Jewnited Kingdom: we need more than proscription to stop "far right"

Jewnited Kingdom: we need more than proscription to stop "far right"

Proscribing National Action: has it been effective?

Always interesting to get an insight into the mind of the enemy on these issues.

Most relevant excerpt:

[Peace was never an option intensifies]

FYI: before this occurred Renshaw was long removed from NA for having these violent tendencies, as the group was merely creating an anti-System youth movement, primarily focused on self improvement and activism.

Clearly the NA model was a severe threat to the jew, considering that literal terrorist organization, Combat 18, responsible for multiple nail bombings and murders, wasn't even proscribed.

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kike free first post for Hitler Was Right

What are some leftist groups that have been proscribed

I don't know any, do you? Probably none since "leftist" bolshevik jews puppets conquered and control the west on behalf of international capitalism, post ww2.

imo this model needs to be repeated in every country where it isn't illegal yet. It's demonstrably effective for one thing and it also forces their hand with the Orwellian legislation.

What WAS National Action? I had barely even heard about them before they were destroyed by the arrests.

fake mi5 psyop

it was a nazi youth group started by Zig Forumsacks and some guys from IronMarch

go back to britpol you fag

the best thing to come out of the right in decades

yes moishe

Shitskins need to start camping in the city of london.

this tbh

>>>Zig Forums

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Criminally unchecked dubs.


anyone who thinks "National Action" is a genuine 'youth uprising that the man put down' is either a filthy shill or a legitimate retard

Fuck off back to your high tory, nigger loving anglican faggot club of impotent conservatism.

what a strange thing to say, rabbi

go on m8, tell us how how the absolute fucking NA got by the system was actually a 4D chess MI5 psyop to make your do-nothing, weakling ideology look bad.

We definitely wouldn't want to see a group like this again would we? Nah they should have just kept their heads down and voted.

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clearly a group founded by british cianigs to hoover up all the dunderheads and make them look foolish and violent, a plain and simple tactic that's been done for decades

Hitler Was Right.

What were these National Action members arrested for? When we take over and remove Jews we will have to give them highest honors.

Absolutely nothing in that video made them look bad. They were well organized and we'll behaved. There was no violence at all, they didn't even call for the genocide of jews or blacks like normal cianiggers would do. If they are cianiggers, they are doing a very bad job of making White Nationalists look bad.

everyone knows to strongly oppose mass immigration is illegal
a very convenient political outcome to occur

We're under a thumb here in bongland, cant say anything or the thought police will find you and charge you. and we've not had anyone to back behind or unite the real Brits who hasnt been driven out or caved to bribes or threats
not like we've given up we just bide our time but most of us are waiting for a metaphorical king arthur who will probably never come.

The absolute state of the subhuman anglo. And this pleases me.

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Stay mad Zig Forums faggot.

Being white and making jews cry by shitposting IRL. They were officially banned for posting a Pepe meme, and then the UK state retroactively tried to tie in some terrorism narrative by using people who weren't even members of NA, or were rejected and kicked from NA for being unstable, as evidence against NA.

They weren't feds, it's just something that Zig Forums posters screech because NA called them faggots and they're still salty about being mass banhammered from Zig Forums and exiled to their gay containment boards

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He posts, in response to one of the greatest nationalist speeches delivered in decades, at a peaceful and highly organized rally, safeguarded by police.
LMAOing @ Zig Forums

the irony of an amerikike gloating from his jewish-capitalistic democracy is astounding

you stupid shill
the whole thing was set up and you're defending it
so you're a Nazi are you
you follow Hitler do you
you're an Aryan are you
come off it you filthy criminal scumbag
you in no way represent Aryan values


You're sweating.

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why are Nazis bad, Shlomo?

so now you're british

NA are a bunch of dipshit wignats anyway. i hope the british government arrests every one of them and puts them in detention with muslims so they can get some muhammed dick every day

Post more nonsense, you're doing great.

You're posting on a National Socialist board, Ricky.

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< hello fellow white people, your fellow nationalists deserve prison rape
another NA thread instantly derailed
how's the weather in Tel Aviv?

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pic related

no its not. -t. codemonkey

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Everyone knows the term wignat is made by an actual wigger and meant to conflate National Socialists or anyone who names the jews in any regard with the most degenerate Neo Nazis. Even Elon Musk was called a wignat in an (((alt-right))) article because he hinted that he knew about the JQ

t. wignat

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No pal, youre not going to blame capitalism on left, thats on you and on your blind greed.

Doing a bit of IP hopping there, buddy?
Wignat, a propaganda term invented by jew Ricky Vaughn and propagated by jew weev, used exclusively to smear National Socialists. 0/10 shilling.

Images related: some photos of NA being "wignats", found easily on the net in the space of 3 minutes.

Oh look, female wignats:

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>>>Zig Forums
Communism is a tool of capitalism, not vice versa, you illiterate subhuman.

Thanks for proving my point

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Most of these WN groups are owned by the FBI or Mi5, and resort to brainwashing tactics or are run by occultists, use caution fags

I think it is probably the most shilled against right wing movement I've seen that isn't kosher.
PL got shilled against too but that was more a one autist with too much time on his hands.
I suspect proscription was followed with some very organized online shilling by government agencies or NGOs, and this is a large reason they didn't get the blowback they were worried about.
It's concerning tbh. It means they're getting better at the online D&C game. They've probably been studying places like Zig Forums for years now.

The video didn't look foolish, or violent, so what are you referring to?

NA was obviously infiltrated. You have to weed out the glow niggers, they are pretty easy to spot if your not a 9 year old edgy white nigger.

They did have great speeches, so they had to be (((shut down))).

The issue is, neither the mainstream right or left wants to stop migration because to do so would mean collapse of the west financially. Only once we have zero point energy and robot labor will we be able to ship back the invaders.

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fuck off

lol they all got arrested you shit, of course they had Feds in their ranks. How fucking stupid do you think we are.

What the fuck is capytalizm?
Is it some sort of amourphous concept that exists in no country and at no time that illiterate Marxist NPCs think is fascism and almost as illiterate libertarian NPCs think is freedom to do whatever you want wherever you want?
Despite neither of these fictions existing in any country at any time either?
Despite the fact that wordisms are just religions used to con lemmings like you into supporting leaders?

Sounds like communism to me.
Since left and right are equally bullshit, you can have capitalism if you like or abandon it if you don't like it. After all, it's just a word like Dynamopaterism.

Really creepy article

what i think happened is that NA started as a cianigger tier operation, but then got too succesful and out of hand so they had to shut it down
the model seems to work however

people are looking for a saviour, a leader
i think Trump showed that enough people are willing to unite and fight behind a leader now

Look at these retards who haven't read Mein Kampf to know what Hitlers opinion on organizations and how the doctrines need to work and be laid out like.
We laughed at you Zig Forums retards when I was in NA, all you do is armchair LARP of doing anything useful, call others who did anything useful as mi5 or honeypot and you bashed anything NA did while Praising Good Goy Joe Owens who changed after he was in jail and got mi5d.

While NA is dead and most members are hiding, I for one would want to see the UK turn to shit just to see you faggots get killed by Sharia law.

Combat 18 was literally founded by the secret service to terrify the public.

"leftist" found the subversive lefty.

Lol JTRIG & GCHQ faggots on overdrive ITT.

Hilarious baby brain shill arguments btw, acting as if NA would be banned/jailed/shut down on fake pretenses if the false claim of controlled op was real, it defeats the entire purpose.

NA were the real deal, and it's what's real the Jew fears.

I want to remind you and want you to realize that it doesn't matter what you say on the internet, It doesn't matter what job you have, what money and wealth you have, we'll all be as White Europeans assimilated and destroyed by violent third world invaders pushed on us by traitorous frontmen ruled by Jews and their collaborators, we'll all be rootless coffee colored consumer slaves if people don't act like these guys and actually DO something about it.

The ONLY thing that matters and will inspire change is motivated action in real life. You don't have to join anyone if you don't want to, you can lone it and do plenty. Make your own flyers, whatever.

If this isn't stopped our people our countries and all our way of life, everything will destroyed and wiped off to ashes of history. If You see evil and will not act against it in any way you can you are a weak eternal slave, a sorry worthless excuse for a human being. If you don't act you don't exist and you do not deserve to exist in the body your parents gave you.

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There is no shortage of white workers in their own nations.
Employment is not an issue.
Economy as an issue.

You spout lies.
Product sales correction would mean a down turn to correct to the economies natural
size. Some companies would have to contract as that is a natural thing to do.
Greed is the cause of the propagation of the current trend.
Solution - Get rid of the Jews that are propagating uncontrolled greed.
Offshoot - Jews need to self correct or be cut from the body politic.

Bolsheviks are owned by capitalists you dumb nigger, there is no left vs right, only jew vs Aryan.

< muh occultism boogieman
< muh unsauced claims
>>>Zig Forums
>>>Zig Forums

There's only one confirmed infiltrator and he was a paid informant for Hope Not Hate (aka MI5).

You think the System can't track you without having to resort to boots on the ground infiltration? What a moron.
< Relying on kiked mainstream politicians for anything
You reddit fags really need to lurk two years before posting.

That's obviously not the case.

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How long until returning ISIS fighters have more say in her majesty's government than your local pub owner? Oh right - over 30 years ago.

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What are kikes so frightened of?
Every thread related to Britain gets derailed and shilled to hell and back. Not even Sweden threads are this bad.

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While I think that NA was probably the UK's last chance at a solid nationalist youth movement, for the somewhat foreseeable future, wishing all of your wimmins and children to get Sharia'd just to punish cucks from Zig Forums is pure autism. I understand the rage at being thrown under the bus by the masses of faggot "nationalists" in the UK, did any "nationalists" in the UK even speak out on the ridiculous thought crime persecution of NA?

Most normal people (over 30 at least) are against any form of opposition to the freedom to organise, hold views or say what you want. The few I've spoken to about NA said they thought it was wrong and undemocratic. I over-reached and said that the only other group that was banned (for 'uniforms') was the BUFand that I 'wonder why those people are seen as so dangerous, especially when you see the amounts of people killed by Democratic USA or Communist Russia/China; their eyes glazed over and that was the end of that conversation.

I believe Peter Hitchens, ex-commie of partial jew ancestry, but pretty much the only straight white actually-conservative male that is ever allowed to talk on British TV (although he is generally brought on to be 'ridiculed', despite the fact that he pretty much wins every argument) wrote an article about how it was wrong. The only other Briton allowed to say 'right-wing' stuff on TV is a faggot called David Starky, but as far as I know he has not mentioned anything about NA. … As an aside, I know in general the 'alt-media' is dreadful; but when the only actually conservative options in the UK are Hitchens and Starky, I can see why many flock to the jewtubes.
Probably the best account of their story. Ignore the TRS shills

It must be tough to stop a thing that doesn't exist.

Nice R E A S O N I N G
Kill yourself.

Sometimes I feel a bit bad about what's happening to Britain. Then I remember Dresden and realize it's just karma.

Daily reminder the britbong soldiers who destroyed Europe would be considered "extreme right" by todays standards.

And to think that people believe that you can still organize IRL without ZOG destroying you…

Rip NA, loved you guys

Does the UK even have anything on jewtube? Mark Collett? What's that retarded votecuck boomer called? Joe Owens, I believe. Yeah they're pretty fucked for nationalist media.

Surprising, got a link?

As disgusting as the Dresden bombings were, you do need to remember that the British had endured the Blitz for years. While Dresden was far more catastrophic in a short space of time; the Blitz overall killed twice as many, and injured twice again the amount killed in Dresden. The solution is to end all brother wars, not to say "you deserve to suffer for doing this in the past". If we go by that logic we will all hate each other forever, because at some point or other the entirety of Europe has been at war with everyone else. I am sick of the anti-Anglo and anti-Swede crap on this board; for all the horrific stuff that was perpetrated by kikes in the name of Britain; never forget that Germany was kike-central in Europe for CENTURIES. They then had a significant showing in France, and then Russia. We've all had the parasite latch on to our people and commit evil in our name, and trick our people into committing evil. The Bible itself says about the Jews in Revelation 18:3
That means EVERYONE has been made 'drunk' by their wine (which means confused by their lies and distortions), EVERY nation's leaders have fornicated with them (which means they betrayed their own people to make deals with them), and the merchants have been made rich because of them (yes, this is clearly not just some apocalyptic vision of evil; there is no mass violence, slavery or anything we would typically consider ultimate evil; instead we have the very real evil of the jews which amounts to our people being made 'drunk' by their lies, having our leaders betray us for them, and of course the merchants becoming rich).

There's quite a few British 'alt-right' personalities. I detest the vast majority of them, but when you consider the alternatives I can see why people flock to them.

A quick google search found nothing about Hitchens. I might have imagined it, but more likely it was considered a throwaway comment by the media and just ignored.

The real hope for Britain is basically what is written in the Kipling poem; the wrath of the awakened Saxon. It's become a bit of a meme now but honestly, nearly every Englishman I know has slowly but surely come to be hateful and cold-hearted towards our enemies of late. When you had the 'scandal' over Ken Livingstone mentioning the Haavara Agreement, even my liberal friends were saying the jews cannot hide the truth. Everyone knows the muds are child-raping filth and wants them gone. The once remain-voters, now having seen the absolutely mockery of their once 'golden democracy' have come to hate the EU. All my friends who were once so left-wing have slowly but surely grown to see immigration as a terrible thing, and that multiculturalism will be the death of us if it is not reversed.

Anger has been growing for years. Remember that in 2011 you were not allowed to criticise immigrants, it was said to be 'racist'. In the 5 years between then and the Brexit referendum immigration became a talked about and much hated thing for AT LEAST half the nation. Three years later and our people have hardened their hearts and have a fire growing within them. I look forward to seeing what Britain has become in another 5 years. Our people are opening their eyes, and they do not like what they see. Remember that glorious British song; "I will not cease from mental fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand; til we have built Jerusalem, in England's green and pleasant land". We will make England a paradise again, through struggle for the minds of our people, and through violence when it is needed; England will be made Great once more.

Rule Britannia!

Sorry pal, communism's end result is capitalism in the form of corporate oligarchy. It happened in Russia. It happened in China, and its happening in Europe and the United States at the moment.
You're propagating the jewish myth that white people don't want to do physical labor? For shame.

FYI Britbongs' jewed state were bombing German civilians indiscriminately for over half a year before the blitz happened - it was retaliation.

That's an interesting point, that Berlin was bombed 2 weeks before London was. It doesn't tell the whole story though. Despite attempts not to hit civilians early in the war by both sides, civilians were killed.

Mistakes were made, people were killed, everything escalated. It's pretty easy to try to keep going back and say: "Well the Germans/ Brits only did that because of what the Brits/Germans did first." The sad truth of it all is that we were set against one-another for jewish interests and a lot of good men were killed pointlessly and needlessly. There's nothing to be gained by wishing death upon each other because of things that our ancestor's were manipulated into doing against one-another. There's nothing to be gained from going back in history and trying to one up each other: "But Britain declared war first in WW2. But Germany declared war first in WW1." None of it matters; the loss of life on both sides was horrendous and unnecessary, and had the people on the ground known the truth it would not have happened. No more brother wars! No more wishing death or 'revenge' on one-another.

Kiked leaders will be kiked leaders, and whilst Britain certainly had worse leaders in WW2; we must not pretend like Germany, Russia, France, America or any other nation has never had kiked leaders. The solution is not accusing one another of being more or less kiked, but to focus on removing the parasite from all of our nations entirely.

(Also I do know that you, person I am responding to, did not say any of these things. I am responding to those people who seem to take a perverse pleasure in the downfall of certain nations, like . Thank you for the clarification regarding the bombing of Berlin starting before the bombing of London though, more information is always good to have.)

Did I stutter? The eternal Anglo was INTENTIONALLY bombing German civilians for SIX MONTHS before the blitz began.

I will not deny you are right, it sounds autistic to wish something like that to britons but you have to understand this: If the Jew calls me names or an enemy, I take it with pride and as a badge of honor. If normal people, even if brainwashed, call me terrorists and ask for me to not even exist… Sorry, but I have every right to be bitter over it.

Gentleman; behold the shill, or perhaps the fool. Despite the fact that I had provided evidence going six months before the Blitz began to the first British bombing of a German land target, and despite that evidence stating it was a retaliatory attack for the death of a British civilian by the Luftwaffe; it instead ignores such information and slanders all Anglo-Saxons by comparing them to jews with the 'Eternal' prefix. The initial reaction is to seek to do argument with it, to say: "But the Germans did X first!" - And whilst that might be true in this case, or perhaps the British did something else first; what does it gain us? Nothing. The purpose of this post is to create division between our people.

I know its hard, but you need to not take what the brainwashed masses say to heart. The whole point of Nationalism is a love for our people; if you start to despise them and consider them your enemies you will lose your purpose. They have been deceived from the day they were born. A calming thought to me is that despite being utterly twisted and deceived by kikes, our people at least still desire 'justice'. The men and women of the West have not been turned into creatures only concerned with greed, or who are sated with hatred; completely deluded and misguided they are, but at least they want to make the world better through their 'social justice'. Obviously we know that 'social justice' is an absolute evil; but I do think it speaks a good deal about our people that the jew could not win them over with bribes or promises of power; but instead had to ensnare them by making them believe that there were many evils that needed to be confronted. If they could only see the truth then they would seek real justice; so let us open their eyes.


What do you want Britons to do? Hate themselves? Leftists tell us to hate ourselves… and then NatSocs come along and tell us to hate ourselves! Nationalism is about loving your people, and I refuse to apologise for something WE didn't choose. Blame the kiked leaders, not the British people.

You think Labour is any better?
They are both worthless nigger-loving puppet parties

fucking far right nazi bigots
the uk is a country of tolerance and peace, your racism has no place here

Don't worry, dude.

They can never divide us nationalists.

D&C is the jew's only way to fight, for they are weak.

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Hi, Brit user here. Normally don’t visit Zig Forums because of all the spergery. National Action were an obvious MI5 psyop meant to lure dumb youth into their honeypot. Before anyone does the whole,
>>>Zig Forums
>>>Zig Forums
Let me just say that both of those boards are much better in quality than Zig Forums, and that neither of them would support controlled opposition organizations larping as Nazis. There’s not much we can do as dissidents other than get behind Shaun Bailey for the time being and hope either Farage returns to UKIP to fix that wreck or Tommy Robinson becomes the new leader. We’re smart enough to see MI5 honeypots when they pop up and do what we can to be distant from them entirely.
Don’t want to shill for e-celebs, but some of our best are Master Brew and Godwinson. I’d even put Sargon and Dankula among others in that list.

Attached: 19357642-58AE-40BD-ADC3-BB55B98E9990.gif (270x480, 4.51M)

Can you prove that they are controlled OP?

Yet you advocate following Tommy Robinson? Top kek. He is literally being set up as our 'leader' in the most blatant and obvious way. He is a friend of Israel. He's in deep with freaking Alex Jones of all people; he is being made to be our version of him.

Now don't misunderstand me here, overall the fact that (((they))) have been forced into giving us 'nationalist figureheads' shows that we are doing very well and that they are very scared. But people like Robinson and Jones have already outted themselves; they are not 'home-grown, grass-roots good-guys serving the nation they love'; they are kiked-funded, kike-supporting, misdirecting traitors seeking to take over and neuter any movement that will potentially arise that could actually thwart the enemy.

NA was incredibly obscure and incredibly unsuccessful, they were hidden from the public 99% of the time. The same was true of the BNP; we never got to see 'their side' on the MSM, if they were given ANY attention what so-ever it was out of context footage of speeches or their reaction to being provoked/attacked by commies, made to make them look bad. The same is true of Britain First. Those groups you can tell have at least some genuine people in them; the media silences and suppresses them.

Contrast it with old Yaxley-Lennon and you'll see a huge difference. With him we get to see 'the nationalist side of the debate', we get constant updates on what is going on with his trials, with him at prison. He is supported by the 'altright' jews the world over like Ezra Levant and Molyjew. He is a thousand times more likely to be controlled by MI5 than NA were; though I have no doubt that NA was infiltrated, just as all groups that hold such views are.

Damn it lad. I got baited didn't I?

>>>Zig Forums


Pretty elaborate attempt to fit in, for an anglokike.

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FBI is real
This is how intel agencies work.

Not an argument.

A Salaam Alaikum to you as well my fellow Bong

Honestly, Islam is next in the UK, unless the far right rises in some form. HAIL OSWALD


I don't trust anything coming out of Cromwellian England. What am I supposed to do with these guys? They look like good lads, but they're located inside a 370-year-old Jewish stronghold. A stronghold they say needs to be protected.

Sorry, I just can't. I mean if they were to say London should be sunk to the bottom of the atlantic, only then would things be more realistic.

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Is that Tommy "Jewish Militias will be formed" Robinson?

Attached: Tommy Robinson - Tropical Vacation Jail Sentence - The Kosher Martyr.jpg (1000x750, 181.83K)

That's some A+ kike thinking user. Guess whitey deserves his comeuppance because of all that imperialism too, right?

You know Cromwell only let the jews back in because that was the payment that the Dutch demanded, right? Also that after Cromwell the Monarchy was quickly re-established? Certainly Cromwell should never have let the jews back in; but you should also be aware that a good number of the Popes have been jews themselves; so the choice was: "should England answer to a jewish sovereign (the pope) under a papist monarchy?" Or "should England let a small number of jews settle?"

Now obviously we know the answer is neither, but back then things were much more complicated. Seeing this stuff about 'Cromwellian England' just makes me cringe. It's a strange blend of all the Irish propaganda (no doubt being spouted by 'American Irish') coupled with a distortion of the payment of the Dutch.

The Brits were carpet bombing Europe before the Blitz started.