post up the article in a place where people may see it

The genius of this idea is that it cannot be slandered as "right-wing propaganda" because it simply involves taking unedited articles from popular news sources and posting them without any commentary. It is simply spreading the truth.

It also cannot be called "hate speech" without admitting that these leftist sources are in themselves hateful - something they would never admit! After all, what could possibly be wrong with sharing an article from the Washington Post or the New York Times?

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I feel like they would simply say that "it was taken out of context" and "context matters!!!"


Link me

They said the same things about IOTBW. Didn't matter because anyone with half a brain can see right through it

So? it's no different than any of their other kvetching.

Putting up flyers isn't illegal.


Best I can do.

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Scratch that, this is the super spooky version.

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How is this thread remotely NPC? The goal is to break the NPC stranglehold over the public

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They say that about everything though.

Can we start the bleach and ammonia challenge yet?

Exactly, the sort of people who would say that or listen to it are already lost.

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My favorite thing about the NPC meme is when NPCs try to use it and only embarrass themselves.

Here is an easily spread guide on how to do this.

Please spread this around, keep this thread bumped, and post images you think would trigger normies.

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Niggers really have no shame or self-awareness: literally NPC's.

dank shit

You have my support user.
I believe IOTBW 2.0 is also posting during Halloween.
Ensure the article content is 'sandboxed' within a strong border with Blue Scare logo prominent and visible to ensure people understand the message. Comic Sans font is really shit and doesn't do you logo justice because it has nothing scary about it.

I've made some templates for user to use.
They use the Karbon font from IOTBW for instant branding recognition. I'd also suggest including a link to the archive article so NPC media retweeting/ sharing the image will also be giving out the link for others to read the article. See example included.

Godspeed anons.

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I like your creative spirit, but the templates make it easy to slander as a "right-wing propaganda campaign". It's far better if the articles are posted up unedited, so that it's unclear whether leftists or rightists are behind them.

The idea is supposed to be very similar to how Zig Forums functions and redpills people. People don't come here to read articles from Fox News or Breitbart; they come here to see the latest zany shit the left is saying. Raw, unadulterated statements straight from the mouths of the left is what works and what wakes people up. It's also what's most galvanizing to people, because if they think leftists put these up they will feel like there are genuine crazies in their neighborhood.

That said, I think it's a great logo and will definitely start using it from now on. The Comic Sans was intended to make it look more innocent, fun, and playful.

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Is that not the point user?
Many were woken up by the screeching over a plain statement - "It's OK to be white." is somehow "racist".
The same is true here. If they choose to label "left-wing articles" as "right-wing propaganda" they are shooting themselves in the head.

Oh, it will inevitably be slandered as a "right-wing propaganda campaign", just like IOTBW was. However, it's far easier and better for us if that's not immediately clear to everyone at the outset.

Bingo. That's the goal. Just putting up the articles confuses the source. However, adding a template clearly demarcates them as a propaganda campaign.

I wouldnt wait for halloween OP. Early vote has begun in many places this week

Good point.

Are there any articles, tweets or posts that spring to mind for this?

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Halloween's great for this. It's a spooky day where people are out and about doing halloween stuff.

I'd change that to: adding a template clearly gets it mentioned globally on NPC media by them as a 'far-right hate speech' propaganda campaign.
If they believe it is some Democrat posting them up they won't take any notice. Wear a MAGA hat and post it with the template and they'll have columns written about it in the NTY & HuffPo by the next morning.

More npc memes please

You can keep using the template if you like, I don't have any serious issues with it. The only problem with edits would be shills adding swastikas or echoes to the articles or something. I will keep advocating for posting unedited articles though. As long as this idea spreads it will be successful.

To respond to your point: the articles are inflammatory enough in themselves that it shouldn't matter who's putting them up. However, if people think that Democrats are putting them up then that will valence them against Democrats even more. If people think right-wingers are putting them up, the posters could be dismissed as "an attempt to divide us" or some other such horseshit.

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Thanks, I was waiting for someone to do that.

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Bump for some good old fashioned family friendly lels.

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Another good idea/thread ruined by NPC-niggers

It hasn't been… this thread needs to be bumped if anything. Constructive input would also help

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Official website: bluescare.wordpress.com/

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polite sage because not contributing

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This is a good idea. I'm going to start looking. Keep the thread up guys.

Always happy to help.

Protip: don't post random tweets by no-names, focus on articles and posts by "respected" institutions and individuals.

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This worth or nah?

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This is a good angle. I remember California actually issued something called "voting guide for noncitizens"… just an image of that would be a big redpill.

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That could definitely work on patriotic types, as well as older folks and anyone with a sense of nostalgia.

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Sounds good to me.

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Not a new article but pair with the one above

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Second, third, and fourth aren't the theme of Blue Scare. They're clearly statements coming from the right.

The third could work if you edited out the bottom part and just made it a compilation of anti-white images.

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No. This is not a problem, since it would be both obvious and meaningless.
Consider the following:
Used as intended
Template + Crazy Left Article= "Hey! Look at this crazy left article!…Crazy Left Article"
Viewer response: "Thanks for warning me about the Blue Scare."

Used by a shill
Template + Shill inserted swastika = "Hey! Look at this crazy left article…Far right image"
Viewer response: "WTF? That makes no sense!"

That blew my mind when I realized what they were doing. It's fucked up

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Nah, I mean more like some retard taking a lefty article, putting echoes around the reporter's name, covering it with "Jude" stars, and then putting a big link to Stormfront or some shit at the bottom. That's not what we want.

Not a new article but pair with the one above

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Obviously only post the anti white posters in heavily white christian communities.

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Thanks man. Posting these means a lot.

I'm thinking we should come up with a top five and just ask people to post those everywhere. Sarah Jeong's tweets would definitely be up there.

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Here are some of my favourite articles.

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that severely limits your reach dumb ass, you can only talk to one person at the time, but many can see a poster simultaniously, besides, an image is worth a thousand words
no, but we fear persecution, leftards will slander you, get you fired, burn your house, kill your dog and hit you in the head with a bike lock if you give them the slightest escuse
oh sure, let's go to somewhere we don't know to talk to strangers, surelly there's no way we could get doxed in an era were pictures and messages travel at the speed of light
as if doing both was imposible, i talk to my friends, family, neighbourgs work buddies, but there's a millon of strangers i just will never reach with words, but a poster, a poster can reach anyone who looks at it

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You hit the hammer on the head. I can guarantee you that doesn't do any of that shit himself but is perfectly happy to countersignal good action and encourage people to dox themselves.

We will use the lefts tactics against them. Feel free to reach out to people with logical discussions but it has been my personal experience that people would rather react to empathy and emotions. By showing the extreme actions of the leftest media (which is an honest deception of it) we are using their media against them. There is a reason Huffpost doesn't have a comment section, and it's not to promote honest discussion.

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bad example

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It's about quality over quantity.
Making decisions driven off fear often leads to making poor choices.
Do you think talking to a person is going to make regional news? Especially if you are just talking about what the people on the left are saying. If anything the news that you have done this isn't going to leave that person's social group.
I never claimed it was impossible, just that it was a better use of your time to go and talk to people than put up flyers.
Do you honestly think someone is going to change their political view even a smidge by seeing one of those flyers?

What you look like is not a dox. If discussing is off limits on the street how do you think we will be able to have this discussion with the people of our governments.

It's like I'm in a Fox News comment section

No, you stupid goys, stop doing this. Don't you retards want some tits? Come on goys, watch some blacked, go on Instagram or something. Why do you retards do this? Oi vey my boss will be pissed.

Tactics such as this anger and frustrate the enemy. There is clear evidence of it in this thread. It spreads attention to our cause and it's effective. See the coverage and responses from the "it's ok to be white" poster campain: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It's_OK_to_be_white

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Is that you Shlomo?

Just a friendly reminder that this article by "Shelley Garland" was a hoax by a South African man pretending to be a woman.

archive.is/my0cT [Breitbart]
Man Who Embarrassed HuffPo with Hoax Article Loses Job After Outlet Tracks Him Down at Work

A South African man who, posing as a feminist activist, convinced the Huffington Post to publish an article calling for white males to have their voting rights removed has now lost his job after HuffPo editors tracked him down and confronted him at his workplace.

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Name the fucking jew you retards. Or it's worthless. That is the alternative.

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Stale tactics bring stale results. Recommend getting on board with this thread.

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Well perhaps I could do both.

The fact that HuffPo originally published and defended it means it's still a postable article. However I'm pretty sure this Thought Catalog article is fake. Whatever you do, definitely don't post fake articles

Top kek

What's great about this is that the most they can blame you with is putting up an article from The New York Times, HuffPo, Salon, or whatever. How can they possibly blame you for posting an article from a respected and acclaimed news publication?

Yes, it's smart. Here's the link to the article. thoughtcatalog.com/emily-goldstein/2015/05/get-rid-of-white-people/

Keep up the good work, anons. Slide threads and low energy shills are everywhere. Its abundantly clear this keeps a lot of people knee deep in existential dread.

No luck in the NPC thread so here is where you try the 'bro, if its not full blown 1488 and criticizing ZOG with every pixel its not worth it'. Also, human beings don't put more than one space after a period lol off your meds again?

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*elsa's mother wouldn't let

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act like a leftist with the worst kind of psychosis and showcase all their insanity with sock puppets to amp the npc's wich in turn emboldens right wing to say fuck these shitbags and go vote.


really shit psyop that intends to lessen the impact of iotbw campaign on halloween.

I really didn't think feminists could top themselves in terms of looking like completely retarded, utterly unsalvageable invalids after I saw them wheel out a female imam to sing the call to prayer at one of the pussy hat marches.

When will I learn to stop being so naive.

Like one user already said, giving the left a megaphone is pretty much the only thing we need to do, now, to convince people to turn away from them in droves. Their platforms (if you can even call them that) have finally eroded to the point where they're not just effortless for conservatives to debate against; they've become so blatantly delusional and malicious that even the classical liberals (boomers and younger generations alike) can no longer pretend that there isn't something insidiously wrong with the current political left, like this

The Dems, the marxist drones and the little kike behind the curtain aren't just shooting themselves in the foot when they write Poe's Law fuel like this. They're revving up the chainsaw and intentionally amputating everything below the knee, fully intent on crawling to the starting line at the 100m dash and screaming at everyone for being ableist. It's almost not even hyperbole at this point.

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user likes

kill them with the truth.4

That was in Germany, I'll never fucking forget that. These are the ones that we need to kill without a shred of compassion or remorse.

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Save that one, giving up their seats means when the country is majority non-white (soon) that whites will be expected to own a minority of the countries assets, as in, Zimbabwe, farm and asset confiscation etc.

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Poor Maxie, the gorilla. That gentle creature doesn't deserve to be forced to put up with niggers.

should be advisor understanding but no infinitely more intelligent.