Anti-flouride pill

Fluoridation is the addition of the poisonous chemical "fluoride" to drinking water.

It's the stuff that people tell you not to eat toothpaste because of. The idea (I guess?) is that when you drink water the flouride runs over your teeth before you swallow it, and this helps keep your teeth clean… yet you still have to brush your teeth. I'm not buying it.

So we're stuck with this.. instead of having clean water without any weird unnecessary shit added to it?

It's completely true that the government is doing this. It's public information, there's no secrecy or conspiracy about it. It's just a super dumb and bad policy. We deserve clean, un-tampered-with water. Look what happened in flint michigan with lead poisoning in the water. A whole generation of children with severely decreased IQs. Trace amounts of flouride won't do that, but they might have some negative effects on humans. It's a toxic chemical after all.

Maybe they're not intentionally trying to harm the public, it could just be a really stupid decision that they got wrong. We don't know why they do this. All we can do is take a stand against it.

Flouride buildup can be harmful when excessive. For example tea plants retain the small traces of flouride from water and in time build up large quantities of it which can cause sickness to humans.

Really? On this very page it says "Relatively low doses of contaminants in water, food, and environment can already have significant chronic effects if there is a long-term exposure".

Water is in a cycle, it goes through us or just down the drain and then runs off into the ocean and evaporates, and rains back down on us and into our reservoirs. If we start adding a chemical to this cycle, this chemical is added on each loop. This means larger amounts of flouride will be adding up over time and collecting somewhere. The same effect has been observed with anti-depressant pills being flushed.

Bullshit. They drink a bottle of kool-aid a day. The tiny amounts of flouride that pass over their teeth on the way down wont help them at all (assuming they ever actually drink water… which they most likely don't).

When it comes down to it: We don't NEED this shit in our water. It serves no purpose. It may be harmful, even if it's not we have a right to clean water without any fucking bullshit added to it

Have some fucking common sense.

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No one here is going to disagree with you. Not sure why you posted arguments and counter arguments.

it's to help you guys explain the problem to bluepills.

Actually its been heavily documented that fluoride is good for bones, obviously you shouldn't consume too much of anything but there is nothing wrong with a bit of fluoride in the system.

You drink water straight from the faucet? Why? Many purification methods exist.
Some cities have poor oral hygiene. Maybe it's better that those cities have help with oral hygiene.
My city does not, so they don't do this thing.
Maybe you need to live in a better city?
Or maybe you live in communist country that hates you all & replacing you? This is a root problem. Probably also have poison food, poison water, poison air, poison EM fields, poisonous education, poisonous propaganda. Many big problems. At least with water you can purify.

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you are glowing my friend

Pal, we're on Zig Forums.
We already know fluoride is bad.
Anyone who says otherwise is a shill.
Case in point
Just discuss actual points, way to fix things and whatnot.
We don't need you to "open our eyes" or explain basic red pills.
I'm bumping because I like the argument and other anons may give some solution to this issue or have a general discussion.

You can attempt to filter it out but the point being underscored here is that we are slaves owned by an (((entity))) that wants to poison us slowly, until we can't think quickly or remember anything.

Is this one of those fluoride vs fluorite memes?

Fuck off reddit.


What's with the shills today?
Did they pay you extra or something?
You can tell us, you're anonymous anyway, your boss won't find out I promise.

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Mainly because the tinfoil /x/ posters constantly switch fluoride and fluorite around and act like no one notices. Both are chemically different and do different things.

"attempt"? You'd better fucking filter it out. Fluoride is the least of your problems. I'd be more concerned about the low levels of psych drugs & hormones & hormone effecting agents, endocrine disruptors that even Al Gore wrote about.

Everyone was actually pretty chill about these things before 9/11. 80% of Americans were like "yeah of course they killed JFK what are you retarded". 9/11 happened & the threshold for truth that doesn't agree with CNN went down drastically.

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What am I shilling? EMI has long been discredit and is pushed by controlled opposition like Alex Jones to make proponents to look stupid

I mostly use a normal filter, store bought.
The taste of water changes drastically when it goes through it but I'm not sure if it does filter ALL the shit in it.

Pal, it's a fact they put fluoride in the water.
I don't know about Alex Jones, I don't follow Eceleb but that shit is real.
We had countless threads about it.
Either bring your arguments against or take a hike, you kike.

So then you have some study to do. Or you can just accept whatever comes out your faucet and tell yourself "it's probably OK" like some kind of NPC

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look at these highly qualified scientists, they have much more extensive knowledge of fluoride than me or you.. now look very close….if we enhance the computer monitor we can see undeniable proof that the test results came in and as we can clearly see what it says, You can call me a shill all you like but you cant argue with hard cold facts matey

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Gotta love luddite well poising threads

Fine, how do I check if the water is pure?
Don't tell me to google it, I am not a chemist, I don't know what to search and I got shit to do with my life that doesn't involve spending hours with experiments.

It's not, we've already been over that.

Basic search skills on the different types of purification & what they take out & whether or not it actually matters - these skills are prerequisites today. By helping you I would also be helping all the glowing scum reading this thread.

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Fluoride is supposed to build itself into the teeth structure, making it stronger. There are much better ways to disinfect water. Like Chlorine.

t. Chlorinated tap water drinker.

they don't claim fluoride is for disinfecting. It's only the teeth thing. You HAVE to have chlorine or other disinfectant.

And any self-aware non-NPC would really want to get that out before they drink it. Hardens arteries.

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Man, you truly know how to spark the interest of people.
So you'd rather not help the people on the board because you may also risk helping those that already avoid this crap.

Enjoy talking with the shills, I'm out.

So explain how that's true if skeletal fluorosis exists where the fluoride in the bones causes the bones to be easily fractured? Fun fact: the onset of skeletal fluorosis start with Dental Fluorosis.

This has to be shitposting. No one is this stupid as to want to willingly drink chlorine. You will sooner get bladder cancer than those exposed to it from swimming in it.

I haven't brushed my teeth in years and exclusively drink tap water. Now that you say something I realize I've never had a cavity

Why do any of you care if you die younger than you would have? You don't seem to be doing anything with your lives besides posting online and agreeing with one another. You aren't out there living or making a family.

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2008 housing collapse left an entire 2=3 generations of people homeless. get real nigger


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That's because people conflate "harder" with "stronger". The hardness comes at the expense of tensile strength. Harder, but more brittle.

the CIA niggers glow in the dark, you can see'em if you're driving, you just run them over, that's whatcha doo

w e k n o w

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How can anyone honestly be that stupid? When water evaporates, fluoride does not. Evaporation is how you purify water for fuck's sake. No, that has not been observed with any pills you knob, pay attention to what you read. It is estrogen from birth control pills, and it is in waterways because that's where we dump our sewage water after "treating" it. Estrogen doesn't evaporate, its not in the fucking clouds to rain back down on us.

He wasn't saying that fluoride was evaporating. He was saying that after the water evaporates more fluoride is being added to the fresh supply and that this is leading to more and more fluoride being proliferated through the environment.

The "poisoning of the well" on an industrial scale.

The government is deliberately making its population stupid by injecting fluoride into the water.

Fluoride is proven to lower IQ.

Losing seven IQ points, when you consider that fluoride is in tap water, which is not only drunk directly, but also used in drink and food, is a big deal. You're talking hundreds of millions of children drinking this shit.

Seven (7) IQ points lost, according to Harvard.

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also look up "dental fluorosis"- drinking fluoridated water actually corrodes the teeth

If you don't even know the science behind fluoridation, then you are not in a position to guess ulterior motives for it.
No, fluoride in the water isn't there to clean the water. That's sewage treatment and chlorine/chloramine.
No, fluoride isn't in the water to clean your teeth.
Fluoride has one simple purpose:
It bonds with the calcium in your enamel and makes it more durable and resistant to cavities.
The only question is: does it work?
>Children from every age group had greater caries prevalence and more caries experience in areas with negligible fluoride concentrations in the water (

Yes, and this wonderful, amazingly useful substance also happens to be bioaccumulative, which results in calcification of the pineal gland in your brain.

take magnesium
A simple, safe, and efficient way to treat severe fluoride poisoning–oral calcium or magnesium.

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Which is more important, you evil ZOG nigger fucking faggot–cavities, or the goddamn IQ of an entire population of white children forced to drink your government-poisoned water?

Losing 7 goddamn IQ points on a population-wide scale means the government is very deliberately making the people stupid. ZOG fuckers like you are obviously aware of the Harvard fluoride/IQ study above, yet you continue to poison the water very deliberately.

Fluoride causes brain damage. It is a major contributing factor to the multicult derangement idiocy in modern society. It damages critical thinking ability and emotional control (among other things).
In other words, it creates NPCs. Or rather, pushes people in that direction.
Also, gas yourself.

And the people in power know. They are poisoning the people intentionally. Either that or they are truly shockingly incompetent. Or both.
It's all part of the ongoing genocide of White America. After all, knocking a half of a dozen IQ points off of the "gullible goyim" is exactly the sort of thing that (((certain groups))) would want.

They set about destroying the strength of White America (via many avenues of attack) in order to pave the way for the destruction of American Constitutionalism (which was only ever meant for a White-only Nation), the end of the sovereignty of the USA, and the implementation of globalist one world marxist aristocracy (with the kikes and their top allies being the hereditary "aristocrats").
In other words, to pave the way for the "New World Order."

Even if fluoride does reduce cavities, teeth can be repaired or replaced.
Brain damage is at least very difficult to repair, if not impossible.

"Oral fluoride poisoning" is not at all the same thing as long-term bio-accumulation of fluoride in bone and tissue. A treatment for acute poisoning may have little or no effect upon long-term accumulation.
One treatment that, according to what I have read, helps with bio accumulation poisoning via fluoride is boron.
TLDR; take boron.



You quoted a metastudy done on CHINESE populations, which analyzed the long-term effects of HIGH fluoridation. The fact that it's talking about the Chinese poisoning their own youth should set off alarm bells because the Chinese aren't known for being, exactly, careful or safe in their chemicals.
This is a shill tactic on this board. They call people kikes or zog to derail the topic.

Alleged brain damage according to studies conducted on Chinese people, a region not known for its careful use of chemicals or clean waters anyways.

We all know that's false and that you are a shill, but here is definitive proof that you are wrong.

Bonus fun fact (although not an argument in itself against flouride because as long as it's pure it doesn't matter where it comes from) the flouride added to water is added as a byproduct of the paper production industry.
That's right, flouride in water is LITERALLY toxic industrial waste.

Are you not able to read? This is overexposure.

So is vanilla flavoring used in all those candies and cakes you eat. Point?

I'm glad anons are starting to pick up on this tactic. I suggest real anons cut down on calling posters Kikes or ZOG(even if they are) because it makes shills stand out more when they use it on us to derail a thread.
As always, awareness is the best tactic against shills. It's always obvious because they don't want people to focus on their actual argument, but to just be on their side because they called other anons Kikes for disagreeing with them and think that makes them fit in.
Sage for off topic.

I thought it's some kind of mixture/derivative that also serves as disinfectant, but it seems that Americans are actually putting it in water supply just to "prevent tooth decay" lel

That's how most countries disinfect tap water.

I know for a substance that they claim is good for removing fluoride residue from the body, but I still have to see some tests confirming that.

Acute poisoning is not an issue, long term negative health impact is.

He said it keeps being added every cycle and accumulates. That is of course retarded. Fluoride is already all over the environment, where do you think they get it in the first place to put it in the water?

Fluoride is naturally occurring in the ground, and present in most groundwater.

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That's correct, and most of the US have water supplies which overexpose them to flouride.

0.7 ppm (which is the same as parts per liter) is only 0.1 away from the maximum safe flouride level, and that's added flouride. That doesn't even take into account existing flouride in water, and it was only lowered after decades of having absurdly high levels. The average natural occuring amount is around 0.4 to 0.5 ppm, which puts the average at about 0.11 or 0.12 ppm. Look up your own flouride levels for your town, I can almost guarantee it is at unsafe levels.

As stated in my post, it's not an argument in itself against it, as the source does not matter as long as it's pure. It's only an interesting fact. Although industrial "waste" byproducts are almost certainly impure in practicality.

Funny that you accuse me of not being able to read when apparently you yourself can't.

Did I get the country right?


Again, teeth can be repaired or replaced. Brains can't.
If the potential benefits of fluoride are "less cavities" then the potential risks (brain damage and IQ loss) far outweigh the potential benefits.
Even if fluoride only caused brain damage sometimes and only a little (and I suspect that it is far worse than that), it would still be far too much. ANY amount of brain damage due to "tooth care" that is FORCED upon a largely unsuspecting public is TOO MUCH.
Far too much.

If drinking flouride was beneficial for teeth, dentists would prescribe flouride pills especially in areas where water is unflouridated. But they don't.

If you think about it rationally it doesn't even make sense, flouride is only beneficial when applied directly to teeth, not consumed. Do you drink mouthwash or toothpaste for your teeth? Water is only in contact with your teeth for second when you swallow, simply using flouride toothpaste is exponentially more effective. Very silly that it was ever even suggested.

It is and adding flouride increases the level in water to an amount that decreases potential IQ in fetuses.

The fluoride in our water is a byproduct of fertilizer factories. The reason why it's put into our water is because the jews could make money AND poison the goyim.

Wrong country (think north) but I do an inorganic ions test of my drilled well water. we live in a very rural area and I wanted to make sure we don't have nitrites in the water, lead, cadmium etc. I have 0.13mg/L of fluoride in the water. It's about half as much as the lowest reading in the local town's reports. Your retard is showing, you better tuck it back in.

I paid for the test out of pocket to have everything checked, ran me about $200 for 1 sample.

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my mistake, must be the all the fluoride.

I understand how it sounds and I'm absolutely not saying don't name the Jew, just to cut down on accusing other posters Kikes or ZOG or trannies or whatever else to make shills that hijacked our way of speaking stand out more. That doesn't apply to calling 3rd parties or people not posting on Zig Forums jews or anything else.

You can't purify estrogen out of water, which is how you ended up typing like a soyboy.

Never quite understood the logic that people support with fluoride. Like, "this thing is good for teeth, so let's make sure everyone drinks it 24/7." What? That's like saying this thing is good for your skin, so let's make everyone drink it. Or this is good to drink, so rub it on your eyes. Doesn't make any fucking sense.

Yeah, at levels somewhere between a hundredth and a millionth of what we get from drinking that garbage.

If people are too lazy to brush their fucking teeth then let their teeth fall out, drinking poison won't help.

I have been drinking tap water my whole life and still haven't got any fluoride poisoning, how long do you have to keep consuming until it kills you ?

It doesn't kill you, just makes you a weak willed faggot, among other things.

You quoted a guardian article. That's not a reputable source, and it isn't primary literature besides.
It's interesting to people who don't know chemistry.

Doubling down on a shill tactic.

The risks you mentioned come from overexposure, and are found in nations with poor quality water anyway (pollution mainly).
>Children from every age group had greater caries prevalence and more caries experience in areas with negligible fluoride concentrations in the water (

Jews poisoning wells is in their fucking DNA. Just see the black plague. JEWS.

oh im sorry since when did involuntary self help become a thing? if a nigger doesnt want to brush his teeth then fuck him, mind your own fucking dental health and let the nigger rot away, he isnt asking you for shit so why are you offering it?

What about normal water with nothing extra, and then if someone wants to put fluoride in it for the health benefits and whatever they can do it on their own?

because the most convenient product they would buy to add fluoride to their own untainted water would come with a label like pic attached. And then it would join all the dots.

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Not sure which (((source))) you got that from there fucko, but how about comparing trends between whole countries: those with, those without poison in the water and the dental outcomes.
What a surprise, you're full of shit go kys

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It's good that you admit that the risks are real.
Again, the potential benefits (possible modest reduction in cavities) are massively outweighed by the potential risks (brain damage, IQ loss).
And, AGAIN, cavities are easily treated, brain damage IS NOT.
"Low fluoride areas = 31% more cavities"
Clearly a few less cavities is worth a very real possibility of extensive brain damage among millions, right?
No, actually, it is not.
Even a tiny possibility of brain damage is far too high a risk for a few less cavities.

Tell me then, what is the average flouride ppm in the US from a reputable, primary source? I provided a source of my claim, the onus is on you to provide a more reputable source to prove me wrong. Perhaps you're afraid to because you know any source you find will support my claim.

Do you have any good proof of this? I believe you, I've just never heard that before.

I don't have time to develop. But search it.
1) In every town the jews set foots in, every villagers became sick and infected, expect the jews (who probably had another source of water for them only).
2) The jews conspired to ban cats in Europe and manage to get the pope ban cats
3) No cats means no rat control. Rat population grow immense and the plague propagated largely.

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How the fuck am I derailing by posting a link to a study that literally shows 7 point drop in IQ because of fluoridation? What the fuck kind of asshole except a ZOG fuck would actually shill IN FAVOR of lowering white children's IQ?

Anybody who lets their kid drink tap water knowing that a "study of studies" (study of multiple studies) shows strong evidence that there is a SEVEN POINT FUCKING DROP in IQ due to fluoride is abusing their children. Just the fact that there is an entire collection of studies showing this should be enough never to let white children drink tap water. And yes, I do think ZOG is aware of this and is injecting this poisonous shit into tap water anyway to create a stupid population.

Don't have time to make this detailed, but check out "pineal gland calcification". If you don't know what the pineal gland is or why it's important….. kys

I wish fluoride sedated us, maybe everything wouldn't be on fire everywhere.
Then again, I like liberty.

The fact that there is even an argument on this board about whether fluoride is harmful is…. disconcerting to say the least. Fluoride at best is entirely unnecessary and at worst causing irreversible, longterm damage to our people and to the environment.

Cavities are not even caused by lack of fluoride; they are caused by eating sugary (((food))) and soft (((drinks))), the carbs in which are metabolized into acids by the bacteria in your mouth. This is common knowledge and if you fuckers can't stop shoveling doritos and kit kats in your mouth for long enough to realize the actual source of your problems there's no hope left.

This is the easiest thing that Zig Forums could possibly agree on. Either there is active work by D&C (((agents))) going on here or the IQs of anons have suffered greatly due to all the (((fluoride))) that they're drinking.

Ask yourself: is drinking fluoridated water part of the ancestral history of the white race? Was fluoride introduced in post-WWII (aka kiked) America? Was this policy made by entities with the best interest of the American populace in mind (at the time, the same government who helped to create Israel)? If the conclusion is not obvious to you, I'm sorry but there's no hope for you.

Fluoridation of water is the greatest crime the communists ever comitted. Fluorisation of water and porn are to blame for me being a mentally ill fat furrie faggot.

No you being a massive faggot is to blame for that.


Also we used sodium fluoride as a neurotoxin in undergrad lab to kill astrocytes

You can't type "how to filter fluoride" into the search box? iirc you need a water "purifier", not just a water filter. Regular water filters don't get rid of fluoride, and purifiers get rid of a lot of other stuff on top of that. The two big brands I remember off the top of my head are Berkley and ProPur.

fluoride is toxic, it's not supposed to be swallowed. ever had a fluoride treatment at the dentist? they put the paste around your teeth for a few minutes, warning you not to swallow any (also why fluoride toothpaste says to use a pea-sized amount and call poison control if an excessive amount is swallowed), then you rinse your mouth out thoroughly. putting fluoride in the drinking water is insane, it's not supposed to be drank, and just passing by your teeth on the way to your stomach and therefore the rest of your body isn't going to have much if any positive effect on your teeth. in fact, it often does permanent damage called 'dental fluorosis'

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Fluorosis of the teeth are the least of your worries. You should be more worried about fluoride lodging in your bones and fatty tissues.

Why did I have to scroll this far down to get an intelligent post?

More things that everyone in here should know. Most municipalities test their water for levels of different things including fluoride. The amount they use is different in different places. Also most filters like brita do not remove fluoride at all. If you want to get rid of it you typically have to distill or use reverse osmosis. Some bottled water is purified city water which may still contain fluoride depending on the purification technique used. Natural sources of water can also contain fluoride. I compared the amount in my local water with the amount found in natural sources and while I don't like that it's added, those numbers made me worry less.

More fun facts. Israel banned fluoridation in their water for a few years but then brought it back for some reason. Also another poster was correct that fluoride is supposed to strengthen teeth by touching them, not by ingesting it. My understanding (which you should verify, along with everything else I'm saying) is that it bonds to teeth as a way to fill in microscopic "gaps" that occur as part of the process of tooth decay. However your saliva does something similar (with calcium maybe?) When this process occurs from saliva the end result is stronger teeth, but it occurs faster with fluoride. So if your teeth are decaying fast enough an oral rinse or toothpaste with fluoride will protect them. Putting it in water is supposed to enforce this for the idiots who don't brush their teeth enough. However this appears to be supported by the dental industry who are a bunch of lying kikes who regularly drill fake cavities for a quick buck all the time so something is weird about that endorsement.

One last thing - I believe fluoride is tasteless, odorless, and toxic in a high enough concentration. The act of putting small amounts in our water means that there is a sizable amount of the stuff right next to our water supply at all times. Think about that for a minute.

IMHO would love to have some of those straight looking teeth. For now just crooked and vampire teeth, on a jdepp type right winger no complaints as the multitude of ladies left and right love the look.

How does one decalcify his pineal gland? I've heard apple cider, cilantro, and activated charcoal in small doses will help, but I have yet to find sources for the claims.

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WTFIW why are they doing this to us in the first place. If ya dont shudder to think GS study on bus model of curing cancer is not viable, then we might just have to hand the whole thing over to God some day soon. Grand reset in some shape or form might be the only option.

Problem is even just brushing your teeth with it is really bad news due to sublingual absorption.

Also is iodine/activator-x/vitamin k2 as good as it's hyped up to be for oral care? Polite sage for being a nigger and not getting everything in one post.

Why is Thom Yorke on that picture?

(((Edward Bernays))) was behind the introduction of fluoride into the water supply, among other typical jewish subversion.

The face when no flouride in swedish drinking water.

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Why would you make an intentionally misleading statement? Also see:

It's all about destroying our DNA…

Water, food, air is poisonned.
Apply those treatment for decades, and you ruin the human being, make him sick with low IQ.
Then give him more and more bullshit big pharma drugs to forget the pain.
After that start bulding biomechanic tech, implement them into society until everybody start to wear them.
Finally, decades laters you have a society of entire robots.
While all of this was in progress, you had access to the knowledge of unlocking and upgrading human DNA.
All of this is just part of the age of transhumanism, cybernetic.

Our DNA start to become really fucked, and it's not gonna change if there no drastic changes.

Aquaponic system
Activated carbon filters
Plant medicine
Are some of the stuff that you can implement in your daily living to make the change.